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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Author:Young Leader

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UpdateTime:2020/2/24 17:33:42

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In a world of shallow-minded, materialistic mortals, what would one from humble beginnings - whose face had been stomped on, spat on, oppressed for the longest while by the arrogant, pampered upper echelons of society - do, when a mysterious application pops up in a brand new phone that was meant to be the birthday gift of an ungrateful girlfriend? What if the application takes the form of a chat...
《Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms》 Volume 1
1 I Snatched Three Magical Furs
2 Is That Actual Shit Coming Out From Your Mouth?
3 Divine Foresigh
4 Second Brother Is Looking For Me
5 The Meeting Of Enemies
6 The Powerful Ms Lan
7 Five Words That Came Straight From The Sky
8 Bad Things Are Going To Happen
9 Potion of Hundred Herbs
10 Safe In The West Side Of The City
11 My Palms Hurt From Slapping Something
12 Super Delicious Food
13 Borrowing Strength From Xiangyu, The King!
14 The Terms and Conditions of Borrowing Power
15 It’s You! My Goddess!
16 Such Power!
17 Super Red Envelope
18 Training! Breakthrough!
19 Did I Just Crush a Hand?
20 Becoming a Super Hunk
21 Antique Dealership
22 The Climax! The Enemies Meet Again!
23 There Are Always Bigger Fish In The Ocean!
24 Riiiiip!
25 I Will Pay For Your Loss… Two Thousand Yuan!
26 Another Two Hundred Million!
27 Divine Dog Food
28 Four Golden Flowers
29 Hell On Earth
30 Mission Accomplished
《Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms》 Volume 2
31 The Unsolvable Criminal Case
32 Tycoon Chen
33 Whatever The Price Is, Makes No Difference to Me
34 If You Can’t Afford It, Get Out.
35 Police From The Six Doors Organization
36 Let’s Have Fun Together Slowly
37 The Most Handsome Man In Green Vine City
38 A Scary Discovery
39 Demonic Possession!
40 Killing The Evil Spirit!
41 Breaking Off The Couple
42 This Is What I Call Crazy!
43 Strawberry Flavour
44 Call Me Boss Chen!
45 I’m Not Afraid! I Will Do It!
46 Goodbye, My Son!
47 Breakthrough!
48 Win Five Hundred Thousand Yuan with Fifty Yuan!
49 Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes
50 Who Wrote This Off As ‘Useless’?
51 Why Are You So Shameless?
52 The Real Inside Story
53 Thirty Thousand Merit Points
54 Rich People Are the Most Merciless People
55 The Reincarnation of Xiangyu
56 It’s My Duty To Help a Brother!
57 No More “Ball-Aches”!
58 Unlimited Gay Love!
59 I Am Her Boyfriend
60 The Ultimate Revelation
61 You Know It!
62 It Rolled Down the Drain!
63 What Are You Going To Do About It?
64 I Did It On Purpose!
65 Good Job! He Deserves It!
66 Most Valuable Player
67 Breaking Your Kirin Arm!
68 Couplet-Off!
69 The Champion Gets The Prize!
70 Flame of Transmogrification!
71 Chaos Sword Essence
72 I Want To Eat Barbeque Food!
73 It’s Chicken Wings’ Fault!
74 I Didn’t See That Coming…
75 Flying Sword, Kill Him!
76 Sports Day Kicks Off
77 You Call That Crawl a Sprint?
78 The Moment All Have Been Waiting For!
79 I Miss My Yuji
80 The Vicious Landlady
81 Let Me Show You A Better Way
82 My Lucky Star
83 Straight to The Dragon Nes
84 I Will Summarize Eight Thousand Words Here
85 Undying Chen
86 Learn The Art of Poison
87 Look! It’s a Saucer Plate!
88 Super Itchy Powder
89 The Internet Sensation, Chen Xiaobei
90 Only 998!
91 The Humiliation is Real
92 Don’t Get Over Your Head!
93 Low Profile! Low Profile!
94 King’s Aura
95 Get Ready to Pick the Bar of Soap Up!
96 Even More Profitable Than Oil Drilling!
97 Primordial Blood!
98 What Great Luck!
99 Free Advertising
100 Here! Have a Big Red Packet!
101 Jade Crafting Artisan
102 A Black Dragon! And… Sword Qi?
103 I’ll Return This Favor to Them Tenfold!
104 The One That Defeats Ten
105 I am a Martial Arts Master!
106 Have a Taste of Me!
107 I'll Follow You Home!
108 Land Rover Chase!
109 The Village Tyrant!
110 The Perfect Daughter-in-Law
111 Chen Dad’s Grave Condition
112 The One who Knows Me the Best is My Mom!
113 I Will Avenge My Father!
114 Karma!
115 You Got The Wrong Guy
116 Two of You, Please, Continue!
117 Puti Guides Me In The Bed!
118 Bad Things Will Never Happen To Good People!
119 Arguments In Weibo
120 Total Victory!
121 The Business Savvy Parents!
122 Enter Wei Xiaobao!
123 A Whole New Level of WTF!
124 Lin Nan the Real Man!
125 Attack on Pegasus Bar
126 Change Your Name To Dongfang Bubai!
127 I Don't Like The Name!
128 All Under Control!
129 An Uninvited Guest!
130 I'm a Simple Man!
131 So What If I'm A Perv?
132 A Hidden Illness Attacks!
133 Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique!
134 The Evil Spirit's Identity!
135 Fight It Out!
136 Xiangyu Fights!
137 Kicking Wen Tiandou!
138 Number One Swindler of the Three Realms!
139 Nobody Messes with the Prime!
140 Young Spirit Beast!
141 God of War's Body Strengthening Pill!
142 Surprise After Surprise After Surprise!
143 Green Jade Safety Pendant Acquired!
144 Am I invisible To You?
145 Not Leaving? More Slapping!
146 A Bold Decision!
147 Adding Some Props!
148 Cold Hard Evidence!
149 Life Is A Play!
150 One Kick To Heaven!
151 Let Me Teach You How To Train A Dog!
152 Xiaobai Changed!
153 The Dictionary of Zoolingualism
154 Order To Castrate Someone!
155 I’ve Been Pushed
156 You Have Been Slapped!
157 Slap Your Own Face!
158 My Poop Is Coming Ou
159 Sales Finished In One Hour!
160 All I Have Is Money!
161 Talk Of The Town!
162 The Level of Spirit Beas
163 Sending Over Some Mooncakes To Chang’e
164 Getting Ready For The Final Battle
165 Is It Really Cooling?
166 One Punch!
167 Jianghu Ceases To Know Xiao Tianma!
168 Let’s Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Together!
169 Things Get Interesting When Someone Is Drunk
170 It’s Useless, Even If You Beg Me!
171 Overly Attached Elf
172 The Best Man of The Century!
173 Xiaoyao’s Foundation
174 Guess How Sm I Going To Strike You?
175 A Grown Man Grows A New Tail!
176 Eat And Shit At The Same Time!
177 Murong Xiaoyao Is Completely Stunned!
178 The Loser Has To Warm The Bed!
179 Even The Orthopedic Prodigy Can’t Cure Your Son!
180 I’m Not Going To Cure Him!
181 Jewellery Shop Crisis!
182 The Person Behind The Evil Plan!
183 One-Star Spirit!
184 Clear The Place Immediately!
185 The Enemy Will Build It For Us!
186 It’s A Setup!
187 Real Life Dog Eat Dog Scene!
188 A Foreboding Situation!
189 Target Locked!
190 Won’t Stop Until I Die!
191 Have You Ever Seen A Chinese Sword?
192 Vengeance Best Served Hot!
193 Weird Request From Mengpo
《Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms》 Volume 3
194 The Secret Dance!
195 A Red Envelope From Granny Rong!
196 Have You Watched My Fair Princess Before?
197 A Lustful Kitty That Is Beyond Salvation!
198 The Best Helper!
199 It’s So Big That You Are Going To Be Scared To Death!
200 Ten Million VS Ten Million
201 Kende Ji Maidang Lao Kentucky McDonald
202 The True Gay Love
203 Pressure From Higher Power And Temptation From Money!
204 Damn! Good stuff!
205 I Have Balls Of Steel!
206 I’m A Prodigy At Art Of Healing!
207 There’s Surprise!
208 Xiaobai, The King!
209 One Kick And Two Pairs Of Balls Are Gone!
210 A Fruitful Ending!
211 A Mysterious Competition!
212 The Mysterious Competition Begins!
213 The Epic One!
214 Things Took A Great Turn!
215 The Pill of True Sound!
216 Hanging A Board In Front Of The Ches
217 Spoiled Little Girl!
218 Sold In Five Seconds!
219 Let’s Go Now!
220 Reason Behind The Name Of The Charity Foundation!
221 Terrifying!
222 My Singing Is Really Not That Great!
223 When Dream Became Lightning!
224 The Taste Of First Love!
225 Mysterious Uninvited Guests!
226 Jianghu Internal Affairs!
227 The Forbidden Item!
228 A Hidden Wave Is Moving!
229 The Mother Of All Assholes!
230 Please Heal Me!
231 Kneel Down!
232 He Is Your Great-grandfather!
233 Where Is NeZha?
234 Helping Laotzu To Clear His Cloud Of Worries
235 You Are An Animal!
236 Victory Of The First Fight!
237 Despicable! Shameless!
238 I Can’t Understand What You Said!
239 Daxiong Meizhi!
240 I Want To Fight Ten People At The Same Time!
241 Who Is Instantly Defeating Who?
242 Complete Victory!
243 Call Me a Good Brother Three Times First!
244 Do I Look An Idiot To You?
245 Failure To Have Fun with Xiang Xiang!
246 Turn Them Into Metal Scraps!
247 Everyone, Let’s Snatch Some Red Envelope With Dragon Parts Inside!
248 I’ve Received A Dragon’s Private Par
249 Small Time Celebrity!
250 Yap Liangchen finally acts on it!
251 Can’t Touch This!
252 Incoming Bad Luck!
253 Being Treated Like A Superstar!
254 Hello! I Don’t Think She Can Take It Anymore!
255 A Bunch Of Retarded Spirits!
256 Yes! You Are God Damn Suspicious!
257 Ghost Toad!
258 Hundred Ghosts Formation
259 Even The King Has To Die!
260 I Got A Treasure! Thank You Yijie Alliance Leader!
261 The Jade Emperor Is Alerted!
262 My Sifu Is Giving Something Big To Me
263 More Surprises
264 A Special Call
265 My Hero
266 A Man Can’t Say No
267 Blood On The Bed
268 I’ve Been A Professional At Losing In Soccer For The Past Thirty Years!
269 Why Did You Stay?
270 The Evolution Of A Football Newbie
271 One Big, Embarrassing Moment!
272 11-0? We Need To Score More
273 A Sad Birdie
274 66666666
275 Siphoning Spell To Command The Ghost Soldiers!
276 I’m Building My Secret Base
277 Don’t Even Try To Run Away From Me!
278 Killing The Enemy Like Cutting Grass
279 I’m Fooling You!
280 Don’t Be Overconfident! If Not, You Will Be Buried In Shame
281 Monkey Moonshine And Money Tree
282 Awesome Effec
283 The Vanished Merit Points
284 Dead People? Conspiracy!
285 Someone Is Waiting Behind You!
286 The Coming Of The Divine Armies
287 You Don’t Have To Thank Me. Call Me Lei Feng
288 Chen’s Plan
289 Gatecrashing Baole Club Alone
290 Witty? Retard!
291 You Can Never Know The Thing That I Am Going To Do To You
292 The Coming Of A Chaotic Era
293 Chat Group Members Are Asking For My Moonshine
294 I’m A Doctor With A Traditional Approach
295 Waiting To Be Face Slapped
296 You Are Going To Be Blinded By my Awesomeness!
297 One Kick Wonder
298 Who Is More Handsome?
299 Wu Junfan Dies On The Battlefield
300 Do You have the Right To Choose?
301 I Have Been Tricked
302 Girl, You Are Too Na?ve
303 Secret Weapon
304 Pure Yin Spiritual Item
305 Fatal Eavesdrop
306 Luo Puti; The Brainiac
307 I Have The Power
308 Betting My Life On Acting Cool
309 The Shocking Move
310 I Will Only Die On the Battlefield!
311 I Need More Petrol Before I Can Get Into A Drag Race!
312 Chen Xiaobei! You Trick Me Again!
313 I Don’t Want To Defeat You
314 Please Don’t Save Your Strength
315 I’m Specialized At Beating Up Traitors!
316 The True Power Of Luo Puti
317 Ambush!
318 Undefeatable Health
319 One Slash And You Are In Half
320 Tierce Tear the Katana
321 It’s So Painful!
322 You May be Strong, You're Still Going Down!
323 The Most Powerful Saber!
324 He Has Already Won
325 Surrender?
326 Six Doors Organization is at work!
327 I’m Scared
328 Brushing off a Worm
329 Unhappy Entrance!
330 Eight Hundred Bronze Soldiers
331 Eight-Doors Golden Lock Formation
332 I Shall Die Fighting
333 Turning the Tide
334 Unpredictable Moves
335 Act Tough to Run Away
336 Mountains of Jewels
337 A Shocking Discovery
338 He Is Going To Face Some Real Bad Luck
339 Emperor Yan’s Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill
340 There’s No Retreat from this Battle
341 Time For You To Die
342 This Sword can Annihilate Humanity
343 Will There be a Miracle?
344 A Present From Emperor Yan
345 Let Me Mourn For You For Three Minutes
346 Conflict!
347 I’m Not A Faggo
348 Too Damn Weak!
349 Are You Even Worthy Enough to Utter the Name of Chen Xiaobei?
350 Third Elder Is Going To Die
351 A Slap in the Face
352 A Spineless Man is no Different from a Traitor
353 None Would Do but Me
354 Awaiting the Final Battle
355 Three Realms Mission
356 May the Storm Rage in My Face!
357 I Don’t Think You Can Take I
358 Lightning-Fast Improvemen
359 A Veteran of the Lecherous
360 The Village Road is Slippery
361 I’m Going To Slap You To Death!
362 My Backup Is Really Good
363 My Backup Is Better than Your's
364 White Vengeance
365 Colossal Differences
366 Secret Weapon
367 You Guys Should not Bully an Honest Man
368 Betting Like A High-Roller!
369 Every Single One of You are Thrash!
370 You People Are Not My Children
371 Damn The Primeval Lord of Heaven
372 I Want to Strut!
373 The Primeval Lord of Heaven Storms Out in Anger
374 It's Not that the Enemy is Dumb...
375 I Caught a Big Fish
376 How Dare You?
377 Who’s Going to Help Me Scratch My Itch?
378 I Have Backup too!
379 The Powerful King
380 Five-Star Shaman
381 The Almighty Master Chen
382 Everybody Gets What They Deserve
383 Are You Coming?
384 Lan Mengchen’s Change of Character
385 Zhuang Bifan; The Fiancé
386 The Strength of a King
387 Thunder Kirin Special Force
388 One-Slap Wonder
389 Xiangyu’s Decision
390 He is My Man
391 Here Comes Wu Jiechao
392 A Kick in Your Face
393 One Move Lef
394 Kick Him When He’s Down
395 Eating Could be Such a Pleasure
396 SOS from Lan Mengcheng
397 The Red Envelope Group Is Really Helping Me Ou
398 One Almighty Slap
399 A One-Year Period
400 The Ultimate Fangirl
401 Unique Treatmen
402 What Have I Missed?
403 A Test for the Dirty Minded
404 Ruling the World of Perverts
405 Little Fire Boss? Could You Come Over for a Moment?
406 Can’t Talk Here
407 A Living Legend
408 Your Last Breath
409 He’s a Eunuch!
410 The Wife's Inspection
411 Shall We Have a Friendly Match?
412 I Just Made That Up
413 Second Shixiong is an Asshole
414 Target Confirmed
415 Slap Yourself
416 A Super Elite
417 We Surrender! We Surrender! We Surrender!
418 A Hidden Dragon
419 Who is Taking The initiative?
420 The Cunning Zhu Bajie
421 Poseidon's Plan Comes Together
422 I Just Want to Slap You
423 A Pile of Shi
424 Kill!
425 Sword! Come!
426 The Prime Minister and the Emperor
427 Coquette
428 A Small Foo
429 Sanshi Martial Art Competition
430 Who’s the Firs
431 Chen Xiaobei Vomits Blood
432 Three Incidents of Incredible Misfortune!
433 Mouth of Curses
434 Such Manners?
435 Bro Bei From Green Vine City
436 The Rewards for the Martial Arts Competition
437 The Cockblocker
438 Have a Taste of the Elixir of Obedience
439 My Eyes are Defiled
440 Deathbane Vampire
441 One Punch
442 Golden Dragon Temple
443 You’re Powerful? I’m More Powerful than You!
444 Master, Please Show Me The Way!
445 Demonic Icy Old Man
446 The Cocky Ye Linlong
447 The Crowd is Shocked
448 The Fist that Shook the World
449 The Smile That Trembles the Arena
450 Dominate Three Cities
451 The World Begins to Stir
452 Daughters Leave Fathers Eventually
453 Jiang Ziya’s Punishmen
454 Time To Rebel
455 A Big Gamble
456 The Defining Moment!
457 Master Wang’s Mouth of Prediction
458 Are You Both Going to Squat and Pee?
459 Huge Rewards
460 Thunder Pool Tesserac
461 I Have the Guts to Belittle Deities
462 The Grandmaster of Acupuncture
463 Body with a Special Pulse
464 You’ve Contracted Venereal Disease
465 Accomplishment in Medicine Maketh the Man
466 My Dear Grandson-in-law
467 The Four Young Masters of Dragon City
468 Turf War
469 Please, Take a Number and Get in Line!
470 Impenetrable King Kong Skin
471 It’s Time for You to Die!
472 Yamato no Orochi
473 The Second Candidate
474 The Best Kind of Luck
475 Lin Xiang’s Beautiful Picture
476 A Fight Between Two Love Rivals
477 A Cheap Trick
478 Family Heirloom
479 Vomiting Blood From Rage
480 Dangerous Battle
481 The Young Master of Iron Gut Faction
482 Time To Win
483 Something Unexpected Happened
484 It Hurts To Look At I
485 How Many Unborn Have You Killed?
486 I am Little Luo
487 10 Days Limi
488 The Plan
489 Awesome Alchemis
490 Is that Real Or Fake Chinese Knotweed?
491 Professional Hustler
492 A Slap Worth Watching
493 Unreasonable Hostility
494 Half The Punishmen
495 The Curtain Rises Tomorrow Nigh
496 The Great Cherry-popping Adventure
497 A Well-thought-out Plan
498 Stupid Teammates Are The Wors
499 Chemical Bomb
500 Red-Haired Assassin
501 Don’t Dream of Having a Good Life
502 An Eye for an Eye
503 The Goddess
504 The Beast is Unleashed
505 Super Fated
506 Random Side Character
507 An Invitation
508 I’m Going To Do Some Acting
509 Blessing From Above
510 Side Character Kicking the Main Character’s Ass
511 Fighting For No Reason
512 Two Little Cuties Are Finally Here
513 This Is No Difference From Salted Fish
514 Deep And Vicious Planning
515 Crush The Champion
516 Country’s Big Man
517 Respect Me Like I Am Your Master
518 Competing Pill Concocting Skill
519 A Big Shock To The Crowd
520 An Expensive Price Tag
521 Money Earning Machine
522 Live Long Enough To Become A Demon
523 A New Way Ou
524 Visited by a Peculiar Person
525 Wu Zetian Reincarnated
526 I Only Know How To Slap Others’ Face
527 Threaten To Ban You
528 A Successful Turnaround
529 Rejected Zhang Wen
530 I’m Going To Act Tough And Show You
531 This Name Really Suits You
532 Formation Is Done!
533 Thunder Roars!
534 Blouse That Is Fair as Snow
535 Could It Be Her?
536 Heading To Xuanjian Faction
537 Despicable Person
538 Master Of Kissing Ass
539 Speechless
540 Secre
541 The Prime of Tongtian Appeared in My Dream
542 Journey To Look For Su Daji
543 Is There Anyone Who Dares to Say No to Me?
544 Idiotic Meanie
545 Slap One’s Face With Migh
546 Challenge Hu Haifeng Alone
547 Should I Kill You Instead?
548 Doing It Without Hesitation
549 The Might of the Jōnin
550 Li Xiang Takes Matters into His Own Hands
551 Wind and Lightning, Come to My Aid!
552 Anyone Else Not Happy With Me?
553 Such Fate
554 Fruitful Reward
555 Just Kill
556 Waiting for the Big Fish to Take the Bai
557 Get Lost from Here
558 Crimson Voodoo Worm
559 I Have Decided Not to Go
560 I Want Him Dead
561 Another Be
562 All Were Shocked
563 A Terrible Tragedy
564 The Secret of Yamata-no-worochi’s Scales
565 Hidden Ancient Faction
566 Taiyin True Deity
567 The Swarming of Hundreds of Thousands of Deities
568 Medicinal Formula Makes Me a Shareholder
569 Bet Everything You Have
570 Only Three Seconds
571 CEO, Please Sign This Contrac
572 Jianghu’s Bounty
573 Entering The Ancient Jungle
574 Thick Skinned
575 You Have Chosen Death
576 Killing Nine People with One Single Slash
577 Miaojiang Poison King
578 More Than a Slap
579 The Chess Piece Is in Place
580 A Mighty Kick
581 I Will Not Yield
582 A Crushing Kill
583 Beaded Blood Amber Bracele
584 Good Things Are Messed Up
585 The Pride of Chanism
586 Shi Haoxiang Acting Tough
587 Turning the Tide Around
588 Ceo Chen's the Bes
589 Huge Earnings
590 A Shocking Discovery
591 Puzzle Solved
592 Smog In The Airpor
593 Situ Hengfeng
594 Shameless
595 Beg Me
596 A Gale Rose
597 The Demigod
598 When the Wind Does Not Stop, Do Not Stop Slapping Either
599 It’s Nothing At All
600 Little Bastard
601 Strange SOS
602 The Palace of the Dead
603 Framed
604 Taking Pleasure in the Misfortune of Others
605 Below True Nirvana
606 Fight to the End
607 The Infernal Voodoo
608 Mysterious Flames in the Sky
609 Conquering the Infernal Flying Beetles
610 Carcass Horde Formation
611 Bull-Headed Demon
612 Do You Dare to Take This Slash from Me?
613 Kill with One Slash
614 Voodoo Poison Triggered
615 Key to Salvation
616 Dominating Kill
617 Special Corpse
618 What Do You Want?
619 Will Not Change Forever
620 New Member Coming into the Group
621 A Hero
622 Best Feeling Ever
623 Fame and Money are Coming In
624 He is Already Dead
625 Beat the Dog Before the Lion
626 Filming Difficulties
627 The Light of Hope
628 The Rise of Haters
629 A Huge Crisis
630 The Most Incredible Extra
631 God Level News-Stirring Skill
632 Playing Nice and Mean
633 Huangfu Mumin
634 Are You Lacking in Calcium?
635 Slapping Face
636 Green Jade Gourd
637 Giant Serpen
638 Good at Guessing One’s Marital Life
639 I’m Impressed
640 Buying All the Mini Lobsters
641 Chant for Eating the Spicy Mini Lobsters
642 Activate the Thunder Catalys
643 Invite from Wenyuan
644 Looking Down on the Wrong Person
645 I’m Not Interested
646 A Bet About Hunting
647 Kill the King of Wild Boars Within a Second
648 Hundred Beasts Formation
649 Less Than Three Seconds
650 Thunderbolt Combat Spear
651 Bring Me with You When You Ascend to Heaven
652 You Are Not Even Qualified!
653 The Real Dragon Unveiled
654 Heroes Of War Leaderboard
655 Something Weird About Liu Chunyi
656 Ban You with a Single Sentence
657 I Will Not Let This off the Hook
658 Loud Slap
659 The Storm Is Coming
660 Jing Ke Assassin Emperor Qin
661 Penetrate The Skull With The Dagger
662 One Versus Fifty
663 Sit and Wait for the Big Boss
664 Call Me Your Great Ancestor
665 Kowtow till You Die
666 Kneel Down and Apologize
667 A Great Big Lie
668 Here Comes the Living God
669 Important Scene
670 Auction on Paradise Island
671 Great Acting
672 Scheme to Kill Chen Xiaobei
673 In Search of the Real Murderer
674 Death is Coming
675 Decapitate One’s Head with a Strand of Thread
676 Chopped into Pieces
677 Depart to Paradise Island
678 The Number One Genius in the Entire Universe
679 I Will Marry You If You Can Do I
680 The Arrogant European Woman
681 Terrifying Ocean
682 Number One Doctor
683 Sea Monster Is Messing with Us
684 Taking Charge Fully
685 Keep it Rolling! Blondie!
686 Threat by Niya
687 Sea Monster Appears
688 Dancing at One's Grave
689 The Sea Messenger Has Full Control over Your Life
690 Potty Mouth Deserves to Be Slapped
691 The World’s Most Powerful Family
692 Crawl over Here
693 Apologize Personally
694 Killing Someone with Another’s Knife
695 Returning to the Devil’s Den
696 Ruyi Jingu Bang
697 All of You Wish to Die?
698 Hundreds of Thousands of Fishes at My Command
699 I’m Going to Bring You a Glorious Win!
700 The Power from One Single Rod Swing
701 Destroy Them with a Single Hit from Jingu Bang
702 Perish!
703 Surprise Reward
704 Ten Thousand Years Old Ambergris
705 Luo Puti’s Dream
706 You Made Niya Cheat on the US Presiden
707 Setting a Trap to Test Something Ou
708 A Mysterious Teenager
709 I Will Grant Your Wish
710 The Descendant of the Witch Tribe
711 Willingly Surrender
712 I Will Take Full Responsibility
713 The Bits and Pieces of the Foreworld
714 The Prime of Tongtian's Calculation
715 Achieve True Nirvana Cultivation
716 None of My Business
717 Killing Four Birds with One Stone
718 Execute the Plan at Nigh
719 Solid Evidence
720 Mystical Yin Holy Hexworm
721 One Hit K.O
722 Snatch and Go
723 Surrounded by Ten Thousand People
724 You Are Late
725 Ancestral Invocation: Myriad Swords
726 The Dragon Head Is Destroyed
727 It’s for Your Own Good
728 Killing the Dragon with a Combat Axe
729 Liu Xuanxin’s Cautiousness
730 Encouraging Me to Do Something Unlawful
731 Found Something by Acciden
732 Like a Frog at the Bottom of the Well
733 Be Its Master with a Drop of Blood
734 Cell Phone in Water
735 Lucky Goddess
736 Streamer Old Wang
737 Infinite Space Ring
738 Lin Nan Asking for Help
739 Jade Kirin
740 You are Going to Die with Me
741 Gold Member
742 Diamond Member
743 Fight the Battle with Pride
744 God of Dice
745 Only Guess Two Points
746 I Can Still Figh
747 Fool You with My Hands of God
748 The Beating is not Enough
749 Super Diamond Member
750 I'm Willing to Risk my Life
751 Mamba Island
752 The King Shakes the Mountain and Rivers
753 One Word from the King Is Enough to Bring the World to Destruction
754 Everyone Died on the Island
755 A Gif
756 Another Face Slapping Momen
757 Strange Silhouette
758 Break the Cage!
759 I Will Not Die
760 Breakthrough Celestial Cultivation
761 Celestial War Dragon
762 Drop the Bomb on Mamba Island
763 Xiangyu is Jealous
764 Super Auction
765 I’m Not Ready ye
766 Azure Witch's Evil Plan
767 Tang Mengwan’s Decision
768 Instant Face Slapping Momen
769 An Unexpected Gues
770 Check on Baidu
771 Seeking the Dragon’s Pulse
772 We Are Here to Destroy the Place
773 Do You Even Know How to Write the Word 'Death'?
774 Sifu Chen Zhufeng
775 Making the Most of I
776 Only One Skill
777 Turn into Ashes
778 Pleasant Surprise
779 Dark Power
780 The Blood Descendan
781 Lucky Goddess
782 Important Turning Poin
783 Utterly Useless
784 Public Display of Porn
785 Why Would I Do That?
786 Dumber Than a Pig
787 Transplant Surgery
788 All Se
789 Xiaobai and Sirius
790 Lightning Fissure Formation
791 Go! Pikachu!
792 Obsidian Gale Shadow
793 Absolute Zero Zone
794 Messing Up the Saturn Peach Feast Again
795 Arrived at Paradise Island
796 Met an Enemy by Acciden
797 I Want to Have Sex with You When I See You
798 He is Pathetic Enough
799 That Attire Is Not for Humans
800 I Can Do Whatever I Want with My Money
801 I’m Not That Hardcore
802 Tidal Faction's Leader
803 Letting You Know Why You Deserve to Be Killed
804 Vice Faction Leader!
805 Ready for Comba
806 Team That Went to Retrieve Scriptures
807 Eighteen Items
808 Gifting Time
809 Strengthen My Power
810 Weapon of Mass Destruction
811 Having Sex in the Clouds
812 Chaotic Sea Curren
813 Feeling More Wronged Than Dou E
814 Killing the Ancient Sea Monster
815 Just Sit There and Wait for the Reward
816 Two Auctioned Items
817 There Is Something Crazier Than Tha
818 All-Seer from Jianghu
819 Can You Give It to Me?
820 Face Slapping Momen
821 The Box that Nobody Wants
822 Increase the Price by Folds
823 Damien’s Suggestion
824 Everyone Was Shocked
825 You Want a Challenge?
826 The Holy Lady of Divine Sovereign Order
827 Deal!
828 The One That Benefits the Mos
829 You Must Risk Your Life First If You Want to Get in My Bed
830 Hell is Here
831 Extreme Despair
832 A Pleasant Surprise
833 Fully Resurrected
834 The Sound of Revenge
835 An Eye for an Eye
836 Seeing Ghost in Broad Day Ligh
837 Sword Roars Like a Dragon
838 Damien’s Decision
839 Thousand Tons of Sands
840 Counterstrike from the Blood Descendants
841 Blood Rain
842 Trump Card Versus Trump Card
843 Nine Different Forms of the Witch Dragon
844 Killing Damien
845 Spooky Smile
846 The Star of David
847 Grandpa!
848 My Plan is a Big Success
849 All of Them Want to Be My Godsons
850 The Treasure Vault of the Zhuang Family
851 Something Bad Is About to Happen
852 Young Master of Mount Hua
853 My Wife Is so Headstrong
854 Cause and Effec
855 Are You Really Not Going?
856 Having Dinner Together
857 Face Slapping Little Tornado
858 Luo Puti, You Set Me Up
859 I’m Not Going to Fight Anymore
860 Exploded on the Spo
861 Revenge by Yue Junmo
862 Something Is Waiting Behind You
863 Key to Victory
864 Trouble in the Group
865 Jiang Ziya Is Going Down
866 Borrowing Strength
867 Ability to Consume Everything
868 Call from My Lucky Goddess
869 A Series of Evil Plans
870 The Important Key Elemen
871 Let’s Fight If You Want to Figh
872 The Wrath of the War Bear
873 Speed Is Power
874 Sharp Spear and Tough Shield
875 Taking a Step Back Is Victory
876 I Will Kill You
877 I Don’t Want to Hear I
878 Knock Him Off
879 Heading to Zhong State
880 Attack From Powerful Enemies
881 Golden-Winged Blood Descendan
882 Fight for a Bone
883 Fooled Ya
884 Eating the Dark Neutron
885 Mysterious Old Man
886 Be Cautious
887 All Goes to Bei Xuan Faction
888 Six-Ear Macaque's Descent from Heaven
889 Super VIP
890 Eight Seeded Fighters
891 Death Group
892 Mysterious Observer
893 Huge Conspiracy
894 You Are Not Worthy to Carry Shoes for Me
895 Each Has Different Plan
896 Manipulating the Box
897 Never Back Down
898 The Big Director Backstage
899 Please Surrender
900 Not Bothered to Talk
901 Getting into the Top Four Easily
902 Shameless
903 A Bet From Face Slapping Little Tornado
904 One Slap is Enough
905 Halt!
906 A Pre-emptive Move
907 Becoming the Champion
908 All Goes to Bei Xuan Faction
909 Faction Leader of Bei Xuan Faction
910 Bei Xuan Faction is Getting Famous
911 Sudden Even
912 Is It Nice To Drink?
913 Pinnacle Ninja
914 The Turn of the Tide
915 Ultimate Deception
916 Six Ears' Purpose
917 Revenge Alliance
918 Surround The Mountain and Assaul
919 A Shed Of Hope From The Worst End
920 God-like Commander
921 The Strategy Works
922 Real And Fake Dragon Void Sword
923 Breaking the Legs While Charging
924 The Earth Dragon Seeks The Way
925 My Will is God's Will
926 Bind Him
927 You Have Constipation
928 Why Should I Respect It?
929 Die Without a Complete Body
930 One Versus Three
931 It's Just a Joke
932 Situation Changed
933 Rather Die With Honor
934 He's Here
935 Nine Transformation Skills
936 There's Change Again
937 It's a Dead End
938 I'm an Undercover
939 Vomitted Blood On The Spo
940 Make the Call
941 Jiang Ziya's Mission
942 Making Heavenly Dog Biscuits
943 Grandpa is Here
944 The Yap Family is Here
945 Shameless Evil Plan
946 How Would You like to Die?
947 Useless Threa
948 Prepare for War
949 Four Different Dosages
950 Green Nebula Ganoderma
951 Super Confiden
952 All the Cell Phones Rang At the Same Time
953 A Great Turn
954 Another Great Turn
955 A Young Man That Is Going to Do Great Things
956 Super Effective
957 Begin To Harves
958 Extremely Spooky
959 I'm Chen Xiaobei
960 A Brand New Change
961 Let's Do This
962 So Far Away
963 Two Ancient Factions
964 Umekawa Shichijiro
965 Eliminate the Yin Qi
966 Let Me Tell You a Secre
967 Heading Toward Amasa's Mansion
968 Dark Purple Rosary
969 Like a Frog in the Well
970 A Small Bet is Fun
971 Fools are Rich
972 To Treat a Country as a Group of Hounds
973 A Lightning Huge Slap
974 Arrested
975 Strange Mistake
976 All the Bosses Are Here
977 Constrict Chen Xiaobei
978 Dentures Sent Flying
979 Free Falling
980 He Has a Dream
981 I Don't Have Time
982 Jianghu in Japan
983 Monkeys That Call Themselves King
984 Total Dominance
985 Pornography Production Company
986 All Out on a Grandpa
987 Actors and Actresses Are Here
988 Take Back the Pride
989 Kneel Down
990 Plan is Interrupted
991 Pain All Over the Body
992 One Hit is Enough
993 Using Money to Buy Your Own Lives
994 Cloud Dyed Frui
995 Something Bad Happened to Li Xiang
996 Sifu and Disciple Discussed Something
997 9000-Year-Old Saturn Peach
998 Pretty Chef
999 Dealing with Matters the Old School Way
1000 Decided on the Gif
1001 The Emperor is Here
1002 Huge Benefi
1003 Secret Order from Tenshou
1004 Settle the Bill
1005 Swarming Out of the Nes
1006 Swords Raining from the Sky
1007 The Power of the Dragon's Edge
1008 Elimination of the Umekawa Family
1009 Jiang Ziya is Angry
1010 Shalllow Grass Temple
1011 Chen Xiaobei's Plan
1012 One Look at Her and a City Falls
1013 Kneel-Worthy Peach
1014 Surrounded at the Foot of the Hill
1015 Critical Situation
1016 Timely Assistance
1017 A Possible Mutan
1018 Back to Bei Xuan Faction
1019 Con Artis
1020 The Two Princes
1021 Are You Sure?
1022 Please Don't Say It Aloud
1023 Who Tricked Who?
1024 Hundred Birds Flocking to the Phoenix
1025 I Really Feel like Killing People
1026 Nine Dragons Come to the Rescue
1027 Super-High Combat Power
1028 Chen Yasai
1029 Sword That Penetrates the Sky
1030 Lure the Tiger Away from Its Lair
1031 One Wrong Move Spoiled the Plan
1032 Group Chat in the Sea
1033 A Dish
1034 Who is Number One?
1035 Every Deity Complimented i
1036 Not Even the Powerful One Can Resist Good Food
1037 Deep Intention
1038 I Have Lost, Give It Back to Me
1039 Prepare for War
1040 Using a Bow to Destroy Submarines
1041 Blinded
1042 Defeat Chen Yasai
1043 Ancient Ruins Under the Sea
1044 Enter the Abyss
1045 Temporary Ally
1046 Daitengu
1047 Xiuhcoatl
1048 Tinder Essence
1049 Harbinger of Doom
1050 Horde of Xiuhcoatls
1051 Friend or Foe
1052 The Ultimate Strike
1053 Surrounded by Enemies
1054 A King's Ego
1055 Wait for Changes
1056 Question About the Treasury
1057 Accquired the Blueprin
1058 Paramita Lotus
1059 Pluck the Entire Thing
1060 Breaking the Promise
1061 Bite Me
1062 A Great Comeback
1063 Eating Nonstop
1064 Great Improvement on Cultivation
1065 Who's the One that Scared to Death
1066 Alien Race's Dark Ability
1067 Helping You Secretly
1068 The Loyal Jiang Ziya
1069 Professor Lin's Research Resul
1070 Return Back the Thing That I Owe You
1071 Assault at Nigh
1072 More Secrets Were Revealed
1073 I'm Celestial Cultivated Too
1074 My Words Are Final
1075 Intant Turnaround
1076 One Terrifying Slash
1077 Grand Elder of the Divine Sovereign Sec
1078 Destroying All Falcon Fighter Jets
1079 Never Have I Acted in a Cocky Manner Before
1080 Mega Slap
1081 A Major Discovery
1082 I'm Not Afraid of Him
1083 Brainwashing
1084 Awoken Through Whispering
1085 Killers From Chanism
1086 Kill Them like Ants
1087 A Clown
1088 Returning Bracele
1089 Jiang Ziya Joins the Team
1090 A Tight Hug
1091 Let's Give Him a Wife
1092 A Successful Escape
1093 Tears of Joy
1094 Talking to the VIP
1095 Tricking Each Other
1096 Benefactor or Enemy?
1097 Emperor God is Moved
1098 Space Shifting
1099 Wolf Spider Spiritual Form
1100 Killing the Wolf Spider
1101 Lethal U.F.O
1102 King Xiao Bai, Please Attack
1103 Surprise Attack
1104 A Major Change
1105 Fight or Die
1106 God Strength
1107 Overkill
1108 Emperor God Has to Die
1109 Traitor
1110 Re-create the Emperor God
1111 Blood Sacrificing Ligh
1112 Northern Wilderness Starfield
1113 A Brand New World
1114 Do You Really That I'm That Innocent?
1115 Bermuda Triangle
1116 Earn Money Through Organizing A Trip to Northern Wilderness Starfield
1117 Zar Is No Fool
1118 A Case of Familicide
1119 Arrives at Tenshou Island
1120 Tengu Serves Me Tea
1121 Forcing Tengu
1122 Magical Effect of Witch Dragon's Blood
1123 Free Falling
1124 A Group of Bastards
1125 People That Share The Same Idea
1126 Never Give Up
1127 Thing Has Taken a Worse Turn
1128 Tenshou is Shocked
1129 I Dare You to Touch Me
1130 The Ultimate Weapon
1131 The Tide is Turned
1132 A Strange Phenomena
1133 The Ultimate Battle
1134 Domineering Strength
1135 Filled with Spiritual Qi
1136 Jieism's Elder Shixiong
1137 Sifu, You Are So Naughty
1138 This Ex-Shixiong of Mine Is so Good
1139 Xiao'Er Did Not Leave Any Food for Me
1140 Galaxy Falling on Earth
1141 Joining the 3rd Regimen
1142 Nine-Star Patinated Bronze Demonic Beas
1143 Beast Core
1144 Being Tricked by Patinated-Bronze Elite
1145 Because I'm Handsome
1146 Storage Bracele
1147 Silver Plume City
1148 I'm Weak
1149 I Have the Best Alcohol Tolerance in the Entire Universe
1150 Black Cloud Faction
1151 Sister Hua is Being Held As Hostage
1152 Something Bad Happened
1153 Act Weak
1154 Defeat a Dragon
1155 Intergalatic Gangster Boss
1156 Came To Aplogize
1157 This is Not Earth
1158 Urgent Operation
1159 Magical Effect of the Beast Core
1160 Silver-tier Giant Beas
1161 I'm Going To Kill You
1162 My Benefactor
1163 Northern Wilderness Chamber of Commerce
1164 Getting Rich
1165 Speed Training
1166 Sudden Change
1167 Duanwu Dinner
1168 Lady with Serious Illness
1169 The Wenren Family
1170 Wenren Jinghao
1171 Silver Plume's Governor
1172 Never Insult Other Wilderness Soldiers
1173 Feeling Good for the First Time
1174 A Token of Gratitude
1175 Trouble is Coming
1176 Right and Wrong
1177 Didn't Bother to Figh
1178 Instant Elimination
1179 New Mission
1180 Grand Deity Zhen Yuan
1181 Grand Deity Zhen Yuan's Hobby
1182 Give It to Me Now
1183 Use Money to Crush Him
1184 Three Sick Children
1185 Quack Doctor
1186 Give Me Three Minutes
1187 A Shameless Hoax
1188 A Sudden Change in Circumstances
1189 Going There Personally
1190 Killing Her with a Finger
1191 Have a Taste of Your Own Medicine
1192 Invitation from Gu Congwen
1193 The Gathering of Powerful Folks
1194 Unbelievable Momen
1195 A Ride that Carries Victory
1196 Promise from Zilong
1197 Shocking Statemen
1198 Legendary Artists
1199 Masterful Artwork
1200 Fake Sumukhwa
1201 Elder Tao Succumbed
1202 Reverse Blade Spiritual Jade
1203 Amazing Speical Ability
1204 My Words are Final
1205 Perfect Match
1206 War is Coming
1207 Evil Plan of Demonic Beasts
1208 Armored Ape King
1209 Terrifying Health
1210 Strategic Idea
1211 White Fox Refuses To Retrea
1212 Sifu is Back
1213 Unexpected Turn
1214 Huge Conspiracy
1215 Strip the King
1216 Surprising Yield
1217 Return
1218 Happiness Can Be Frustrating
1219 Unethical Merging
1220 The Merging is Done
1221 Purchase with Force
1222 It's Cabbage to Me
1223 Urgent News From Wei Suo
1224 Number One in the World
1225 Annoying Bugger
1226 Sending Him Away With One Slap
1227 Wet His Pants
1228 Western Liang Black Deser
1229 Kun Lun's Zhuo Qunfeng
1230 Top-tier Ancient Faction
1231 No Need for Introduction
1232 A Muscular Man is Blocking the Way
1233 Only Three Seconds
1234 I'm Really Fair
1235 Two Small Tails
1236 New Returning Bracele
1237 Happy Duanwu
1238 Not Even God Can Help You Now
1239 Going Together
1240 Xiangyu's Mission
1241 Red Envelope Snatching Session Begins
1242 Request From Uncle Lin
1243 Mysterious Ming He
1244 His Reputation Trembles the Heavens
1245 Brother-in-law is the Bes
1246 Give Me Change
1247 Elder Jiu is Here
1248 I'll Need my Change
1249 Family's VIP
1250 Elder Jiu's Reques
1251 Anomalous Aquaintence
1252 Something Peculiar Happened to Lin Xiang
1253 Brainwashing Medicine
1254 Ultimate Goal
1255 Invading Wrath Wave Faction
1256 Location of the Goddess
1257 Fear Turned Him Into a Dog
1258 Depart Now
1259 Checking All the Red Envelopes
1260 Cocky and Arrogan
1261 To Agree to Be Put Under House Arres
1262 Underground Prison
1263 Absolute Strength
1264 Everyone is Cheering
1265 Fruitful Yield
1266 Star Picking Corner
1267 The Plan's Execution
1268 What Are You If Not a Piece of Shit?
1269 Cunning Idea
1270 Liu Xuanxin's Discovery
1271 Deep in Trouble
1272 Guidance from the Monkey King
1273 Great Shaman
1274 72 Changes
1275 Pegasus Meteor Punch
1276 Primal Energy
1277 Crushed Into a Patty
1278 Destroyed and Dismissed
1279 Enter the Vaul
1280 Jingjue Ancient Faction
1281 Prepare for Training
1282 Silver Plume's Current State
1283 Changing her Fate
1284 Taste of Ginseng Frui
1285 Are His Fists Bigger Than Mine?
1286 Xingxiu Faction
1287 Cuckolded
1288 Crimson Wolf Spider
1289 Adorable Little Spider
1290 Too Disturbing to Witness
1291 I Want To Be Rewarded
1292 Not Going to Give You a Single Drop of Water
1293 Here Comes the Sandstorm
1294 Good to be Home
1295 Danger Approaching
1296 Snake Venom
1297 Mr. Chen, Please!
1298 I'm Not Going to Save Him
1299 Travelling at Nigh
1300 Chen Xiaobei's Discovery
1301 Parting Ways
1302 Remains of a Hall
1303 Monster from Dark River
1304 Penetrating Heaven
1305 Shattering All Directions
1306 Wait It Ou
1307 Important Message
1308 Mr. Chen! Save Us!
1309 Evil Spirits are Destroyed
1310 I Want to Know
1311 I'm Willing to Woo You
1312 Repaying Kindness with Ingratitude
1313 Indecorously Flagran
1314 Just Like His Name
1315 The Thousand Spirit Formation
1316 Evil Spirits VS Evil Spirits
1317 Great Change
1318 No Longer Trash
1319 Will Not Let Go
1320 Retrieve the Formation
1321 Sudden Change of Scenery
1322 The 12 Priests
1323 Equal-Valued Exchange
1324 Gone Too Far
1325 Scared Heaven’s Royal Blood
1326 The Truth is Here
1327 New Competition
1328 Something Happened to Xiangyu
1329 Catching the Mole Firs
1330 Let Me Set a Trap Firs
1331 International Fan
1332 Who frightened Whom?
1333 Delay Strategy
1334 I'm not Going to Threaten You
1335 Looking For Reinforcements
1336 Let’s Start the Killing
1337 Bionic Soldier
1338 Clear the Barriers
1339 Can't be Cured
1340 Three-star Divine Medicine
1341 Acheron is Here
1342 Becoming a Bionic Soldier
1343 Xiangyu is Awake
1344 Another Intention
1345 Competition Begins
1346 Unpredictable
1347 Got the Prize
1348 Verdant Emperor’s Divine Gourd
1349 Capture Hou Sailei
1350 Mount Shu's Young Master
1351 Kill Me, If You Have the Balls.
1352 No Return
1353 Turbulent Undercurren
1354 Something is not Righ
1355 Forced Evacuation
1356 Facing Problems Head On
1357 A Surprising Realization
1358 Divine Instrument is Here
1359 Blood God Deity Killing Painting
1360 Ripple Effec
1361 You are Never Going to Get Your Turn
1362 All of You Should Fight Firs
1363 Humiliate Them on Purpose
1364 The Might of a Divine Instrumen
1365 Counterattack from the Enemies
1366 Absolute Dominance
1367 Cunning Plan from a Demigod
1368 Danger Falling from the Sky
1369 Are You Brave Enough to Say Yes?
1370 Kidnapped
1371 Great Yield
1372 Huge Discovery
1373 Reminder from Zhuo Qunfeng
1374 Xingxiu Deity
1375 The Real Danger
1376 Danger is Gone
1377 Slap in the Face
1378 Ten Times the Price
1379 Finding a Needle in the Haystack
1380 Demonic Beasts' Sacrificial Ritual
1381 A Shocking Slash
1382 Extreme Shocked
1383 Fox Uses Cellphone
1384 It’s Still Warm!
1385 Elite Hunting Competition
1386 Red Flag
1387 Ten Million Merit Points
1388 Head Piercing Seven Arrows
1389 Now I Believe in I
1390 Linghu Shuang
1391 Fatal Assassination
1392 A Slap that Saved One's Life
1393 Reaping A Rich Harves
1394 An Unexpected Change
1395 Overgrown Forest Hidden Treasure
1396 The Effort Pays Off
1397 Someone Coming Through from Another Dimension
1398 Massive Massacre
1399 Killing without Touching
1400 Powerful Enemies Forming Allies
1401 Mirage Mystifying Fan
1402 Preparing for Departure
1403 Lu Changwei’s Invitation
1404 Stink of Conspiracy
1405 A Misunderstanding
1406 Overgrown Forest's Deranged Beas
1407 Yin Aqua King Slaying Battle Formation
1408 Half a Step Ahead
1409 Ninth Young Lord
1410 Three Statements to Save Yourself
1411 Don’t Kill Him
1412 Go Eat Shit!
1413 The Best Quality Wine
1414 Allow Me to Fan You
1415 Unlocking the Secret Treasure Trove
1416 One Hundred Million Spiritual Stones
1417 Do You Want Another Slap?
1418 A Grand Momen
1419 Tyrant Dragon King
1420 Golden Purple Echeveria Lola
1421 Beast Horde Attack
1422 Slim Chance of Surviving
1423 Guardians are Defeated
1424 A Great Strategy
1425 Entrusting Hope
1426 Staying Alive Is Difficult, but Dying Is Easy
1427 Filled Everyone with Admiration
1428 Counter-hun
1429 Save People! Collect Merit Points!
1430 Things Took a Worse Turn
1431 50/50 Confidence
1432 Let Me Tell You a Story
1433 Past Story of Overgrown Fores
1434 The Beast Horde Has Arrived
1435 Intense Oppressive Force
1436 A Counterattack from an Epiphany
1437 Unexpected Change
1438 Idiots Who Spoiled the Whole Thing
1439 The Humans Will Be Defeated
1440 Dying a Horrible Death
1441 Wenren Muyue’s Reques
1442 Kill Hundreds to Warn Millions
1443 Returning Stronger
1444 A Million Disciples
1445 Let's Talk Business
1446 Backing Out Immediately
1447 A Winning Be
1448 Serendipitous Gain
1449 Here Come the Merit Points
1450 Delayed Rewards
1451 Planting a Mole
1452 Tongtian Asks a Question
1453 Rearing a Farm of Demonic Beasts
1454 Big Problem
1455 You Wouldn’t Dare to Kill
1456 A Million People’s Protection
1457 Still not Apologizing?
1458 Double Agen
1459 You Won't Be Able to Pay for I
1460 When the Dog is Bitten
1461 Up to You to Decide
1462 A Brewing Conspiracy
1463 Mystical Stratagem
1464 What the Hell Is Going On?
1465 I Will Cooperate
1466 A Mouthful of Blood
1467 Laying His Cards on the Table
1468 Forming Alliance
1469 The Heavens Want the Lus Dead
1470 Combat Space Je
1471 A New Bargaining Chip
1472 Getting All the Advantages
1473 Send the Tyrant Dragon King Flying
1474 Subdue Three Kings
1475 Gaming Addiction
1476 Got the Cellphones
1477 Mega Sale
1478 Something Smells Fishy
1479 Wealth God at Divine Cloud
1480 Deliberate Humiliation
1481 Shameless Bastard
1482 This Is Saving You
1483 500 Million Spiritual Stones
1484 Three Tests
1485 The First Tes
1486 The Military Advisor
1487 Fortified Dog Food
1488 Telescammer
1489 Nutbuster Kick
1490 A Strong Stand
1491 The Overlord is Shocked
1492 Idiot Shen Gongpao
1493 Gorgeous Sifu
1494 Heading to Green Hill Plane
1495 A Heis
1496 Inescapable Trap
1497 Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation
1498 Breaking the Formation
1499 Pursuit from Yi Family
1500 Where Did This Lady Come From?
1501 My Poor Knowledge of History
1502 Total Dominance
1503 Muyue’s Scheme
1504 Let the King of Glory Competition Begin
1505 Weak Ass Team
1506 The Finale Begins
1507 Final Battle
1508 Heavenly Halberd
1509 The Perfect Plan
1510 Perfect Counter
1511 Super Gif
1512 Champion
1513 Sad Momen
1514 Return to Earth
1515 A Major Situational Change
1516 Beginner's-level Shapshifting Pill
1517 Death Wish
1518 Merciless Killing
1519 Important Hostage
1520 Plot Twis
1521 The Overlord’s Eyes and Ears
1522 Ancient Demonic Fox
1523 I'm The CEO
1524 Tyler's Son
1525 Chaos Blood Sword's Killing
1526 Bryan Castle
1527 Demolish I
1528 Astral Projection
1529 Blood King, Sequinn
1530 Super Powerful Blood Veins
1531 Chen Xiaobei’s Speculation
1532 Phantom King
1533 Secret Prison
1534 Killing the Phantom King
1535 Killing Hundreds
1536 Confirming the Departure Date
1537 Intel From Xiao Tianquan
1538 Ancient Tomb’s Disciple
1539 Looking for a Beating
1540 Wold Emperor, Dio
1541 Defend to the Death
1542 Zishan, Herself
1543 Good News
1544 Three Seconds to Act Cool
1545 Bitter Suffering
1546 Spirit-lit Lamps
1547 Biting the Hands That Feed You
1548 Layers of Scheme
1549 Black Mystical Dragonriders
1550 Tough Figh
1551 Run to the End
1552 Dead or Alive
1553 Black and White True Qi
1554 An Ocean of Ethereal Force
1555 Absolute Strength
1556 Finding the Formation Cores
1557 Serious Consequences
1558 The Things Behind The Door
1559 Powerful Teamwork
1560 Power Source
1561 Losing the Figh
1562 The Dawn of Death
1563 The Second Blood-red Orb
1564 A Portal
1565 Change of Place
1566 Die!
1567 About to Begin
1568 Let's Fight Together
1569 Let's Fight Together
1570 One Punch
1571 Instantaneous Surrender
1572 Death by a Single Kick
1573 Leaders Alarmed
1574 Don’t Even Think Of Getting out Alive
1575 Leave Zhou Daoxian Behind
1576 Six-Eared Macaque's Transformation
1577 Merit Points Ledger
1578 Super Powerful System
1579 Succeeding Plan
1580 Devouring The Dark Neutron
1581 Divine Consciousness
1582 Implementing the Plan
1583 Force-fed Dog Biscui
1584 Instilling Fear in Everyone
1585 The New Blood Emperor
1586 Hall of Superior Harmony
1587 Strength Transference
1588 Evil Dragon Doors
1589 Murderous Qi
1590 Loyalty Showed During Difficult Times
1591 10,000 Streams of Murderous Qi
1592 Blood Sea Holy Flame
1593 I Offer The Blood Sea to My Chaos Blood Sword
1594 Earth God's Strength
1595 Triggering a Crisis
1596 Myterious Black Shadows
1597 Floating Coffin
1598 The Power of a Massacre
1599 Absolute Loyalty
1600 Forming an Alliance
1601 Exchange for Pills
1602 Green Hill's Important Matter
1603 Going Back to Violet Reborn Plane
1604 Sudden Inspection
1605 Powerful Evil Item
1606 War is Coming
1607 A Useless Bunch
1608 The Arrival of Powerful Elites
1609 Walking Right Into A Trap
1610 The Power of The Black Box
1611 Millions of Spiritual Stones
1612 Powered By Blood Robes
1613 Knowing Nothing
1614 Get Over Here
1615 Mysterious Black Tail
1616 Shocking Secre
1617 Three Months
1618 Deep Into the Enemy's Nes
1619 I'm the One Who Did the Killing
1620 The Truth is Revealed
1621 A Huge War is Triggered
1622 Divine Blazing Tiger Saber
1623 Meeting the Match
1624 Rain of Spiritual Stones
1625 Swallow All Four Seas
1626 Up Against the Sky
1627 Extra Boost of Power
1628 The Cessation of the Big Figh
1629 Dominating Heaven Faction
1630 Myterious Map
1631 A Wise Plan to Solve the Problem
1632 Neptune Starfield
1633 It Must be Done
1634 Recovering the Ruin
1635 Miraculous Blueprin
1636 Gathering of All the Powerful People
1637 Sowing Dissention
1638 Worse than Animals
1639 Gift Giving Session
1640 Three Questions
1641 Get Lost If You Refuse to Slap Yourself
1642 The Third Ques
1643 Fight to The Bitter End
1644 Unexpected Gus
1645 Obliteration at the Wave of a Hand
1646 Clear the Battlefield
1647 Have a Chat with Him
1648 My Jianghu
《Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms》 Volume 4
1649 Good Cop, Bad Cop
1650 New Bei Xuan Faction
1651 Wild Guess
1652 Boulder Plane
1653 Big News
1654 Complicated Situation
1655 Warlords Chasing Deer
1656 Red Envelope Acquired
1657 Who Will Get the Deer?
1658 Where the Strong Prey on the Weak
1659 Just Kill
1660 Annoying Bastard
1661 Childe Qingfeng
1662 Could It Be That You're the One?
1663 Divine Fate Leaderboard
1664 On the Eleventh Spo
1665 Elites on the Leaderboard
1666 Helian Tulong
1667 How Would You Like To Die?
1668 Man in a Red Robe
1669 Volunteer to Get to Know Him
1670 Half-Human, Half-Merman
1671 Let’s Place A Be
1672 You’re Too Slow
1673 Mermaid Princess
1674 Lucky Guess
1675 Imminent Danger
1676 Divine Doctor
1677 Ultimate Toxic
1678 Let’s Make a Move Now
1679 Ancient Demonic Beas
1680 Primordial Spirit Zone
1681 A Successful Plan
1682 Women Are Equally Excellent as Their Male Peers
1683 Forced Seal
1684 Exchange for a Promise
1685 Unfair Rules
1686 What Truth?
1687 The Perfect Comeback
1688 Perfect Victory
1689 Heavenly Path's Reward
1690 Returning to Saint Duke
1691 Welcomed Personally
1692 Who Wins? Who Loses?
1693 Material Inspection
1694 I Want to Sit There
1695 Emperor of Saint Duke
1696 Interruption
1697 Tenshou’s Mole
1698 Tenshou's Warriors
1699 Sky Pursui
1700 Air Comba
1701 Mysterious Force
1702 Important News
1703 Change of Circumstance
1704 Late Night Killings
1705 Completing the Crafting in Six Days
1706 Preliminary Exploration of the Ravine
1707 Extreme Cold
1708 Building a Fores
1709 Witnessing a Miracle
1710 Camouflage
1711 Ace Assassin
1712 Deadly Knuckles
1713 Peak Defence
1714 Divine Tiger’s Pas
1715 Strength of a Tiger
1716 Eradicating Eyewitnesses
1717 Xiaoman's Plan
1718 Third Party Benefits
1719 Deploying A Chess Piece in Secre
1720 Big Cat is Captured
1721 Moving Along
1722 Myriad Beasts Ring
1723 First, an Auction
1724 Taobao Marke
1725 Great Yield
1726 The Auction Begins
1727 Cliché Story
1728 Extremely Powerful
1729 A Piece of Scrap Metal
1730 Mysterious Opponen
1731 Divine Dragon Ruin
1732 Confrontation in Space
1733 Spirit Light's Special Ability
1734 Huge Shock to Everyone
1735 High-Grade Spiritual Stones
1736 The Prime of Tongtian Sends a Message
1737 Strange Activity at the Portal
1738 Big War
1739 The Key
1740 A Blood Sacrifice For a Broken Sword
1741 Green Dragon's Migh
1742 Give Me The Sword
1743 Great Ancestor
1744 Instant Change of Circumstance
1745 Resolving an Argumen
1746 Two Tribes Bestowing Swords
1747 Return to Black Tortoise
1748 Yellow Wind Black Marke
1749 Unmentionable Disease
1750 Tiger Claw Scythe
1751 Total Domination
1752 100% Discoun
1753 Careful Planning
1754 A Big Business Opportunity
1755 Something’s Not Righ
1756 Insufficient Financial Resource
1757 Bringing out the Sincerity
1758 Shocking Everyone
1759 Before the Storm
1760 Default Winner
1761 Giant Tiger Makes Its Presence
1762 Everyone, Stand Up
1763 Slapped by Spiritual Stones
1764 Prison Break
1765 Cruel Torture
1766 Love from Parents
1767 Murderous Evil Spiri
1768 Don't Just Kill Him Alone
1769 Attack from the Royal Family
1770 The Actual Figh
1771 The Combined Strength of Six Wangye
1772 Tens of Thousands of Evil Spirits
1773 Emperor Leaves the Palace
1774 Total Annihilation
1775 Recruiting a Loyal Hound
1776 Lethal Sneak Attack
1777 Unexpected Yield
1778 Heavenly Path’s Reward
1779 The Best Choice
1780 The Beginning of God-Ascension
1781 Conveniently Breaking Through Cultivation
1782 Secret Weapon
1783 Extract Poisonous Gas
1784 Sudden Attack
1785 Turning the Tide Around
1786 Prepare to Plan
1787 Emptying the Place