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426 It Was Difficult To Adjust To The Plot Twis

"I'm not watching either. It's not some influential award anyway. It's just for fun and there is really no meaning in it."

The Literary Awards expressed that they felt very wronged. Because of Qin Wanwan's matter, it caused everyone to look down on the awards.

However, it indeed wasn't a big deal compared to the Gold Medal Award.

On the day of the Literary Awards, many people still turned up. But seeing Qin Wanwan sit there, everyone couldn't help but feel embarrassed for her.

Initially, they wanted to participate in the Literary Awards to get some coverage. Now, they felt rather regretful and embarrassed to attend the event. They suddenly felt as if the grand award was very low.

On that night, Qin Wanwan didn't come in first place for the grand award. Another veteran actress recently got married and gave birth, garnering a lot of support in an instant and pushing her up to the first place.

The next day.

Lin Che's news was everywhere while Qin Wanwan's participation in the grand award only took up a small section of the papers as if it was just a casual mention.

In the office, Sister Lin said, "I didn't expect things to turn out this way either. Wanwan, don't panic. We didn't anticipate it this time, so we were overshadowed by her. It definitely won't happen again next time. How could we have known that she would quietly run off to the Gold Medal Award selections and actually qualify?"

"That's enough. Get out!" Qin Wanwan gritted her teeth as she looked at the report in front of her, her face turning green and purple.

Meanwhile, at Lin Che's side.

When she reached the school, everyone looked at the freshly vindicated Lin Che. They felt guilty for treating her so wrongfully the past few days. Thus, when they saw her now, they greeted her, cheered her on and congratulated her from afar.

Lin Che was refreshed and she felt as if the weather was suddenly a lot better today.

Upon entering the classroom, the teachers saw Lin Che and didn't dare to give her dirty looks again. They said to her passionately, "Lin Che, you're here. I saw the news of you being nominated for Best Female Lead. Not bad, not bad. You're young and promising. Keep up the good work."

Lin Che still hadn't forgotten how they previously looked down on her and were practicing favorites with Qin Wanwan. She smiled coldly to them and said, "Thanks." She then went straight to her seat.

The students quickly surrounded Lin Che and said, "When you become the queen of movies this time, I'll be a classmate of the queen of movies."

"Yes. Who would have thought that I would know the queen of movies? This is really unbelievable."

"Press on, Lin Che. We'll be rooting for you in the future."

Everyone really thought that Lin Che was very capable. They really admired her and envied her.

She was so young, but she was just like a big shot celebrity who took up the entire cover page. She was almost becoming a household name.

Lin Che was also very surprised. She didn't expect that the infamy and turn of events would lead her to gain a lot more fans in an instant. Her reputation had also grown once again because she made it into the city news. Many reader's who previously didn't read the entertainment news or watched TV dramas all knew who Lin Che was now.

Should she be thanking Qin Wanwan for this?

It was too bad that Qin Wanwan didn't come to class at all as it was said that she left for medical treatment.

In the end, the teachers said that the training would finish in two weeks. By then, they required everyone to perform in a talent show as part of the final exam.

Lin Che was distressed again. She really didn't have any talent that she could show. She watched her classmates talk excitedly about what they were going to do and she began to worry.

At night, Qin Wanwan finally came to school. Although it was only just one day, she looked as if she lost weight.

Everyone was eating pumpkin seeds while watching TV in the dormitory when they saw Qin Wanwan enter. They were stunned.

Qin Wanwan came in and asked, "What are you guys chatting about?"

Xiaoqing replied awkwardly, "Oh, we're watching TV."

Qin Wanwan came in and walked towards Lin Che.

A few of them became nervous. They were worried that she would cause trouble with Lin Che.

They misunderstood Lin Che over the past few days and thought she was very bad. However, after the misunderstanding was cleared, they looked back on hindsight and thought that she was actually very nice. She was humble and especially easy to get close to.

Although she was already a very famous star, she still ate pumpkin seeds and chatted with them. She was friendly and didn't despise them at all.

Thus, they wanted to protect Lin Che instead.

However, it appeared that Qin Wanwan didn't want to make things difficult for Lin Che. She only sat beside Lin Che and said to her, "Oh right, congratulations on your nomination for Gold Medal Award. It's really something. You qualified in your first movie."

"Thank you. I was also very surprised, "Lin Che said emotionlessly.

Qin Wanwan then said, "Oh right. I saw the report about the issue this time. It turned out that Sister Lin misunderstood you. I'll apologize to you on Sister Lin's behalf. You won't be angry with me, right?"

Since she said that, what else could Lin Che say? She could only look at her and say, "It's fine. I'm not angry."

"That's good then."

Everyone saw that nothing happened with Qin Wanwan, so they then heaved a sigh of relief.

"Okay, let's continue playing."

Just then, someone's phone rang. Xiaoqing said, "Hey, why don't we play a game. When someone's phone rings, she must let the person beside her answer it. Hehe, how about it?"

Everyone heard this and thought that this game was very interesting. They immediately agreed.

At this moment, Qin Wanwan's phone rang.

Actually, Lin Che and Qin Wanwan definitely received a lot of phone calls since they were more popular and there were more people looking for them.

When they heard Qin Wanwan's phone ring, everyone immediately cheered and someone behind picked it up.

Unfortunately, this call was merely from her home's nanny, asking about the layout at home.

Everyone thought that it was boring. Lin Che's phone suddenly rang.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xiaoqing who was sitting behind Lin Che immediately said, "Oh my, this is great. I'm going to pick this up. Hey, Dearest Hubby? No way, Lin Che, is this your boyfriend? It's so cringy."

Lin Che blushed as she forgot that she had saved Gu Jingze's contact under those words.

Thankfully, nobody wondered if she was married or not, since boyfriends and girlfriends often called each other wifey and hubby nowadays.

Lin Che immediately said, "Ah, I'm not playing anymore."

Xiaoqing was not willing to let her go. She immediately answered the phone.

She even put it on speaker.

"Hello," a low voice sounded from the other side.

That low cello-like voice was so magnetic and intoxicating.

This voice was really pleasant.

Xiaoqing said, "Ah, is this Lin Che's hubby? We're her classmates."

The person on the other end was silent.

Lin Che thought that she was done for.

"Hang up, hang up. This is annoying."

Xiaoqing held her phone and quickly stood up, "Lin Che is now in our hands. If you want her back, bring some snacks over. Otherwise, Lin Che will be ours."

After a long while, the voice then said lightly, "Okay, I'll bring you guys some snacks."

"Ah, really?"

"Of course."

"Oh my God…"

At this moment, Lin Che quickly snatched the phone over.