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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Author:Bath Robey

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UpdateTime:2019/8/20 18:33:53

Updates:439 Things Were Actually Very Good Between Them Initially

Wealthy, powerful and handsome; Gu Jingze is the cream of the crop in the entire country. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. His life is perfect... except that he has one tiny secret that keeps him from getting close to any woman—apparent impotency.

That is, until he wakes up in bed with a total stranger one day. The next thing he knows, he is forced...
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 1
1 Did You Sleep with the Wrong Person?
2 She’s Just a Stranger Who Suddenly Appeared
3 We Brought You Up. Shouldn’t You Repay Us?
4 I’m Not Marrying You
5 Let’s Get Married
6 Marriage Life
7 Madam Gu, You Do Not Need to be Frugal
8 This Chance Encounter is Flustering
9 Madam is Auditioning for a Role
10 So This is the Type of Woman He Likes
11 Don’t Vent Your Anger On Me
12 Mo Huiling Makes a Visi
13 I’m Afraid That Miss Mo Might Misunderstand
14 I Don’t Like You Two Being Together
15 You Want Me to Move Out So Badly?
16 Being With His Younger Brother is so Uncomfortable
17 You Can’t Afford to Offend Those With the Surname Gu
18 Hubby, I’m Drunk
19 Why Aren’t You Calling Me Hubby Anymore?
20 So Are You Moving Out or Not?
21 I Will Definitely Fulfill My Promises to You
22 You’re So Stupid. How Did You Survive Until Now?
23 I’m Your Husband. It’s Only Right That I Should Look After You
24 This Lass is Really Very Lucky
25 It’s Mine Since I Wiped My Drool On I
26 Someone’s Sleeping Position is Really Ugly
27 I Won’t Let You Die
28 There’s No Answer to Why I Love You
29 I Don’t Want Scars On Your Body
30 I’ve Gotten Used to Her Poor Sleeping Posture
31 Why Are You Eating This Junk Food?
32 Seriously. You Do So Many Unnecessary Things
33 She Was On The News For The First Time
34 Didn’t We Agree That You Wouldn’t Get Angry?
35 Gu Jingze, My Leg Hurts
36 Sorry, I Forgot That You Have an Illness
37 The Small Anticipation of Sleeping on the Same Bed
38 Unexpectedly, He Felt Disappointed
39 She Was Actually Grieving Over Another Man
40 How Could You Just Provoke Gu Jingyu?
41 I Am Lin Che's Man
42 You Are My Wife
43 Clothes Tangled Up
44 My Wife Does Not Concern You
45 The Hotel Brings About a Different Atmosphere
46 She is the Key Grooming Subject of the Company
47 Gu Jingyu Said it has Nothing to do with me
48 I Need to go Back and Settle This
49 We Can Use a More Direct Method
50 Did you Fall in Love at First Sight With Me?
51 Don't Say Those Words to any Man
52 Take Off Your Pants and Let Me Take a Look
53 Closing Party
54 Come Over and Massage Me
55 He Bit Her Lip
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 2
56 I Don't Want You to Have a Boyfriend
57 This Lass is so Likable
58 Gu Jingze Was Angered
59 He Really Left Home
60 He Was Slightly Fed Up With Mo Huiling
61 We're Going Back Now
62 I Need Someone to be Responsible for This
63 The Power of Jealousy
64 I Only Know How to Bully You
65 I Won't Trouble You
66 I'm Willing to Trust You
67 Feeding You in Extreme Ways
68 If You Don't Tell Me, I'm Going to Kiss You
69 You Actually Came to Pick Me Up
70 The Two of Them are Really Well-suited to Each Other
71 What is Your Face Getting Red For?
72 An Accident Occurred During Filming
73 My Clothes Have All Been Ripped
74 Don't Move, Keep Still In Your Sleep
75 I'll Go Shopping Together With You
76 Mo Huiling Was Purposely Clinging To Him
77 You Definitely Misunderstood Her
78 I'll Do Whatever I Want To Do
79 It's Nothing, Go To Sleep
80 It Feels Good to be Worshipped
81 This is to Carry On Future Generations
82 It Felt Disgusting
83 Was it Too Intense?
84 I Hope This is a Good Memory
85 Deeply Infected by Her
86 The So-called Enemies on a Narrow Road
87 Seeing Her Unhappy Made Him Unhappy
88 Helping You Teach These People a Lesson
89 He Wanted to Give Her More Happiness
90 Overwhelmed By Her Gentleness
91 Could Not Bear For Her to Shed a Single Tear
92 The Whole Company Was Happy
93 You Promised to Cook For Me
94 Clumsily Cut Her Hand
95 Do You Feel Disappointed?
96 Gu Jingze is Extraordinary
97 Should Just Sleep Together in the Future
98 Gu Jingyu Did Not Play His Cards According to the Rules Again
99 Was She Not Supposed to Treat?
100 I Like to Share My Things With You
101 It Turned Out That They Were Eating Together
102 What If I Don't Divorce?
103 Old Illness Warrants a Visit to the Doctor
104 I Still Remember What Happened That Day
105 I Already Moved Here, What Can You Do About It?
106 She Can't Possibly Die Here
107 How Can You Say That About A Life?
108 No More Driving in the Future
109 You Definitely Knocked Her By Acciden
110 I Am Dearest Hubby
111 Doing Things I Should Do To Dearest Wifey
112 If You Don't Come Back in Twenty Minutes, Then Don't Come Back At All
113 A Jealous Man is Really Cold
114 This is Your Punishmen
115 Gu Jingze is Too Vicious
116 Unreasonable Woman
117 Angry For Being Stood Up
118 Was She Tired of Him?
119 Any More Movement and He Will Explode
120 No Other Man As Good As You
121 You Have to Move Away
122 She Was Not in a Good Mood
123 The Long Chat Ended Up Being Relaxing
124 Did Not Expect it to Turn Out So Well
125 Mo Huiling Was Chased Off
126 I'd Like You to Wear it For Me
127 You Two Should Quickly Have Kids
128 I Got A Sickness That Only You Can Cure
129 I Have A Dream
130 Our Whole Family Hates That Mo Person
131 Your Only Good Point Is That You're Lucky
132 A Simple, Beautiful Love
133 I Want You To Feed Me
134 Hugging Will Do
135 The Call Interrupted Their Conversation
136 Look At The Friends You Make
137 Taking You Into The Limeligh
138 How Could You Harm Gu Jingze Like This?
139 This Was Shining With Pride
140 You Can Do Whatever You Like
141 The Gift She Gave Him
142 Take This Woman Away
143 I'm Not Letting You Leave
144 You Will Only Hurt Yourself By Caring Too Much
145 A Man I Can't Afford To Wan
146 I Broke Up With Her Long Ago
147 Shen Youran, Just You Wai
148 The Reason For Coming
149 Shameless Father And Daughter
150 Just Get Them Taken Care Of
151 Did You Ever Like Me?
152 He Threw Himself On Her
153 You Don't Need To Explain
154 That's Precisely What Being Jealous Is
155 If You're Ill, You Must Eat Something
156 I'll Lie With You To Warm You Up
157 Embarrassing Situations
158 Don't Over-Exert Yourself
159 Quick, Go and Res
160 I'm Looking For Lin Che, Alright?
161 Lin Che, You Really Found A Good Husband
162 I'm Most Familiar With This Scene
163 There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
164 I Don't Want You To Be Mistreated
165 A Carefree Girl
166 This Little Girl Felt Slightly Jealous
167 He Had Actually Slapped Her
168 Lin Che, Towards You, I...
169 The Sudden Crisis Was Vexing
170 Looks Like He Still Loves Me Dearly
171 Why Would A Woman Suddenly Get Angry?
172 Can You Leave Me Alone From Now On?
173 Who Else Should I Concern Myself With, If Not You?
174 Why Did It Have To Happen Now?
175 Who Picked Up Your Phone Yesterday?
176 So, You Two Are Really A Pair?
177 Happiness on Christmas Eve
178 Her Words Seem To Have Magic To Them
179 I'll Rub Your Stomach For You
180 Husband And Wife Joined Forces
181 Can't Be Such A Nuisance Anymore
182 I Won't Make You Worry Again
183 The Enemies On A Narrow Road
184 Where Did This Stinky Old Lady Come From?
185 Driven Out With An Ashen Face
186 There's Nothing To Be Jealous of Your Own Mother
187 Perpetually Having A Bad Premonition
188 Was Lin Che Disfigured?
189 Whatever You Want Is Available Here
190 Make Use Of This Matter By Playing It Off As A Mistake
191 Uninvited Guests Are Not Welcomed
192 Is Gu Jingze's Illness Cured?
193 Jingze I Want To Be With You
194 Give Up, I'm Yours Anyway
195 He Got Sick All Because Of You
196 He Pressed Her Down Hard
197 I'm Not Treating You With Respect This Way
198 It's Alright I'll Help You
199 He's Only Like This Probably Because He Cares About Her
200 Actually Lin Che And I Already Had A Relationship Long Ago
201 Husband And Wife Got Along Very Well
202 Gu Jingze Actually Changed A Lo
203 Shen Youran Was Incredulous
204 This Is Your Reward, Little Drunkard
205 How Can You Do This
206 Gu Jingze You Can't Leave Me
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 3
207 I Give Everything To You
208 Waking Up The Next Day Feeling Shameful
209 All These Marks Were Left By You
210 Husband And Wife Are Getting Along Better
211 Gu Jingze Almost Died That Day
212 Gu Jingze Prepared Everything For You
213 Mr. President Has Been Going On Blind Dates Recently
214 Why Did She Suddenly Appear Here?
215 He Only Likes Your Body
216 What Are You Doing To Lin Che
217 He Wanted To See How The Male Lead Looked Like
218 Proved His Ability With His Strength
219 You Will Be Gu Family's House Mistress
220 This Circle Is That Complicated
221 Gu Jingyu Said That I'm Close To Her
222 He Couldn't Bear For Her To Be Compromised
223 I'm Sorry I Can't Be A Better Wife
224 What Is Sweet-Talking For?
225 A Lifetime Actually Sounded Nice
226 Really Outrageous Once Fired Up
227 Won't Let Them Live Peacefully
228 Talk About Our Breakup
229 She Is Only A Desire For You
230 He's Obviously Not In Too Good A Mood
231 Actually, Would You Want To Hold A Wedding?
232 What Do You Feel Towards Me?
233 Who Sent Her The Video That She Received?
234 She Unexpectedly Met Her During An Interview
235 Did I Get Set Up?
236 She's Simply Like Treasure
237 Mo Huiling Brought A Man Along?
238 He Was Disappointed and Upset With Her
239 I Don't Understand Why Either
240 Lin Che is So Good, Mo Huiling is So Bad
241 Extreme And Irreparable Hatred For Mo Huiling
242 Her Name Was Crazily Smeared On The Interne
243 We Shouldn't Carry On Like This
244 Too Bad They Only Had A Contractual Marriage
245 Gu Jingze Was Actually Very Angry
246 Couldn't Be Ruthless To Her No Matter How Angry He Was
247 I'll Show You If You Dare To Go Missing Like This Again
248 Gu Jingze, I Want You To Love Me
249 He Said That He Already Didn't Have Feelings For Mo Huiling
250 Do You Want Me To Show You My Heart?
251 I'm Doing The Work Every Time...
252 Next Time It's Your Turn
253 Hello, This Is The Hospital
254 Keep It Together, I'll Make It Up To You
255 One Who Is Unaccountably Solicitous Is Hiding Evil Intentions
256 What's Your Relation To Shen Youran?
257 This Is My Girlfriend. Why?
258 Her Outstanding Moment At The TV Festival
259 She Walked Alongside The Frontliners
260 The Unexpected Award Made Others Envious
261 He Liked To Hear Her Beg And Call Hubby
262 My Little Passion With You In The Cinema
263 Her Coverage That Day Turned Out To Be Huge
264 The President's Birthday Banque
265 We Didn't Take Fancy To Each Other, We Took It To Bed Firs
266 She Was Taken Away By The President's Guards
267 His Sister Was Also So Capable
268 Someone Came Here To Cause A Ruckus
269 Why Did I Ever Love A Woman Like That?
270 Want You To Be Happy Because Of Me
271 I Have A Way To Deal With Him
272 Mr. President Please Let Me Go
273 Something Cropped Up When Lin Che Was At The Lin House
274 My Woman Can Do Whatever She Wants
275 He Was That Formidable To Begin With
276 Gu Jingze Really Doted On Her More
277 Sent Her Off To Filming And Couldn't Bear To Par
278 This Time She Was Definitely Not Giving In
279 Most Gorgeous Uniformed Beauty
280 Hard To Resist Her
281 My Sister Wants To See You Again
282 Stay Here For The Nigh
283 Who Is Living Locked Upstairs
284 Having High Aims But A Total Failure
285 What Should I Wear To See The Sister
286 Gu Jingze I Want To Chase After You
287 You're My Hubby Why Would I Be Curious About You
288 Why Are You Dawdling About Treating A Meal
289 This Antique Gu Jingze Actually Had Suitors
290 Could Not Bear Seeing Him Tolerate For Her
291 A Passionate Moment Leading To The Hospital
292 He Endured So Much For Her
293 Falling Sick Because Of Another Woman
294 All Men Are Indeed No Good
295 What Kind Of Marriage Is This
296 Granny I'm Going To Visit You
297 Who Is Here With A Row Of Cars Outside
298 Really Such A Slut To Chase Her All The Way Here
299 Gu Jingze, Granny Is Still Outside
300 Do You Not Want Me To Stay So Badly
301 Aren't You Going To Wipe Off My Sweat Caused By You
302 A Good-Looking Person Will Find An Equally Good-Looking Person
303 Gu Jingze Was Really Attentive
304 He Always Knew Lin Che's Kindness
305 I Want To See Where Saint Lin Che Is From
306 Didn't Expect Lin Che To Be Like This
307 Seems Like You Don't Know Gu Jingze Well
308 A Wedding Of The Filthy Rich Is Indeed Awe-Inspiring
309 Taking Sides
310 Dispute Rumors
311 Her Photo With Gu Jingze Was Exposed
312 It Really Doesn't Pay To Be Kind
313 Lin Che Is My Woman
314 Attending Sister's Wedding Together
315 The Wedding Was So Grand
316 Their Two Colors Unexpectedly Clashed
317 Gu Jingze's Woman Is Much Better Looking Than Lu Chuxia
318 Not Everyone Can Enter Here
319 Pleasing Old Master Made Everyone Surprised
320 How Can Anyone Dare To Speak To Old Master Like This?
321 He Had Seen Gu Jingyu's Watch Before
322 He Stuffed Her Into The Elevator And Took Her Away
323 The Rationality He Lost Out Of Anger
324 He Should Not Have Treated Her This Way
325 He Simply Felt A Raging Jealousy
326 If They Had Never Gotten Together
327 She Had Never Thought That It Would Bother Him So Much
328 Gu Jingze Could Only Watch From Where He Was
329 What A Vexing Fool Of A Girl
330 I Don't Need Your Help Nor Do I Want You To Touch Me
331 At A Time Like This, Something Bad Unexpectedly Happened All Of A Sudden
332 The Explosion That Shocked The Entire Nation
333 Are Gu Jingze's Whereabouts Unknown?
334 The Watch Was Merely Chosen By Yu Minmin. I Didn't Know About I
335 How Could You Have Gone Through Such A Terrifying Thing?
336 There's Really Nothing Going On Between You and Gu Jingyu, Right?
337 Sorry, I Shouldn't Have Hurt You Like This
338 People Were Already Going Mad Outside
339 What Is That Lu Chuxia Up To?
340 Why Are There So Many Wounds On Your Body
341 What Did You Feel Towards Me In The Beginning
342 Lu Chuxia Suddenly Had Confidence Out Of Nowhere
343 How Shameless To Display Affection In Public
344 The President's Affair Was Exposed
345 He Already Decided To Make Good Use Of This Matter
346 Mr. President Actually Has A Fiancée
347 Because Someone Wanted To Tackle The Gu Family
348 Gu Jingze And Lin Che Wore Couple Clothes
349 The Runaway Horse Was Heading Towards Lin Che
350 She Fell Into The Water and Screamed For Help
351 Lu Chuxia Said That She Pushed Her Into The Water
352 Gu Jingze Said So What If She Did I
353 He Trusted Her All The Time
354 Mr. President Is So Shocking
355 You Actually Really Had An Affair With Mr. President?
356 Yang Lingxin Said That Some Documents Were Missing
357 Being Disturbed Made The Heart Upse
358 Why Did She Suddenly Come Here
359 He Was Cold And Indifferent To People On The Yach
360 The Ordinary Her And The Extraordinary Her
361 Sister-in-law and Brother's Relationship Is Not That Good
362 Bumping Into Someone At The Washroom
363 Must Find A Way To Make Lin Che Leave Him For A While
364 Stomach Hurts A Little
365 Why Didn't You Say So, Dummy?
366 Why Don't You Dare To Touch Me
367 If Not, I'll Just Tie You Up
368 The Dancing Queen Will Be Chosen During The Dance
369 She Stepped On Her Ankle
370 You Actually Dared To Step On My Foo
371 Dancing On Tiptoe Is Too Romantic
372 That Man Turned Out To Be Lu Family's Old Sir
373 Why Must You Stand On Her Side!
374 I Want To Be With You Here
375 Better Help Shen Youran Solve This
376 There Is Actually Such An Outrageous Thing
377 I Didn't Expect Him To Change Like This Too
378 Meeting An Old Friend In Paris
379 Someone Stole The Spotlight On The Opening Of Paris Fashion Week
380 The Situation Turned Around So Shockingly
381 She Was Sitting Beside Royalty
382 He Had Feelings For Her
383 They Were Already Married
384 I Want Detailed Information on Lin Che
385 Lu Chuxia Found Out That She Had Not Told Gu Jingyu
386 Unless You Promise To Leave Gu Jingze For A Period Of Time
387 We'll See How Gu Jingyu Punishes Her
388 Don't You Think That There's Something Going On Between Your Wife and Brother?
389 Lu Chuxia Discovered His Illness
390 Lin Li Humiliated Yu Minmin On The Spo
391 Actually, I'm The One Engaged To Gu Jingming
392 In My Eyes, You're The Wors
393 Was He Lying To Her?
394 She Ran Away From Home!
395 He Came To The Doorstep To Take Her Away
396 How Dare She Kick Him?
397 Qin Qing Said That He Was The One Who Had Secretly Liked Lin Che
398 The Curious Masses Were Always So Nosy
399 Gu Jingze And His Underlings Surrounded The Restauran
400 All Of You Turn Your Heads. You're Not Allowed To Look
401 It's Really Not Easy To Be The First Lady
402 This President Is So Stern
403 The Chairman's Courting Methods
404 This Is A Man With A Wife, Alright?
405 President, Don't Get Fresh With Me, Alright?
406 It's Only Right To Treat His Own Wife A Little Better
407 Scum and Scum Belong Together
408 Let Me Slap You For Gu Jingze's Sake
409 Do I Even Have To Ask For Your Permission To Bring Someone Here?
410 Your Daughter Is Here And You're Still Siding Her
411 You Don't Wish To Expose This Evidence, Right?
412 News Of Madam President Was Announced
413 The Air On Top Is Differen
414 Seeing Someone He Shouldn't See
415 The Happy Little Woman Is Envied By Others
416 Qin Wanwan Actually Signed A Contract Here
417 Having Competition Is A Good Thing
418 Going To School To Continue My Studies
419 Someone Said She Drugged Qin Wanwan
420 Lin Che Was Nominated For An Incredible Award
421 Her Reputation Was Terribly Tarnished
422 Mu Feiran Said I Simply Like Lin Che
423 Her Acting Was Amazing
424 Isn't She Silently Admitting By Backing Out From The Awards
425 Whacked In The Face On Awards Day
426 It Was Difficult To Adjust To The Plot Twis
427 So Suave When Sending Treats
428 The President's Wedding Was Eye-Catching
429 They Got Married
430 Lin Che Actually Attended The Wedding
431 I'm Here To Take Her Big Sister Position
432 The President Goes Back With Madam To Visit Her Family
433 Her Talent Performance Was Barely Minimal
434 What If I Just Can't Get Enough Of You
435 You Can Keep It If You Want To
436 They Got Into A Figh
437 Whoever Loses Will Leave Gu Jingze
438 What Is The So-Called Competition
439 Things Were Actually Very Good Between Them Initially