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On the empty field, Ling Xian's expression was rigidly cold and his killer's intent flared.

The Refine Sword Peak leader's expression was emotionless. As if he had just seen a ghost, his expression was full of disbelief.

Xia Hou Lin, whose face was half crushed by Ling Xian, was full of satisfaction. As if he had just found his backbone, his arrogance was limitless.

What could he do, his uncle was the leader of the Refine Sword Peak, an important figure of the Wan Jian House. Naturally, he was full of confidence.

Just then, he began to shout, "Uncle, he is the one who hit me, kill him for me! Quickly!"

Then, Xia Hou Lin stared at Ling Xian. His bloody face contained only arrogance and disdain.

"Fella, you are dead meat. My uncle is the leader of the Refine Sword Peak. You dared to hit me, he will for sure chop your corpse into pieces!"

Ling Xian glared at Xia Hou Lin and did not speak. Because after Xia Hou Gang froze at the sight of him, he realized that this person recognized him.

Therefore, he decided to wait and see who the peak leader was going to favor. If he ends up protecting his nephew, then there would be no need for Ling Xian to talk reason with him.

Ling Xian's silence made Xia House Lin proud. He laughed. "Fella, I sure want to see if you still dare to be arrogant! You dare to hit me, I will chop you into pieces for sure!"


Ling Xian's eyes turned cold. The killer's intent in his gaze brought Xia Hou Gang back to life and he couldn't help but shudder.

He knew then that Ling Xian was serious and he silently cursed his worthless nephew.

What the f!ck!

Do you not have eyes? Why would you provoke someone dangerous like this man!

Xia Hou Gang cursed silently. He knew how powerful Ling Xian was and knew how important he was to the Supreme Headmaster. If it weren't for the fact that the Wan Jian House was in a crisis, Dao Wu Ji would've sent soldiers to invade Yuezhou.

Therefore, after sensing Ling Xian's killer's intent, Xia Hou Gang realized that this entire situation will be difficult to deal with.

Yet just then, Xia Hou Lin began to laugh arrogantly and purposely cursed, "You piece of trash is dead for sure. Don't think that just because you have some capabilities, you get to hit me. Before my uncle, you are not even a fart!"

At those words, Xia Hou Gang shuddered. Without a second word, he slapped!


After a stifled bang, Xia Hou Lin flew backward for three meters. It was obvious that this slap was pretty powerful.

Everyone was stunned at this.

Everyone else was stunned as well.

Though they don't know how the relationship was between Xia Hou Gang and Xia Hou Lin, they could all tell that Xia Hou Gang came to help out the latter. But what happened? Why was he hitting his own nephew?

What could they do? They were either people trying to get into the House or powerless pupils. They naturally didn't know Ling Xian. If they did, they would understand.


Xia Hou Lin gave Xia Hou Gang a look. After some time, he shouted crazily, "You should be punching that son of a b!tch! He was the one who hit your nephew, why are you hitting me?"

When the words "son of a b!tch" entered his ears, Xia Hou Gang shuddered again and yelled, "Can you shut the f!ck up!"

"If you speak one more word, I will damn our family and handicap you!"

Xia Hou Gang's face was angry. Especially after thinking about how Xia Hou Lin called Ling Xian trash and how he wasn't even equivalent to a fart, he began to quiver from anger.

Elder Ling was a piece of trash?

He was worse than a fart? What the f!ck! If you want to die, don't drag me down with you!

Xia Hou Gang cursed silently and got angrier and angrier at the thought. He slammed forward a palm and pushed Xia Hou Lin away for miles.

This made Xia Hou Lin expressionless. His uncle, whom he thought of as a God, was smiling to the man who hurt him. This made his brain blank.

"Elder Ling sure has gotten help from the Gods. I knew you would be fine."

Xia Hou Gang's expression was bright, which created a clear contrast against the angry face before. It was as if Ling Xian was his family and Xia Hou Lin was the one who hurt his nephew.

Only Ling Xian knew that this person was afraid of him and that was why he hit Xia Hou Lin. He was both satisfied and dissatisfied at that fact.

"Leader Xia Hou right?"

Ling Xian spoke softly, "I don't want to waste too much time with you. Find anyone here and ask them to repeat to you what happened here."

Hearing this, Xia Hou Gang frowned. He was not happy with Ling Xian's emotionlessness.

But at the same time, he knew Ling Xian was not like the way he was before. That short exchange before has proven that he would be no opponent against the young man before him.

Therefore, despite his dissatisfaction, he still silently cursed Xia Hou Lin as worthless!

As his uncle, he knew what his nephew was like. Before, as long as Xia Hou Lin doesn't do something to out of line, he can protect his nephew with his position.

But before Ling Xian, he realized that he could not cover up this one.

Silently sighing, Xia Hou Gang called over the two pupils in black and asked coldly, "Speak. Tell me exactly what just happened."

Hearing this, the two descendants nodded and began to tell him everything that happened.

The more Xia Hou Gang heard, the more his heart dropped. Especially the part about how the young girl had awakened her Inner Eyes yet Xia Hou Lin still declined her. His heart fell into an abyss.

To ruin the Wan Jian House's reputation was one matter. To decline a Heaven's Favorite who awakened the Eyes of the Falling Stars was another matter. Insulting Ling Xian was even more shameful!

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Xia Hou Gang was showing signs of anger. It wasn't for certain if he was truly angry or if he was faking it. But one thing was for sure. With Ling Xian here, even if he were not angry, he would have to pretend to be angry.

"Refine Peak Leader."

Ling Xian coldly glared at the person. "This kind of scum needs to be gone. Or else the people will not be happy."

"Elder Ling, about that…" Xia Hou Gang showed signs of hesitation. It wasn't because Xia Hou Lin was his nephew, it was of his face.

"If you cannot bring yourself to do it, then I will do it." Ling Xian spoke softly. Xia Hou Lin's sin was unsalvageable and he's been wanting to kill him for a while!

After sensing Ling Xian's determined tone, Xia Hou Gang closed his eyes. When they reopened, they were full of coldness.

He now knows that there was no way out of this. Not only was it impossible for him to beat Ling Xian, even if he can, how can he go against the Wan Jian House?

The sins of Xia Hou Lin, if circulated to the Supreme Headmaster, even he will be heavily punished!

Therefore, he walked until he was beside Xia Hou Lin, who was sitting like a wooden chicken. He said in a low voice, "You could've provoked anyone, but you provoked Ling Xian. Even uncle I cannot save you."

Xia Hou Lin, who just regained his mind, felt his poisonous gaze turn into awe.

All because of the name, Ling Xian!

Though he hasn't seen Ling Xian, he's heard of him and knew what this name represented. Therefore, he was full of regret right now and was full of hopelessness.

"Elder Ling, though this person is not my nephew by blood, he still calls me his uncle. I cannot do this." Xia Hou Gang exhaled deeply. He wasn't sad for Xia Hou Lin, he was sad for his face.

But before Ling Xian, he could only give up his image and face.

"If that's the case, then I will do it."

Speaking lightly, Ling Xian did not waste any more words. He slammed forward a palm.

Instantly, Xia Hou Lin's skull exploded and he paid the price for his previous actions.