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742 One Blow Is Enough To Defeat Him!

The onlooking disciples sneered when they saw Su Mo trying to counter the blow of the violet gold mace with his bare hand.

He's courting his own doom by doing so!

He's finished!

The disciples shook their head. This blow was enough to flatten Mo Su!

Shangguan Yun was among the crowd. He thought otherwise. Leng Xinghua, who was at Lv 9 True Darkness Realm, was already no match for Mo Su, leave alone Ba Hu.

However, Shangguan Yun was not worried. There were many experts in the Outer Palace and they had not shown up yet!

Mo Su would not be arrogant for too long. When the experts struck, he would suffer!

The violet gold mace fell like a meteorite and hit Su Mo's palm.

The power gushed down and it was overwhelming.


The explosion sent out a shockwave that spread out widely.

Those disciples with a lower cultivation quickly moved back as they were afraid of being hit by the shockwave.

The surrounding towers shook and looked as though they were about to collapse.

When the shockwave dissipated, all of them were stunned.

Su Mo was standing tall at his previous spot and he looked calm. One of his palms was holding on to the huge violet gold mace effortlessly.

"How's that possible?"

The disciples were shocked. "Mo Su is only at Lv 6 True Darkness Realm but he's able to parry off Ba Hu's violet gold mace with his bare hand. This is amazing!"

He has extraordinary combat strength! No wonder he's so presumptuous!

Ba Hu's face turned grave. He landed on the ground, holding tightly to his violet gold mace and stared at Su Mo with disbelief.

His arms shivered as the force of the rebound was so great that it had numbed his senses.

"You're too weak. You're no match for me!" Su Mo shook his head and threw the violet gold mace aside with a little force.


The white-jaded ground cracked as the violet gold mace landed on the floor.

Ba Hu turned pale. He had never expected Su Mo to be so powerful. When he had thrown out the blow, he already knew that he was no match for Su Mo.

Ba Hu did not say a word. He picked up his violet gold mace and walked away.

He had said earlier that if Su Mo was able to take one blow from him, he would take it that Su Mo had won!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Moreover, judging from the current situation, he was unlikely to defeat Su Mo even if he were to continue with the fight.

Thus, he was decisive and retreated.

"Is there anyone else who is not happy?" Su Mo looked around and said loudly, "Come on, prove to me that you're not useless!"

As Su Mo's voice resounded, all of the disciples turned ghastly pale.

The disciples hated Su Mo. They hated his boldness, confidence and nonchalant attitude.

However, most of their cultivation was low and they were no match for Su Mo. They dared not challenge him.

There was a moment of silence as everyone was waiting for the experts to step out.

After a while, someone said flatly, "I have not wanted to challenge you but I can't take it anymore!"

The one who had spoken was a young man in black. He looked cold and proud.

The crowd drew apart to form a path for him when they saw the young man in black.

It was apparent that this young man must be of a special status to receive such a treatment.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The young man in black walked along the path and came before Su Mo.

"After you!" Su Mo said. He glanced at him, expressionless.

"I really wonder where you get your confidence from!" The young man in black shook his head and said with a smile, " Do you know who I am?"

Su Mo looked expressionless and said flatly, "I don't see a need for me to know. I can defeat you in one blow!"

"What?" When the young man in black heard it, his face darkened. A sharp ray of light then flashed across his eyes.

He was angered by Su Mo's arrogance.

No one in the entire Outer Palace had ever looked down on him. Even Ouyang Xiao had never told him that he could defeat him with one blow.

The disciples were no longer shocked by Su Mo's comments. They were already used to his arrogance.

"Mo Su, this is Senior Brother Jiang Wuya. You'll definitely be defeated by him!"

"That's right. Senior Brother Jiang Wuya is at a Half Step to Martial King Realm. He's ranked number 10 in the Outer Palace. Do you still think that you can defeat him?"

"Haha, Mo Su, I'd suggest you stop fighting. Just admit defeat!"

Many of the disciples commented and some of them laughed. It was apparent that they had unwavering faith in the young man in black.

To be ranked number 10 in the entire Outer Palace was basically way above all the disciples of the Outer Palace!

"This is interesting! It's been a long time since I last saw such an insolent person!" Jiang Wuya curled up his lips and sneered, "I'll not take advantage of you. I'll let you throw out three blows. Go ahead!"

Jiang Wuya was full of confidence. His strength was almost comparable to a Martial King Realm martial artist. He could even take 100 blows from a Lv 1 Martial King Realm martial artist and remain strong.

A Lv 6 True Darkness Realm martial artist was no match for him no matter how powerful he was.

"Are you letting me throw out three blows?" Su Mo laughed and shook his head. He said, "Three is too much. One will be enough!"

Having said that, Su Mo immediately got into action. The Five Elements Dark Force in his body merged together and formed a three-colored Dark Force.

He used his finger as a sword and stabbed toward Jiang Wuya in the air.


The three-colored sword Qi tore the space apart and pierced through everything that was before it. In an instant, it was before Jiang Wuya.

"What?" Jiang Wuya turned pale when he saw it. His confidence had dwindled.

Since this blow could pierce through the air, it meant that Su Mo had the strength of a Martial King Realm expert.

Jiang Wuya had not expected Su Mo to have such a great strength. This power was amazing!

It was impossible for a Lv 6 True Darkness Realm martial artist to possess the strength of a Martial King Realm expert!

Su Mo and Jiang Wuya were not far from each other and they were only about 66 meters apart. The moment the sword Qi appeared, it was already before Jiang Wuya,taking him off guard.


Jiang Wuya shouted and turned his palm over. A long saber,about two meters, then appeared in his hand.

He immediately put the long saber before his body to block off the attack from the sword Qi.

In the next moment.

The sharp three-colored sword Qi hit the long saber and there was an explosion.