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Ben had a few drinks with Hall but quickly left after Hal brought out a barrel. He left for the wall of his city and stared out, wondering what was going to come next. No other cities had asked for help so far so he decided on focusing on strengthening his own.

"Deke how are the citizens levels?" Ben sent his thoughts into a communication jade.

"Around Lvl. 50 City Lord." a reply quickly came.

Ben's face darkened at that, it was too weak. 'It seems I have been busy and haven't enforced the leveling law recently.'

Ben decided to call his generals tomorrow, due to the fact that everyone was busy with the arrival of City 12's citizens.

Hal walked over to the Demon Clans compound and was stopped by the guards.

"Tell you leader I would like to speak to him." Hal said, bringing out a flask and taking a swing of it.

A little while later the old demon came out with two guards. "Leader of the dwarves, what can I do for you?"

"I am the leader of Iron Mountain tribe, Hal Stronghammer. Do you want to take a walk around the city with me?"

The old demon looked at him curiously, "I am Hak'em, leader of the Dark Runner clan."

"Well Hak you want to join me?"

"The human sent you didn't he?" Hak'em asked.

"Yes, Ben sent me to lesson your hate for humans." Hal said with a smile, not hiding anything.

"I joined his city to protect my clan, not to forgive humans."

"That may be but you will be living and fighting alongside them. So I suggest you at least try." Hal said, "Plus you must be able to tell that Ben is different."

Hak slowly nodded his head. "Well I will join you."

"Leader, I must insist you allow one of us to join you." the guard said.

Hak nodded his head, "Just one. Let's go."

Hal smiled before turning around, leaving the compound. Hal guided the old demon through the city, showing him the market and weapons shops.

"These humans truly don't seem to hate us." Hak said. Though he got a couple weird looks a couple times, they never sneered or cussed at him. A couple even gave him a smile, shocking him.

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"If they did the City Lord would beat them." Hal laughed, "Demon, human, man, woman, it doesn't matter to him. As long as you are strong and can help his city, he accepts everyone."

Hak didn't respond and watched the humans shop and interact. It was different from what he was used to. Demons and humans were always at war, fighting for the sake of fighting. His clan was a weak demon clan that was forced on the front lines as cannon fodder. He watched humans slaughter his people and his hate grew with every battle. Finally his captured and sold into slavery, ending up on the tiny planet to fight for his life.

"He is a weird human." Hak said simply.

Hal nodded his head, his eyes growing serious. "Humans follow the strong. If the leader is a tyrant then his people will act the same. Ben doesn't hesitate to kill other humans if they are evil. He even treats beasts the same as humans."

Hak eyes widened. He had noticed that many soldiers were riding or walking next to beasts but thought they enslaved them.

"He is able to talk to them and come to an agreement, letting them stay in the city and provide food for them if they help us in battle." Hal clarified.

"He is truly preparing for war."

'So what can I do to speed up their evolution?'

'Takon needs the blood of a True Dragon which is impossible to find on Earth. As for Duke… I don't know what his next evolution is. The closest beast I have seen to him is a Devouring Demon Wolf but that is a Divine Grade beast.'

Ben and Ava were discussing how to further his beasts evolution. He felt the pressure of strengthening himself and his beasts to prepare for the future.

Ben let out a sigh, there was nothing he could do for now to help his beasts and would have to let them evolve on their own.

"City Lord, we have a problem."

Ben turned and saw Deke standing there with a dark expression on his face.

"What happened?"

"Three males from City 12 tried to **** a young women. Thankfully a guard heard her and stopped them. Lance arrested them and is holding them in his compound."

Ben's face dark, a scary aura came off him. "Tell Lance to bring them to main street and have a stage made."

Deke didn't ask why and left to accomplish his orders. Ben opened his City Lord

interface and typed a city wide message.

[City 01 first trial will be held at the main street in 2 hours. Please try and make it.]

The message sent ripples across the city, causing some people to panic while others were curious at what happened.

When they showed up at main street they saw a large stage being built. Lance stood next to the stage in his golden armour, looking like a holy knight. Next to him were three men tied up and gagged, looking ragged. Blood covered their faces, obviously they were not treated kindly.

Soon the stage was built and Ben appeared in his black leather armour. The citizens all had respectful looks on their faces when they saw Ben appear. Behind him was Shenelle, Colton, Lilith and Deke, all head serious looks on their faces.

Ben gave Lance a nod. Lance grabbed the three criminals and threw them on stage. They landed hard, letting out muffled cries. Ben looked at them coldly, not feeling any pity.

Ben faced the crowd and raised his voice, allowing everyone to hear him. "These three committed a crime and we are here to judge them. They attempted to **** a women but thankfully our guards were able to stop them in time." Ben paused and gave Lance a nod, thanking him for setting up the patrols so well.

The crowd started to boo and yell curses at the three. Shenelle and Lilith's eyes went cold as they glared at the three.

Ben held his hand, quieting the crowd. "Our city is a safe place and I will not let it become a place where people are afraid to walk alone. We are fighting for our lives everyday out there, " he pointed at the large walls, "fighting for our survival. To survive we need to work together and not attack each other."

The crowd agreed, their eyes glowing with admiration as they looked at Ben.

Ben pointed at the three criminals. "They threaten our survival and I will not allow that."

"Kill them!"

"Execute them!"

The crowd erupted, screaming at the criminals.

"The five leaders of the city will decide their punishment. Lance?"

Lance took a step forward. "As the guardian of our city, actions like this threaten my reputation. Kill them." he said simply, taking a step back.

Ben nodded and looked at Lilith. She took a forward and said, "Killing them is extreme. I vote we throw them outside of the walls."

The crowd murmured and some agreed.

James took a step forward. "I agree with Liltih, throw them out."

Shenelle was next.

"Kill them." she said coldly, glaring at them.

Ben looked at Deke who had the deciding vote as he decided that he wouldn't vote and would let his generals vote.

Nobody really knew who Deke was but they saw Ben treated him with respect so they knew he was strong.

"Kicking them out would be putting our city at risk. Kill them and eliminate the risk." he said, his voice sounded like a whisper but everyone heard it.

Ben nodded and took out his swords and stepped towards the three criminals. They saw the sword and struggled, trying to break their restraints.

"Futile struggle." Ben cold voice sounded out.

A flash on his sword and three heads fell to the floor, ending their lives. Ben wiped off his sword and looked at the crowd.

"Let this be a warning."