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444 Highness Stunning Snow

"A young wealthy Chinese person bought it and gifted it to his beloved woman."

A mysterious look flashed in Andrea's eyes. The Hope Diamond made some people want to avoid it as it was a harmful item in their eyes. Yet, some others actually viewed it as a romantic symbolism of love, seeing it as aesthetic and touching. It was simply two ends of the spectrum.

Snow shook her head. "We cannot come into contact with that thing."

"Even the Sacred Palace is unable to deduce the secret of that item?" Andrea asked, a little demandingly.

Stunning Snow glanced over at Andrea calmly, "Ever since that item appeared, its recorded history has been traced back tens of thousands of years. Till today, other than harming people, there have not been any other effects observed." She did not say anything more as she lowered her head to look at her Divine Scripture.

Andrea bowed slightly, before retreating discreetly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Just as Andrea had left, a holy and pure white light flew into the room through the window and morphed into a white dove, before landing lightly on Stunning Snow's hand.

The white glow disappeared gradually and a letter that still had white rays appeared.

Stunning Snow looked at the letter and her brows furrowed slightly. With a flick of her fingers, the letter immediately became rays of white light that disappeared completely into the air.

In the far distance, a small figure of a cruise ship called the Sword of the Seas could be seen. A few white men were standing on the deck of the ship. They were all dressed in white robes and there were silver crosses hung around their necks. Clearly, they were all renowned clergymen of the Western world.

An old senior who was close to 60 years of age with a high nose bridge looked at the Sword of the Seas in the distance and mumbled to himself. "Is the betrayer of the Blood Kindred on that ship?"

"Dear Pislen, even if the betrayer of the Blood Kindred has the Divine Blood in him, there would be no effect on us, I believe?" A hefty man with a beard asked. "Why is there the need to be so excited and motivated by it then?" he finished as his eyes gleamed.

"Dante, the Divine Blood is indeed of no use to us," Pislen said serenely. "However, if it gets sold to the underground market by the Demon Gods Alliance, we will be able to exchange it for huge amounts of treasure. You should know that in the Demon Gods Alliance, there are many things that are beneficial to us clergymen. Those things can only be obtained in the underground market of the Demon Gods Alliance."

"Archbishop Pislen, what's the difference between doing this and forcefully stealing something? We believe in God and we should uphold justice, fairness, kindness…"

Dante furrowed his brows, clearly not very satisfied about this.

"That's enough! Dante, the Blood Kindred is a common enemy of all clergymen. They are evil, dark, violent and disrespectful to God. There is no kindness in their hearts. If you hope for the world to be filled with kindness and peace, then they should all be executed. If the Divine Blood falls into the hands of the Blood Kindred, it would allow them to have a master appear once again and it would be very possible for a Duke to be produced." He paused. "You must think about it, a Duke in the Blood Kindred will be a very big threat to the Curia," the Archbishop advised earnestly.

"However, if you sell it to the underground market of the Demon Gods Alliance, there is a 90 percent chance that the Divine Blood would still end up in the hands of the Blood Kindred," Dante rebutted.

"I was just giving an example but I did not say that we would be doing that exactly. The Divine Blood of the Blood Kindred is of a certain scientific value to the Curia so we do not have to sell it off for certain. Dante, you have too shallow an understanding of the Divine Way. Hm, where have you placed your Divine Scripture? You can take a look at it now and try to get a better understanding of the Divine Way."

Pislen passed a Divine Scripture from within the book to Dante and gave him a look that conveyed the need for him to read up more. Dante's expression turned cold. He received the Divine Scripture and he turned around to walk back along the cruise ship.

Beside Archbishop Pislen, a few of the clergies were offering constant flattery. He was the Archbishop of the Curia and his position was far more superior to most of theirs.

"Pislen, Dante is simply too pedantic in his thoughts. How could he be so indiscriminate in his treatment of the dark and evil Blood Kindred?"

"That's right, the Divine Blood definitely cannot fall into the hands of the Blood Kindred. We have to take it away."

Pislen listened to their flattery. "I have just delivered a letter to Highness Stunning Snow but Her Highness has not replied," he said, furrowing his brows.

"What do you think Highness Stunning Snow's intentions are?" a member of the clergy asked cautiously.

Pislen sighed. "I doubt she will attack," he said. It was a coincidence that Highness Stunning Snow had appeared on the Sword of the Seas. She may not have come with the intention of capturing the Divine Blood.

"Even if Highness Stunning Snow does not attack, would the few of us be enough to capture the Divine Blood?" another clergyman asked.

"You cannot be careless," Pislen said with a solemn expression. "From the news that I have received, the Blood Kindred and the Sorcerers family have already boarded the Sword of the Seas. We are already a step behind them. If they had attacked the cruise ship, they would probably have already gotten the Divine Blood in their hands." Their actions were actually very quick! It was a pity that Highness Stunning Snow was unable to make a move. With her abilities, she would definitely have been able to capture the Divine Blood.

"Highness Stunning Snow also belongs to the Curia so why does she not act as one with us? Could it be that after joining the Divine Palace, she no longer places any importance on the Curia…" a young clergyman asked, a little offended.

"Carlo, you shut your mouth." Pislen's expression changed slightly as he interrupted the youth. The few clergymen surrounding them paled slightly as well as they scolded Carlo for being a fool. He had actually dared to talk about Highness Stunning Snow behind her back. A young calf indeed does not know to fear a tiger.

"Carlo, you had better watch your words in future," Pislen said with a cold expression. "Blaspheming against the Gods is regarded as heresy. Highness Stunning Snow is the pride of the Roman Curia. She was able to join the Divine Palace at such a young age. In the future, she may even be able to surpass our Pope. Since she is now someone of the Divine Palace, she cannot constantly keep tabs on the Roman Curia. Her primary loyalty inevitably lies with the Gods Alliance."

The Roman Curia was already past its glory days. For them to be able to produce a talent like Highness Stunning Snow was all thanks to God's grace. Anyone in the Curia who dared to blaspheme against her would be faced with serious consequences.

Carlo was so afraid that his entire face paled. I… did not… do it on purpose…"

His body began to tremble slightly. At the moment, he realized that he had spouted foolish words. If anyone decided to take offense at his words, the consequences would be unthinkable.

If Pislen wished to pursue the matter, he could immediately be disposed of and there was nothing that he could do about it.

"Carlo is still young, it is very normal for him to spout nonsense without thinking," someone stood out to plead for him.

Pislen looked at everyone in a strict manner. "We are all friends. Carlo is still young and we can all pretend that we had not heard anything that he has just said."

Upon hearing that, most of the people nodded their heads in agreement. Everyone knew that while Pislen appeared strict on the surface, it was all just to protect Carlo. Carlo's father and Pislen shared a rather good relationship as they were both Archbishops. Naturally, he would not let anything happen to Carlo just because of a few words that he had said.

There were only a few clergymen present. If the few of them did not leak anything and didn't hold it against him, nothing would happen to Carlo.

"Since Highness Stunning Snow is not taking part, only we ourselves can undertake the responsibility of catching the Divine Blood. I'm afraid that our enemy is in large numbers so we all have to be mentally prepared."

"If anyone has already gotten their hands on the Divine Blood, we will steal it from their hands," a clergyman said.

"Don't worry, they should not be that fast. They are under the restriction of the International Superpowers agreement so they definitely would not dare to make a move on the cruise ship itself. It is said that the betrayer of the Blood Kindred has already integrated the Divine Blood so her abilities have to be rather powerful; if we corner her, it is very likely that she would unleash something very unexpected."

Pislen believed that it was possible for a dying person to do anything at all. In a fit of anger, it was possible that she would massacre everyone on the ship or even plan to sink the entire cruise ship, and the consequences would then be unthinkable.

In the agreement, one of the clauses is to not cause too much chaos in public. If not, they would be faced with the investigation and punishment by the International Superpowers Association.


At night, Mo Wen carried Shen Jing onto the bed. He simply hugged her lightly in his embrace. At the moment, Shen Jing was sleeping sweetly. After she had been shone on by the rays of the Hope Diamond, she had been in this state the whole time.

Mo Wen checked and after confirming that there was nothing wrong with Shen Jing, he did not worry about her anymore. Perhaps she would wake up comfortably in the morning.

A dark black light suddenly flashed in the room. In the dark of the night, it was almost impossible for the naked eye to detect those black rays.

Mo Wen's face grew cold and an alert look flashed through his eyes.

In that moment, an odd black fogged hand silently extended out from the dark, slowly reaching out to grab the Hope Diamond from around Shen Jing's neck. The fogged hand was totally concealed by the surrounding darkness and even if a normal person had his eyes wide open, he would not have been able to see it at all.

However, before the black fogged hand could grab the Hope Diamond, a golden ray flashed by and directly cut through the hand.

The fogged hand became distorted in that instant before it joined back into a palm once again. Then, it fiercely headed towards Mo Wen. Clearly, it knew that it had been discovered.

Mo Wen let out a cold humph and extended his hand for a light hit. "You don't know when you're faced with death." The black fogged hand immediately lost all resistance and dissipated in a second.

In the next moment, Mo Wen's figure disappeared from the room and in a few blinks of an eye, he had gone out through the window before flying in through another window.

In the room, it was so dark that one could not make out one's own fingers.

In the middle of the floor, there was an old man seated with his legs crossed. Bunches of black fog rotated around his body, engulfing his entire being.

A gold light flashed through Mo Wen's eyes which immediately illuminated the entire room. Meanwhile, his gaze was fixed on that old man in the black robe.

"You're so old and yet so sneaky," Mo Wen said coldly.

The old man gradually opened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen a little confused. Then, he said, "You have such abilities at such a young age that you even put me to shame. I apologize for my intrusion previously and I seek your forgiveness. However, the Hope Diamond is not a lucky item and the legendary curses are not fiction. Don't end up harming your loved one due to your ignorance."

The old man stood up slowly as he bowed slightly to Mo Wen in order to convey his apologies. However, his meaning was very clear. The Hope Diamond was an unlucky item and he hoped that Mo Wen would get rid of it.

"I know very well what that thing is; if you try stealing it again in future, you will have to bear the consequences yourself." Mo Wen looked coldly at the old man in black but did not attack him. His figure flashed and he disappeared within the room. The speed was so fast that the old man had not even seen how he had left.

Guterra's eyes became serious for a moment and his entire being became solemn. That youth's abilities had actually surpassed even his expectations.