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He had always hared his father.

Like always.

But somehow today as he left the room, he suddenly felt all weird.

"Did he really care for her?"

"Were those tears or water?"

"Had he really formed a strong and wrong opinion about his father?"

All these thoughts clouded his thinking and standing there all alone, he wasn't able to decide what to do next. He pulled that drawer again and saw that there was nothing in that drawer except for the picture of his mother.

Then he pulled open the other drawers and saw nothing but files and a couple of envelopes.

All the contents looked like his father's work-related stuff, so he skipped the files and started searching inside each and every envelope. He was almost through more than half of the envelopes when suddenly Sebastian came back into the room.

He had returned back becasue he remembered that the file which David had given with Raymond's signature was placed in the drawer and he just wanted to make sure that Raymond didn't see it. So he came back to his study.

But seeing Raymond, going through his drawer was something that he didn't expect. Not even in his wildest dreams.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Raymond was completely startled as he didn't expect his father to come back into the room so early to catch him red-handed, going through his personal stuff.

But thinking out quickly he said,

"I am looking for the agenda for the evening party."

"What agenda?"

"Since David came here, I am assuming he came to give the agenda to you. Apart from that what other interaction do you and David have?"

Raymond asked rhetorically.

Sebastian was taken aback with his response as he thought that Raymond would have forgotten the way he had mentioned David's name in the beginning.

"Oh yes. He came for that purpose. But that was just a verbal discussion. He didn't hand me any file or anything."

He said it all blatantly, but deep down, Sebastian was already dreading if Raymond had seen the file. But seeing the way he was reacting, he was somehow feeling that he had not. Becasue if he would have seen the file, then he would have definitely bent the heavens by now.

So taking control of the situation, Sebastian said,

"Now if you are done, then I would like to have the room to myself."

Saying that he showed him the direction towards the door.

Taking a deep breath, Raymond started towards the door without saying a word.

And just when he was about to come out of the study, Sebastian asked,

"By the way, you did not say for what reason you came here?"

He stood there for a second, trying hard to think of a probable reason which he could offer his father on a platter, but as he couldn't think of anything, he said,

"It was for something that I thought you could make happen. But then I had forgotten the fact that you are Sebastian Walker. THE Sebastian Walker. What was I even thinking."

Saying that he left the room and burdening Sebastian with nothing but acute pain.

Sebastian saw him leave the room and looked at the opened drawer. He gathered all the stuff up and placed it back and then looked at the third drawer which was locked. He lifted the vase from the table and took the small key underneath that and using the key he opened the third drawer inside which lied the bitter truth.

Taking that letter out, he first closed his eyes and then read it.

As he read, word after word, his eyes started getting all moist again.