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585 I’m Giving You Three Seconds to Come Here!

Lin Fengtian looked on in horror as he contemplated on how he could cool them down. The priority was to extinguish Mu Yazhe's flaming rage.

Seeing the man lose his temper and direct his incense on her, Yun Shishi steadily retreated from fright. Her hands and feet were now clammy.

Gu Zingxe perceived the man's murderous intent and pulled her back in composure to protect her while he cautiously inspected his every movement.

The director thought that everything was about to take a turn for the worse and rubbed his hands nervously. He stepped in immediately and got between them to prevent things from spiraling out of control. "Mr. Mu!"

The man halted in his steps and peered at the director from the corner of his eye as he cast his unfeeling eyes downward.

"Mr. Mu, don't take their kiss as real! The scene is shot using forced perspective!"

Before the director could finish his words, Mu Yazhe grasped a fistful of his collar and dragged his body before him.

"You think I'm easy to deceive like a child? Forced perspective? Who are you trying to fool?!"

His chilly dark orbs instantly contracted. "Haven't I told you that she's not allowed to have any kissing scenes? Have you turned a deaf ear to my orders?!"

Lin Fengtian crashed to the floor with a dull thud due to the great amount of inertia as Mu Yazhe furiously swung his hand.

The assistant director and several staff on set were taken aback. They made their way over to their executive director in panic and helped him up.

Yun Shishi witnessed this in horror. "Director Lin…"

Concerned with the severity of his fall, she wanted to rush to his side but was firmly pulled by Gu Xingze behind him again.

Enraged and annoyed, she shot Mu Yazhe a glare, only to be mocked by the latter. "You still have the heart to be concerned with others? Very well!"

Wonderful. What a wonderful turn of events.

He had warned Lin Fengtian that she was off limits for intimate contact with any male actors.

However, as a subordinate, he actually dared to defy his orders.

What about his woman?

What was she doing while he was out of the country?

Flirting with other male actors and being in love?

He saw this for himself today.

What about the other times? What was she doing behind his back?

Mu Yazhe's cutting gaze slowly panned toward Gu Xingze's hand, which held Yun Shishi's arm tightly, and a chilling arch came to the corner of his lips.

Yun Shishi glanced over at Lin Fengtian, who was wearing a pained expression. Fear, frustration, and reproach all came to her at once, and she felt a false sense of suffocation.

This was unavoidable. Still, she thought that her conscience was clear.

Kissing scenes were the most common parts of a production.

Everything she did in front of the camera was according to the script. Other than that, she always maintained a safe distance from the male lead.

She really had a clear conscience.

Yun Shishi gritted her teeth and raised her voice. "Mu Yazhe, what are you doing?! Why are you directing your rage at others?!"

His eyes immediately shrank, and he cast her a piercing gaze. "You, too, are aware that I'm fuming now?"

She stared back at him with hurried breaths.

He demanded once more, "Come here! I'm giving you three seconds!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Go over to him? Fine! She had not committed anything wrong, right?

Inhaling a deep chilling breath, she took a small step forward, only to be stopped by Gu Xingze again.

"Shishi, don't go over." He did not fear Mu Yazhe. He lifted his chin and met the man's apathetic stare. "Mu Yazhe, so you resort to these despicable means to force Shishi into doing your bidding."


A smirk of disdain tugged at his lips.

What an affectionate form of address!

"Gu Xingze, you sure know how to pester her," the man countered.

The two men stood face to face.

It was a battle between ice and fire.

The invisible clash between the two auras spread to every corner of the set.