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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Author:Slight Uplifting

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Wen Xuxu is a tenacious, talented, smart and brave woman who was fostered by the Yan family at the age of four when she lost both her parents.

Brought up to be the successor of a huge conglomerate, Yan Rusheng is an aloof, intelligent and arrogant man who is the most sought-after bachelor in the capital city.

Despite growing up together, both of them seem t...
《Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife》 Volume 1
1 Are You Pretending to Be Shy
2 He Had the Nerve to Mention Their Childhood
3 Unchanged Womanizing Ways
4 Unpleasant Feelings
5 All the Current Popular Celebrities
6 As Though Suddenly On Steroids
7 Third Master Yan's Matchmaking Session
8 Bashful Miss Wen
9 Secretary Wen Seems to Be Drunk
10 Yan Rusheng, You’re a Jerk!
11 Why Did You Drive Her Away?
12 You Worry Me the Mos
13 Wisdom and Beauty Coexisting
14 It's Not Like She Has Any Infectious Diseases
15 No One Would Be Able to Invite You, Honorable God
16 The 520 Red Packe
17 Watching Silently as Everyone Else Snatches
18 It’s Just a Meal
19 In a Bad Mood Right Now
20 He Can Do Without a Woman Like This
21 Why Are You Suddenly Throwing a Tantrum
22 What Did That Fellow Mean by That?
23 Three Years Were Enough
24 Thank You, But It's Alright!
25 Third Master's Precious Body
26 Is There a Five-Star Hotel Here?
27 Don't Disturb Me Unnecessarily
28 She Isn't Ladylike at All in Private
29 Dissatisfied!
30 Shower
31 The Most Angelic Sound in the Entire World
32 Head Back Firs
33 Closer Than Relatives
34 This is Obviously Stealing
35 Stupid Woman! Why Are You Staring Into Space?
36 An Illicit Couple
37 Why Are You So Furious?
38 Are You Planning to Murder Me on This Mountain?
39 An Opportunity for Him at the Right Momen
40 Snake
41 A Problem Has Appeared
42 You’ve Caught a Cold
43 Where Did You Get This Boat?
44 Didn't You Hear Me Asking You to Head Back First?
45 Coconuts
46 There’s One More Here
47 How Did I Get to the Hospital?
48 Communication Barrier
49 Just Like a Shrew
50 What Kind of Look Is That?
51 That Was Definitely a Bribe
52 It’s Been Three Years, How Are You?
53 I Was Just Joking, Why so Anxious?
54 The Important Secre
55 Miss Mu Li
56 Did She Become More Talkative Recently?
57 He Said That You Were Mistaken
58 What a Pretense!
59 Gloating at Someone's Misfortunes
60 Anyway, She Wasn’t Hungry
61 What’s With That Expression in Your Eyes?
62 I'm Being Wronged!
63 Gentle and Doting
64 If You’re Not Getting Married, He’s Not Allowed to Marry
65 One More Day Won't Make Much of a Difference
66 How Is This Any of Your Business?
67 She Didn't Understand
68 Other People Supervise Their Husbands
69 Nothing to Nitpick Abou
70 Might This Be Good Karma?
71 President Yan is in the Headlines Again
72 Leaving Flourish & Prosper
73 How Could Someone Be So Stubborn?
74 Insufferable Arrogance
75 From the First Awakening of Love Until Now
76 He Used This Method to Humiliate Her
77 I'm Thirsty, I Want Water!
78 Why Did He Slam the Door?
79 Mister, You Sped Past the Red Light!
80 Come Over Immediately
81 His Aura Was Too Strong to Be Ignored
82 Are You Sure About Leaving Flourish & Prosper?
83 You Can Get Lost Now
84 Sigh, A Flaw in an Otherwise Perfect Thing!
85 Way Too Cunning
86 How Dare He Disregard Her
87 Xuxu Left Flourish & Prosper, He’s Gone Mad
88 What Special Interest Do I Have?
89 I’m Not Kissing Her, She’s So Fierce!
90 An Old Classmate That She Hasn't Met In Six Years
91 A Fresh Flower on a Heap Of Cow Dung
92 A Coincidental Meeting with the Award-Winning Actress
93 Woman, Your Arrogance Is Overbearing
94 I’ll Make You Pay
95 This Isn't Logical!
96 I Purposely Learned I
97 What Scandal Did They Have?
98 I'm Not Even a Little Bit Interested In You
99 Death Penalty!
100 Third Master's Young Puppy Love
101 The Most Famous 'Action' Choreographer
102 Love Letter
103 Has She Gone Mad?
104 Silenced Them In A Split Second
105 Everyone Is Waiting
106 It Was Particularly an Eyesore
107 Did She Drink Alcohol Just Now?
108 I'll Get Another Glass For You
109 I’m Going To Sell You Off
110 Bothersome And Stupidly Alluring Woman
《Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife》 Volume 2
111 What Happened To Young Master Yan?
112 He’s too Proud And Overbearing
113 Why Was It So Fast?
114 Sympathy Tactic
115 You Can Represent President Yan
116 Even If You Disagree, You Still Have To Agree
117 I'm Not The Big Gray Wolf
118 Someone Gave It To Me
119 Let's Make A Deal
120 How Dare You Try To Negotiate Terms With Me?
121 Miss Wen's Fragile Hear
122 It Was The First Time He’d Tried To Clarify
123 A Lifetime
124 Not of Her Own Volition
125 Did I Say I Would Consider?
126 It's Pointless Talking to You Nicely
127 There’s an Idiom Which Means 'Vivid And Lifelike'
128 You’re Lovelier Than a Ca
129 Of Course You Can'
130 Why Do I Need To Coax Her?
131 He Wasn't Out Of His Mind
132 Third Master Has a Nosebleed
133 Unable To Tell Good From Bad
134 Do You Have To Expose Your Friend Like This?
135 Can You Guess What Will Happen?
136 The Huge Difference In Height Is Adorable
137 How Disappointing And Anguishing It Was!
138 He Was Unexpectedly Snubbed
139 Look For Baidu If You Have a Problem
140 She’d Boarded a Pirate Ship and It Was Too Late to Get Ou
141 There’s Really Nothing Wrong With You Psychologically
142 That Must Be I
143 He Felt Like Chopping Off His Hands
144 I Was Afraid That You’d Mind
145 Returned To Her Youthful Days
146 Don't Push Your Limits
147 The Effects Were Worrying
148 If You Can't Finish, You're Not Allowed To Sleep
149 This Action Was Too Insane
150 The Car Ran Out Of Fuel
151 He Lost To Her Again
152 A Dog That Lived Like a Prince
153 I Just Wanted You To Leave Some Soup For Me
154 Congratulations!
155 Merely Still A Sparrow
156 Wouldn't Have Waited Until Today
157 He’ll Be Alrigh
158 How Much Alcohol Did That Old Man Drink?
159 This Old Fellow Couldn't Be Any Better
160 You Have a Pair of Repulsive And Vile Hands
161 A Fearful Xuxu Was Adorable
162 How Could You Tell That I Want To Kiss Her?
163 Your Worries Are Unnecessary
164 I Won't Be Able To Stay With Him Till He's Old
165 It Was Bad Judgment Alright?
166 The Company Has Abolished The Rule
167 Pretending To Be Classy
168 If She Knew...
169 Why Must It Be Wen Xuxu?
170 Never Resort To Dirty Tricks
171 She Was Already 25 Years Old
172 Let's Hold It At The Hotel
173 Secretary Wen Had Dozed Off
174 Inch Closer Bit By Bi
175 I'll Come Shortly
176 In the Future, I Won't Bully You Anymore
177 She Isn't The Only Woman In The World
178 Wen Xinyi Was Fired
179 You Should Conduct Yourself With Dignity
180 There Is Nothing To Be Embarrassed About Even If You Like Her
181 The Husband And Wife...
182 The Document Is Upside Down
183 I Warned You
184 Why Was He Going To The Suburbs At Night?
185 Let Her Try It On
186 Everlasting And Unchanging
187 Purchase And Be Entitled To Free Rings
188 Brother, We Really Are...
189 Your Name Is My Family Name
190 Wen Xuxu Is His
191 He Wanted Both Her And Her Hear
192 A Love Token
193 Is Your Brain Really Working?
194 It's Devastating For All The Single People
195 Grandfather Is Really Mad
196 She Thought That She’d Hidden It Well
197 She Would Definitely Be Touched
198 Do You Really Hate Me That Much?
199 That Childish Fellow
200 The Birthday Of A Child Is The Day Of Suffering For The Mother
201 Roses Are A Mus
202 This Must Be A Nightmare
203 You Owe Her This Final Wish
204 My Woman
205 Marriage Comes Only Once In A Lifetime
206 Bear My Children
207 A Post-Wedding One Year From Now
208 Are You Prepared?
209 I Won't Leave
210 It's Inconvenient Today
211 Did She Plan on Holding Her Bladder?
212 She’s An Aunty, I'm The Sister
213 Kindhearted Person
214 She’s An Aunty, I'm The Sister
215 Are You Thinking Of Killing Someone?
216 He Doesn't Want This
217 What Happened?
218 What Does This Have To Do With Having Children?
219 I'm Not Afraid
220 How Could You Be So Audaciously Reckless?
221 You Should Rest Early Too
222 It Doesn't Matter If It's a Misunderstanding
223 When Have They Ever Been On Good Terms?
224 I’ll Allow You To Address Me As Hubby
225 Get Familiar With Each Other
226 Didn't You Want To Take An Afternoon Nap
227 How Troublesome
228 Stopped Dead In Her Tracks
229 Give It To You If You Like
230 Was He Trying To Explain?
231 Let's Go Home
232 Was He Going To Sleep Here Tonight?
233 Why Did You Come Out?
234 What’s Troubling Him?
235 A Woman Represents a Man's Status And Reputation
236 The Orange One Looks Better
237 Ten Miles Of A Spring Breeze Can't Even Hold A Candle To Him
238 Who is Weng Meimei?
239 The Whole Restaurant Has Been Booked
240 Will He Care?
241 She Began To Have Expectations
242 What Should He Do Next?
243 I Have A Big Problem
244 Many Can't Wait To Throw Themselves At You
245 You Dare To Hesitate?
246 Stand Her Up This Week
247 In The Blink Of An Eye, More Than Ten Years Gone By
248 Take One Step At A Time
249 Couple Series
250 Why Should She Feel The Pinch On His Behalf?
251 Why Are You Letting Your Imagination Run Wild When You Look At Me?
252 Meeting The Award-Winning Actress
253 Don't You Have Anything To Ask Me?
254 Do I Look Like Someone Who Doesn't Keep His Promises?
255 How Dare She Fall Asleep
256 I'll Try My Best To Atone For My Sin
257 Did She Meet Any Crooks?
258 As Long As It's Worthy
259 Most Capitalists Are Cruel And Sly
260 I Really Don't Know
261 Pay With Her Life For Committing Murder
262 Don't You Care About Your Life?
263 She Wasn't That Afraid Anymore
264 Sad And Dreary
265 I Don't Even Have A Man
266 The Boss Was In A Bad Mood Right Now
267 We Are Husband And Wife
268 You Should Atone For Your Sins Together With Me
269 It Couldn't Thaw Her Stony And Frigid Hear
270 Re-sell It To Me
271 Don't Tell Him About This
272 Sleeping All Alone
273 No Need To Sign This Contract Anymore
274 I Was Wrong. Please Don't Push Me Away
275 Leave If You're Not Discussing Anymore!
276 It Would Be A Disgrace If People Found Ou
277 Replacing The Originals With Fakes
278 A Long Way From 30 Million Yuan
279 Everyone Began to Outdo Each Other With Their Donations
280 Third Young Master Is Really Too Cool
281 The Return Of An Old Flame
282 Her Mindset Was Still The Same
283 Whatever For?
284 Stupid Woman, You’re The Cause Of I
285 My Wife, Please Pay
286 Left With No Choice
287 Did He Think In This Way Too?
288 I'll Try My Bes
289 Give Me A Kiss
290 I Can Only Say I Have No More Regrets
291 Just Couldn't Bear To Let Go
292 Came To Fetch You Home For Dinner
293 Went All Ou
294 She Didn't Dare To Think Anymore
295 Children, Well Done!
296 Radio Station
297 Oh My God, What Did She Say Just Now?
298 How Could You Let Me Down?
299 The Husband Will Follow The Wife
300 You Can Look At Me In Any Way You Like
301 I Thought You Couldn't Stand Him?
302 I Can Sense Jealousy
303 This Matter Is A Little Tricky
304 This Is Such A Coincidence
305 We Haven't Been On The International News
306 She Won't Allow Them To Reveal Their Love
307 Thank you Miss Fang For Your Concern
308 I'm Brother-in-law, Not Uncle
309 There’s No Need To Be So Excited
310 Satisfy Your Trashy Taste
311 The Handsome Third Young Master Who Didn't Have Any Friends
312 Our Stands Are The Same
313 Do You Care About Me That Much?
314 Don't Let Emotions Rule Your Head
315 What A Pity
316 You'll Have Your Chance To Drink Later
317 Third Yan's Old Flame
318 You're Finally Acting Like A Man
319 The Beginning Of A Catfigh
320 This Nickname Is Exclusive To Her
321 If I Knew This Would Happen, I Would’ve Gone With Him
322 The World Isn't Such A Bad Place
323 So Comfortable
324 Crucial Piece Of Information
325 Luckily She Didn’t Go
326 Let Me Remind You
327 New Problems Complicating An Issue
328 The Onlooker Sees More Of The Game
329 He's Not As Good-Looking As Me
330 Is This A Promise?
331 Overbearing President's Methods
332 Where Is That Dumb Woman?
333 Why Are You Trying To Be Difficult?
334 Unless She Doesn't Love You
335 Don't Switch Off Your Phone When You Go Ou
336 He Wanted Him Gone
337 He Liked What She Had Said
338 She Wanted To Try Fighting For Herself This Time Round
339 Why Are You Envious Of Them?
340 She Was Obviously Embarrassed
341 The Majority Are Compliments
342 Don't Like
343 Couple Time
344 Stop Fooling Around
345 Chronic Problem
346 I'm Not A Kid
347 Water Being Splashed
348 Why Do You Always Have to Bump Into Him?
349 What Should She Do?
350 His Looks Were Too Charming Indeed
351 Everything Is Here
352 Dumb Woman, You're Really Stupid!
353 Mention The Pot That Doesn't Boil
354 Does This Short-Change The Little Girl?
355 Would Their Relationship Be Better Than the Present?
356 Obviously Getting On In Years
357 Quickly Have A Baby
358 11 November
359 Carry On Being Prideful
360 I Was On The Way To Meet Her
361 It's A Pretense
362 Help Me Answer The Call
363 You Don't Like Children?
364 How Could He Do That To You?
365 Hurry Up And Go Home
366 She Won't Be Coming Home Tonigh
367 Memories
368 In Two Hours' Time
369 How Could She Not Feel It?
370 Change
371 My Pleasure
372 He'll Be Overcome With Jealousy If I Take One More Look At You
373 I'll Treat Everyone To Afternoon Tea
374 Sister Xuxu's Trea
375 She Didn’t Want To Have Two Accidents In A Day
376 Let's Go Somewhere Else Instead
377 Check The Wanted Criminals In The Country
378 Why Is This Fellow Here?
379 Fined 2000 yuan
380 Mu Li Was On The Line
381 You Don't Have To Worry About Us
382 Spicy Pickled Fish Noodles
383 Wasn't He Accommodating Enough?
384 This Matter Seemed Grave
385 I’ll Go This Time
386 Surrounded By Reporters
387 Missed A Chance To Save The Damsel In Distress
388 They Could Only Go Through Them
389 Strictly Observed Each Other’s Boundaries
390 Not Within Flourish & Prosper’s Considerations
391 Miss Zhou Tong
392 Why Are You All Still At Work?
393 Because You Liked I
394 Fallen Ill
395 Remember To Take Your Medicine
396 I Have Nothing To Hide
397 Useless
398 I Want To Bear Your Child
399 How Did Her Fever Subside?
400 Beginning To Not Understand You
401 First Uncle’s Sudden Visi
402 The First Time She Didn’t Control I
403 It Should Be Due To Love
404 I Really Feel Like Strangling You
405 I've Loved The Wrong Person
406 Being Willful Is Selective Based on the Person
407 Why Should I Be Angry?
408 It Was Just Wishful Thinking
409 How Can It Be?
410 Could Only Blame Himself for Not Taking a Firm Stand
411 As If It Was Tailor-Made
412 Wasn't He Aware That She Was Only Wearing A Sheer Piece Of Gown?
413 You Are Getting More Well Behaved
414 Head-Over-Heels In Love
415 Gossip Place
416 Miss Fang is so Smar
417 She Is Indeed Quite Haughty and Aloof
418 Then You Should Marry Me
419 He Isn't So Petty
420 Play a Few Rounds With Them
421 The Meeting Between the Love Rivals Was Exceptionally Hostile
422 You'll Lose the Game If You Continue Being Distracted
423 Puked
424 The Song Has Ended
425 Forgotten All About Him
426 He Is Truly Flawless And Exceptional
427 Avoiding Him On Purpose
428 Wasn't Life Abroad Good?
429 Lovey-dovey
430 Ate the Wrong Medicine?
431 Leave Immediately
432 So It Turns Out That We Have The Same Thinking
433 Enraged
434 Overslep
435 Third Master Personally Cooking
436 I’ll Speak to You Instead
437 You May Go Firs
438 A Woman's Duty
439 Improving Their Relationship
440 Why Did She Start To Harbor Hope and Expectations Once More?
441 Afraid of Being Disappointed
442 What Has It Got to Do With Them?
443 Not Allowed To Do It At Home
444 Will She Be Able to Tie Him Down?
445 It Wasn’t His Voice
446 Can't Find Another Way to Vent Her Anger
447 It Was Beneath Her Dignity
448 Stop Texting Me
449 Third Master Sending Roses For The First Time
450 Within Two Days, You Have Already Yielded To Me?
451 Who Won?
452 Don't Be Smug
453 Yan Rusheng and You Are Birds of a Feather
454 Why Did You Call My Name?
455 President Yan is Gracious and Generous
456 You've Learned How to Lie
457 Don't Behave Like a Woman
458 Get Ou
459 Easily Impatien
460 Is This Really Important to You?
461 Madam Yan Is Kind-Hearted
462 How Much Longer Does This Fellow Intend to Be Angry at Her?
463 She Had Been So Initiative
464 He Had a Hunch That It Was Way Longer Than Tha
465 Miss Zhou, Are You Alright?
466 Unintentional
467 So Loving
468 Like A Thief
469 Too Slipshod, I Don't Agree
470 Never Seen You So Petty
471 A Lifelong Mistake to Have Met Young Master Yan
472 Definitely Not Enough
473 You Should Be Recuperating at Home
474 Do You Think I'm an Idiot?
475 He's Never Seen Xuxu Behaving in This Manner
476 You Deserved to Be Shot a Million Times!
477 Handsome Man, Come in and Have a Cha
478 I Love You!
479 You Have Two Choices
480 Don’t Force Me
481 Couldn't Find the Chocolates
482 I Don't Believe That It's So Jinxed
483 Isn’t There Another Option?
484 This Snow Is a Good Omen
485 She Was So Unique and Special
486 Speak of the Devil
487 Time Will Never Turn Old and Our Love Will Stay Immortal
488 Xuxu Forbade Me From Bringing
489 Only Go as Far as Holding Hands
490 Not Allowed to Drink
491 Youngsters Need to Wake up Early
492 Your Grandson-In-Law Is So Handsome!
493 I Promise There Won't Be a Second Time
494 It Broke the Second My Knees Touched I
495 What Wish Do You Want To Make?
496 She Was Stupid and Silly
497 Torturing an Unattached Person Like Me?
498 What's This Situation?
499 Did You Enter The Wrong Room?
500 You Were the One Who Asked Me Out This Time
501 I Can Finally Sit On a Stool
502 It's Good That We've Cleared the Air
503 We've Known Each Other Since High School
504 Hilarious
505 Can You Piggyback Me?
506 Continue Kneeling Then
507 Old Classmates
508 Shake WeCha
509 President Yan, You're Really Pretentious!
510 It Would Be Damaged Sooner or Later
511 Yan Rusheng, I Want You to Disappear!
512 Stupid Lass, I'll Give You One More Chance.
513 Double-Boil the Soup Longer to Make It Tastier
514 Stupid Woman, You Are Too Blessed
515 You’re Back
516 Everything Seems to Be a Dream
517 There Were Only Things That One Didn't Think Of
518 Her Bad Habits Were Multiplying
519 It’s Decided
520 We'll Leave After Dinner
521 You Will Know the Consequences
522 I Don’t Dare To
523 You Really Have a Bad Foresigh
524 It Topples One’s Expectations
525 You Can Be A Fashion Designer
526 Was He Embarrassed?
527 Cute Handkerchiefs
528 Your Way of Striking A Conversation Lacks Creativity
529 It's Too Difficult to Communicate with This Fellow
530 A Nice Name
531 This Is The Mistake That Most Men Would Commi
532 As a Man, He Can't Go Back On His Word
533 Yan Rusheng, You’re a Jerk!
534 Despite Thoughtful Planning
535 Who Came?
536 First Aunt Is Here
537 Their Finances Are Stable
538 Bitterly Disappointed
539 What Made You Feel So Insecure?
540 I'll Wait For You In The Car
541 Her Character
542 So You're Really Married
543 Move Back to the Apartmen
544 Learn From Your Third Brother and Third Sister-In-Law
545 Her Saintly Instincts
546 Be Deliberate in Counsel and Prompt in Action
547 The World Is Too Small
548 Your Presence Is Really Everywhere
549 This Child Is Giving Me Lots of Mental Stress
550 You Can't Leave Before the Matter Is Settled
551 What Is a Parent-Teacher Conference?
552 A Little Lass of Few Words
553 As Long as You Agree
554 She Was the One to Ignite This Time Bomb
555 Don't Miss Out Any
556 I Don't Know How to Do My Homework
557 The Teachers Really Like Me Now
558 Who Would Have Known
559 Underground Hospital
560 The Lift Doesn't Have Direct Access
561 Why Are You Squatting There?
562 I Don't Like Teacher Fang
563 Thank You, Young Master Ming
564 Search Page By Page
565 It Couldn't Be Her
566 To Give His Everything To This Stupid Woman
567 Wasn't Xuxu Already Married?
568 I've Already Taught That Jerk a Lesson On Your Behalf
569 You Are a Dumb Man
570 Then I Shall Try It Myself Then
571 Who Did You Fight With?
572 If You Can't Find It, You're Dead Mea
573 Merely a Photographer
574 Hurt Far More Than Two Women?
575 Sister Moon
576 Third Master Don't Look Too Happy
577 Where Have You Been The Entire Day?
578 Can You Send Me Home?
579 I Wish That She Would Disappear
580 Doesn't She Always Listen To You?
581 Thirteen Years of My Youth
582 Dedicated To My Xuxu Rusheng
583 Xuxu, I'm Sorry
584 Please Conduct Yourself With Dignity
585 And Because of It, His Heart Broke.
586 There Wasn't A Slight Trace From Her
587 The Things That He Owed Her
588 I Will Drop the Lawsui
589 You're Such a Heartless Woman
590 The Best Way That Can Make Her Anger Dissolve Was to Make Them to Destroy Each Other
591 Wen Xuxu's Foolishness Has Reached Greater Heights
592 He Finally Felt I
593 Happy Chinese New Year
594 I’m Not Sure Either
595 Where Can I Find the Log Bridge?
596 A Beautiful Place
597 The Heavens Could Not Tolerate It Any Longer
598 The Feeling Wasn't Particularly Fantastic
599 Quickly Share Them On Moments
600 It Really Was Just a Couple Of Shots
601 May Your Business Prosper
602 Your Expression Seemed So Excruciated
603 We Can't Waste
604 Do You Have Any Other Dreams?
605 Are You Pregnant?
606 Don't Let Your Heart Suffer Any Grievances
607 Definitely Can't Miss Her
608 To Completely Break Away From Him
609 Stop Talking To Me
610 It's Definitely Not So Easy
611 Don't You Dare Mistreat Him
612 I'm Not a Doctor
613 Please Watch Over Him For A While
614 I've Been So Silly All These Years
615 Not a Bad Idea to Go About With One's Nose in the Air
616 It Seemed Like He Had Never Given Her
617 Her Stomach Was Emptied From All The Puking
618 Then How Exactly Did Xuxu Survive All Those Years?
619 Angry
620 I’ll Just Eat One
621 Let's Settle The Divorce Papers
622 His Heart Sank to the Bottom of the Pi
623 You're Pregnan
624 Move Back to the Apartmen
625 Would He Still Be Able to See This Ever Again?
626 The Civil Administration Office Is Closed
627 A Change of Environment, a Change of Mood
628 Unless the Boss Is a Fool
629 The Sound of a Man's Cough
630 Made Her Look Younger by a Few Years
631 I'll Put It Back
632 Stinky, Pungent!
633 Lost In Deep Thoughts
634 Did She Also Do the Same?
635 They Become Cheap When Used on Your Body
636 You Look Better Without Makeup
637 Don't Get Me Into Trouble
638 He Didn't Go on a Work Trip
639 You're Carrying Twins
640 Supper
641 Splash at Her Face to Disfigure Her
642 Are You Alright?
643 Happy Like a Child
644 Is Your Company Going Bankrupt?
645 You Can Choose Not to Forgive Him
646 I'll Wait Outside For You
647 Normal
648 She’s Just Dim-Witted
649 Should Get a Job
650 Taken Aback That He Would Choose This Name
651 It Was Once Her Dream
652 Mummy Says Handsome
653 Truth Or Lies?
654 This Beautiful Girl Was His Love at First Sigh
655 He Also Wished To Hold His Wife's Tiny Hands
656 Can't Chat Any Further With You
657 It's Fate That Brings People Together
658 Eat Dinner and Watch Movie
659 Don't Move, Your Shoelaces Are Undone
660 We'll Sit Outside
661 Ruined Moral Values!
662 Feeding Her Oranges
663 Every Beginning Needs Plenty of Courage
664 Perhaps They Would...
665 Let's Head Ou
666 He Seemed to Have Matured
667 How Did You Know That I Was Sending This to Her?
668 What a Soft Fellow
669 Get Ready To Go Home
670 A Well Thought-Out Plan Was Ruined
671 The Woman Who Kissed Him
672 Fang Jiayin Is Back
673 Third Young Master Wants to Speak With You
674 Didn't She Ask You Out For Dinner?
675 God Really Loved Making Fools Out Of People
676 Was She So Substandard?
677 Not Something a Pregnant Lady Should Be Worried Abou
678 Impossible
679 I Believe That He Isn't That Kind of Person
680 Hit a Person When He Is Down
681 Had Already Expected This to Happen
682 Didn't Achieve Their Aim
683 So Don’t Tell Him
684 Why Did It Turn out This Way?
685 Let's Give Him More Time
686 They Needed Evidence
687 Did You Drug Me?
688 Exceedingly Dumb
689 Was Young Madam Being Bullied?
690 Do You Want to Hear?
691 There's No Reason For Him to
692 I Felt That He Needed to Know
693 Always Be Behind You
694 Am I a Bigger Jerk Than You?
695 What Is So Enthralling?
696 How She Wished That None of This Had Happened
697 Being Affectionate
698 The Moon Can Represent My Hear
699 So He Was The Jerk Who Disseminated The Photo
700 Would Driver Her to Her Grave
701 Don't Choke My Son
702 Another Seven Months to Go
703 It Didn't Seem Like His First Time
704 Get Them to Change I
705 She Could Only Decline in That Way
706 Too Extreme
707 Not Allowed to Work
708 Can You Be More Serious?
709 Did She Already Guessed It?
710 More Than Meets The Eye
711 Please Mind Your Words
712 What's Wrong With a Woman Making the First Move?
713 She Hates Men Who Look For Mistresses
714 Women Don’t Speak From Their Hear
715 I’ll Give Her a Call
716 I Want to Open the Window
717 She’s a Weirdo
718 Won’t Be Easily Taken In
719 Yueyue Was Kidnapped
720 Let Me Out!
721 Spirit Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak
722 Little Lass, Don't Be Afraid
723 Don’t Learn From Your Arrogant Third Brother
724 Uncle Ming, Thank You
725 He Only Saw Two of Them
726 I Remember
727 Will They Betray You?
728 Something Fishy Is Going On
729 What’s Wrong With This Little Lass?
730 The Problem Will Get Worse
731 Didn’t Expect Third Sister-In-Law to Fall in Love at Such a Young Age
732 I Have No Intention Of Wearing I
733 Your Man Isn’t Around?
734 Let’s Play a Game
735 We’ll Know Soon
736 Aren't You Smart?
737 We Annihilated Them
738 I Finally Won
739 I've Faith in You
740 Don’t Be Such a Thug
741 You’ll Know When You Watch the News Later
742 Silly Lass, Aren’t You Feeling Warm?
743 Nothing to Worry
744 The Older They Get, the Less Thoughtful They Become
745 Why Do You Have to Resort to Violence?!
746 Why Did He Want to Harm Me?
747 Looks Like It’s Really Him
748 A Good Wife and a Loving Mother
749 I'll Have to Resort to Violence
750 You Possess the Looks of a Gay
751 It Won’t Help at All
752 She Was an Ingrate
753 Helpless and Suffered Alone
754 Regardless Of Who
755 Rather Be Proactive Than Be Passive
756 Must Have Been Infected By Zhou Shuang
757 Miss Fang Is in the Headlines Again
758 Not Leave You In Peace
759 What Do You Mean?
760 You Can Never Compare to Her
761 Any Sum That You Want!
762 Really Furious!
763 Sister Xuxu, Don’t Worry
764 I Should Peel an Apple for You
765 Do You Know How to Play Card Games?
766 Ah Heng
767 Fated
768 There is No Need for Such Deep Lingering Affection
769 Don't Let Someone Get a Handle on Him
770 Who Said She Wasn't Feminine or Charming?
771 Let Me Drink I
772 Without a Doub
773 A Man?
774 It Was Not Normal
775 Uncle Ming, You Lost Again
776 This Is a Tattoo
777 What's Happening?
778 Such a Perver
779 Stop Fooling Around
780 That Was My First Time
781 Straight to the Poin
782 I'm Here to Visit You
783 Seems Like That Kick Wasn't Painful Enough
784 Brother Qi Lei Promised to Send Me Chicken Wings
785 Shocking News That Gripped the Entire City
786 Would You Be Furious?
787 You Have No Rights to Possess I
788 I Know You've Tried Your Bes
789 You Better Behave
790 How Evil and Despicable You Really Are
791 One Day You Will Get Your Retribution
792 I'm Not the Judge
793 You Peed on Your Bed When You Were Four Years Old
794 All the Credit Goes to You
795 Tell Her There's No Such Matter
796 What Are You Afraid Of?
797 Stop Running
798 Yueyue, Don’t Be Sad!
799 I Got It, Stop Worrying So Much
800 Will This Do?
801 She Was a Beautiful Lady
802 You're Not Far off From Amnesia
803 Love Rival's Auntie
804 Past Conflicts
805 Su Yue, You Are Too Awesome!
806 I'll Be Good to Su Yue
807 Left Without a Word
808 Something He Ought to Have Done Long Ago
809 Totally Unacceptable
810 Do I Look Like I'm Joking?
811 Flourish & Prosper Belongs to the Yan Family
812 Of Course, We'll Continue
813 Doesn't Get Tired of Chicken Wings
814 It's Fine
815 What Was His Motive?
816 Don't Chase Me Away
817 She Was So Touched That Her Eyes Were Stinging
818 You Will Hurt the Babies
819 I Was Being Lenien
820 Can't You Even Endure This?
821 This Is Considered Normal
822 One Who Greatly Values Relationships
823 Increasingly Fishy
824 It's Not Your Faul
825 Don’t You Dare Say No
826 Three Years
827 My Wife, Can You Act Coquettishly Again
828 Do You Have Any Plans?
829 Counseled Her Well
830 What Birthday Present Do You Want?
831 Old Classmates' Reunion
832 Almost Couldn’t Recognize Him
833 Why Should His Cousin Join Them?
834 Does a Top University Send their Professor to Recruit Students?
835 Taking Him as a Street Musician?
836 What Again?
837 Revealing Your True Nature the Second You Open Your Mouth!
838 He Can't Drink
839 That Spoiled and Unruly Princess
840 Punish Myself By Drinking Three Glasses
841 I Shall Take a Sip
842 If You're Not Eating Then Leave With Me
843 Utterly Dumbfounded by Her Foolishness
844 Let’s Drink an Entire Bottle
845 Finished Drinking
846 Your Turn
847 She's Pretty
848 Yan Rusheng, You're a Jerk
849 Two Tigers
850 Can I Apply For Some Special Welfare Tonight?
851 Give Me a Kiss
852 Do Try to Console Her
853 Too Awesome
854 Not Satisfied With Her as Her Designer
855 Bring It On Anytime
856 My Queen
857 What Would Be His Reaction?
858 Within 100 Seconds
859 I Really Feel Like Strangling You
860 Someone is Coming
861 Why Do You Need an Hour?
862 Did You Think Of Us?
863 This is My Seal
864 Figure Out a Way
865 Do You Regret?
866 She Finally Understood
867 Grandmother is the Person I Admire the Mos
868 Do You Think You Are More Gorgeous or More Capable Than Him?
869 Too Busy Until It Slipped My Mind
870 He Doesn’t Have Any Girlfriend Ye
871 I’ll Meet You There
872 Anger Still Bubbled Inside No Matter How Many Times She Wiped
873 What Are You Doing?
874 Precious Darling
875 What Future Do We Have?
876 You Have a Great Future Ahead
877 You'll Meet Your Retribution
878 Strive For Decision Making Power
879 Very Serious at Work
880 Quickly Call For The Ambulance!
881 Are You Certain He’s Not A Good-For-Nothing?
882 Shall I Piggyback You?!
883 A Chance Encounter with Classmate Zhao
884 I’ll Go Only If You Agree
885 Don’t Take Pleasure in Discriminating Against Women
886 Underestimated Young Master Yan’s Pettiness!
887 If I Wanted to Leave With Him
888 Rookie
889 Do I Have This Honor
890 What a Handsome Big Brother
891 I Feel Bad to Decline
892 Coming of Age Ceremony
893 Let's Start From Uncle Ming
894 Proud Clown
895 Don't Force Me to Hit a Man
896 Su Yue's Friend
897 The Loser Drinks Up
898 Accidentally Caught On Camera
899 Sissy Lu, Drink Up!
900 The Two Women Broke Into a Figh
901 So Disgusting
902 Was This Young Lass Dreaming About Love?
903 Shut Your Mouth Now
904 I Was Just Teasing You
905 Don't Starve My Son
906 Yan Rusheng, You're Simply Disgusting!
907 What Did You Wish For?
908 Call Off the Marriage? Over My Dead Body!
909 That Woman
910 There's No One In There
911 Little Lass, What's So Funny?
912 I Don't Feel Much Anyway
913 The Little Princess' Little Tiara!
914 Always Under Someone’s Authority
915 What Other Excuses Can You Come Up With
916 It’s Harder to Satisfy
917 I Will Rip Your Mouth Apar
918 How Dare He Compared Me to That Nitwit!
919 Since You Can’t Create Any Better Designs!
920 That Arrogant Lady is Finally Gone
921 Wasn’t She Retained For A Year?
922 Useless Lass
923 Are You Converting to Buddhism?
924 Perhaps She’s Expecting
925 Pregnant With Lu Yinan’s Child!
926 I’m Ending Our Friendship!
927 Someone Had Lost a Leg to Save Him
928 Your Father Was Injured Because Of Me
929 I’ll Be Responsible for Everything
930 I'll Be Home Right Away
931 How Many Times Did He Do It?
932 You Have a Mean Tongue
933 Emotionally Unstable
934 Where’s That Hooligan?
935 It Feels Amazing
936 What Do You Want to Talk About to Make You Feel Better?
937 Three Burdens!
938 How Embarrassing!
939 Lu Yinan, You’re Going to Be a Father
940 There is No Way I Would Want the Children
941 Doesn’t Enjoy Poking Her Head in Random Affairs
942 Many Things to Do!
943 Bothering Him Every Day
944 What Did You Say to Her?!
945 Lu Family’s Punishment!
946 He Can’t Do Anything to You
947 Lu Yinan, You’ve Gone Too Far!
948 I Saw Sister Hooligan!
949 I’m Really Not Selling My Kidneys!
950 As a Woman, Can You Be More Cultured?!
951 Give Birth to a Soccer Team
952 Let’s Talk About The Children
953 His Heart Started Pounding Again
954 I’m Not Afraid of Pain
955 I Don’t Want to Talk to You Anymore
956 The Whole World Knows
957 Beautiful Little Girl!
958 A Guest Arrived Bright and Early
959 You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink!
960 The Old Man Came Prepared!
961 A Bowl of Chicken Soup For the Soul!
962 Selfish Thoughts
963 Terminal Stage of Stomach Cancer
964 Don’t Go
965 Zhao Zheng’s Visit!
966 Hubby, Pick Me Up Tonight!
967 Anti-Theft Alarm in the Day!
968 Your Assistant Is Quite Smart!!
969 You Wicked Fellow!
970 If You Can’t See, Just Give It a Kiss!
971 Bai Jing’s Mother!
972 No Wonder Bai Jing Refused to Acknowledge Her
973 Forget it, Zhao Zheng!
974 Unable to Suppress
975 Will You Become Pregnant If You Stopped Being Pretentious?!
976 Am I Right, Darling?
977 Don’t be Shy, This Meal is On Zhao Zheng
978 One Shot, Three Children
979 Sorry For Not Giving You a Wedding Ceremony
980 All of Them Can Step Aside
981 Let’s Slow Down, Shall We?!
982 Bring Me to Get a Tattoo Now
983 You Just Think That I’m Troublesome
984 Break Off All Ties With Third Yan!
985 Settle Your Marriage
986 His Prognosis is Not Good
987 Trusting Him Wholeheartedly!
988 Call Me Third Brother Like How Su Yue Does
989 Someone Scored a Basket Of Eggs
990 Little Lass, My Offer Will Terminate Upon Expiration
991 I Will Never Forgive You!
992 She Could Cry For As Long as She Needed
993 Get Hurt Easily
994 I Can't Do it, I'm Going to Die
995 You're Defending Lu Yinan
996 I Just Don't Really Like Children
997 Don't You Scold My Wife Along With Her!
998 If Third Master Doesn't Mind
999 What's With His Haughty Air?
1000 That Woman Doesn't Know What's Good For Her
1001 This Posturing fellow Had Surpassed Yan Rusheng
1002 This Aloof and Pretentious Little Lass
1003 What If They Sensed That Something Was Amiss
1004 Uncle Ming Brought Me to Get a Tattoo
1005 He Kisses You on Your Ches
1006 Little Lass's Figure
1007 Painful?
1008 He Is the One Who Was Suffering
1009 I Couldn't Imagine
1010 Are You Having a Fever?
1011 The Slim and Graceful Bai Jing
1012 Will I Die?
1013 Down With A High Fever
1014 What Are You So Afraid?
1015 The Toile
1016 What is Love?
1017 I Feel Terrible
1018 Can’t Seem to Feel Any Weigh
1019 Yueyue is Having Babies
1020 If the First Step is a Mistake, It Will Lead to More Mistakes
1021 Zhou Shuang's Departure
1022 Unsurpassed When It Comes to Being Thick-Skinned Part One
1023 Unsurpassed When It Comes to Being Thick-Skinned Part Two
1024 Unsurpassed When It Comes to Being Thick-Skinned Part Three
1025 Unsurpassed When It Comes to Being Thick-Skinned Part Four
1026 It Hurts, Can You Take a Look at It for Me? Part One
1027 It Hurts, Can You Take a Look at It for Me? Part Two
1028 It Hurts, Can You Take a Look at It for Me? Part Three
1029 It Hurts, Can You Take A Look at It For Me? Part Four
1030 I’ll Take Them Down One by One Part One
1031 I’ll Take Them Down One By One Part Two
1032 I’ll Take Them Down One by One Part Three
1033 I’ll Take Them Down One by One Part Four
1034 A Horde Of Girls Charging Towards Him Part One
1035 A Horde Of Girls Charging Towards Him Part Two
1036 A Horde Of Girls Charging Towards Him Part Three
1037 A Horde Of Girls Charging Towards Him Part Four
1038 Labeling a Man As a Bitch Part One
1039 Labeling a Man As a Bitch Part Two