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Dual Cultivation


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Su Yang was sentenced to life in prison within the Eternal Retribution Cliff, where only the world’s most violent and evil criminals dwell.

His crime?

He seduced the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s sister, and shared beds with the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.

He later meets a mysterious old man who would help him escape prison by reincarnating him.<...
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 1
1 Su Yang
2 Suffering to Find a Single Partner
3 Waste of a Handsome Face
4 White Pearl Treasury
5 Pleading for More
6 Three Seasons Snake
7 Extracting the Poison
8 This Is Why You Are Still Single
9 Wetting the Bed
10 Beauty Waiting by the Door
11 Stick Your Butt Towards My Way
12 Overwhelmed by Pleasure
13 Feeling Ashamed
14 A Group of Beauties
15 Senior Sister Spectating Her Junior Sister
16 Touch Me More, Daddy!
17 Horrifying, yet Tempting
18 Lingering Fragrance
19 The Only and True Path to Heaven
20 Pure Yang Flower
21 And You Call Yourselves a Man?
22 Deathmatch
23 Sword Inten
24 His First Love
25 Inner Court Disciple
26 Acting Like a Dog in Hea
27 The Jade Slip Beside the Pillow
28 Five Cultivation Stages
29 Cripple
30 Searching for a Partner
31 I Want Your Yin Essence
32 How Are You Going to Be Responsible?
33 Awakening of a Dragon
34 Their Dual Cultivation
35 I Want to Try Putting It in My Mouth...
36 Mission Hall
37 Sword and Gold
38 Swift Feather City
39 A Lively Restauran
40 The Four Great Families
41 You Heard Me
42 Golden Carriage
43 Shadowy Figure
44 Heavenly Constitution
45 Hundred Poisons Body
46 I Want to Look at Your Heavenly Constitution
47 Priceless Technique
48 Nine Astral Steps
49 Have Eyes But...
50 Extreme Yin Flower
51 Unfortunate
52 What If I Refuse?
53 Burning Lotus Auction House
54 Madam Wang
55 Offer
56 I Want You
57 Profound Advancement Pill
58 A Gift from the Heavens
59 Behind the Glass Wall
60 Spiritual Treasure
61 The Struggles of the Weak
62 A Wealthy Gues
63 Storage Ring
64 Zhang Xiu Ying
65 Who Did It?
66 Returning to the Sec
67 Seemingly Distressed
68 Comforting Her Worries
69 A Goddess Descends End of Vol.1
70 How Are You Still Alive?
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 2
71 Do You Blame Me?
72 Treating Her Things as If They Were His Own
73 Emperor-grade Heavenly Constitution
74 Inner Court Disciple Assessmen
75 I Want You to Touch Me Here...
76 What Else Are You Hiding from Me?
77 What If I Become Your Partner Instead?
78 Depraved Techniques
79 Worse Than Expected
80 Relieving Her Pain
81 Don’t Worry, I Will Be Gentle
82 Everlasting Sacred Fire
83 Inheritance
84 Appearance Reforming Pill
85 You Can’t Give Me What Is Already Mine!
86 Little Girl Matriarch
87 Bedtime Story
88 Do You Still Remember Me?
89 I Will See You Soon!
90 Terrorizing the Sec
91 Reunion Between Master and Slave
92 Are You Regretting Your Actions Now?
93 This is Not Prostitution!
94 Root of Vitality
95 Chamber of Embrace 1
96 Chamber of Embrace 2
97 Chamber of Embrace 3
98 Chamber of Embrace 4
99 Lick It More!
100 Are You Even a Man?
101 You’d Only Be Met with Disappointmen
102 Get Him!
103 Disciplinary Squad
104 Celestial Qi
105 Legend of an Immortal
106 An Unexpected Visitor
107 He Said Get Lost!
108 Lecture
109 Overflowing Yang Qi
110 Towards the Northern Region End of Vol. 2
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 0
-1 Cultivation/Levels/Grades
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 3
111 Moonlight Festival
112 Asura God Clan
113 Recognition
114 Entering the Immortal's Treasury
115 A Treasure Has Appeared!
116 Barely at Home, Always Disappearing for Days
117 Silver King Armor
118 Entering the Third Floor
119 What a Poor Fellow
120 How Is He so Big at Such a Young Age?
121 Impossible to Obtain
122 Are You Really Human?
123 Like a Punching Bag
124 I Have Been Looking Everywhere for You!
125 Treasure Room
126 Filled with Guil
127 The Su Family
128 Spirit's Vengeance
129 Heavenly Tribulation
130 Forced Contrac
131 Even Now My Heart Is Filled with Uneasiness
132 I Am Just a Nobody with Amnesia!
133 Returning Home
134 You Clearly Remember Everything!
135 Sudden Ambush
136 Only If You Have the Balls!
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 4
137 Soul Divination Pill
138 I Am Here to See My Fiance!
139 Hong Yu'er
140 Clear Visions
141 Four Seasons Academy
142 If You Are Not Careful, I Might End up Also Consuming You!
143 Nine Spring Hall
144 Three Ancient Academy
145 Even If I Request for You to Warm My Bed?
146 Let’s Start by Removing Your Dirty Clothes
147 Can I Bear Your Child? 18+
148 Impregnate Me! 18+
149 Rumors
150 Lecture Hall
151 You Are Challenging Me?
152 Concocting Pills
153 Sudden Aggression
154 Why Won’t You Accept Me?
155 Entering the Earth Spirit Realm
156 Brink of Destruction
157 Cowering in Fear
158 An Invincible Entity
159 Even If She Offered Herself...
160 Even Now I Cannot Stop Thinking About Him
161 There’s Someone I Want You to Mee
162 Reward
163 Do It One More Time!
164 Azure Flames
165 An Even Better Reward
166 Is There Something Wrong with My Name?
167 Go On, Tell Me More About Her!
168 Shocking Progression
169 Strict Discipline
170 Futile Efforts
171 Prolonging His Stay
172 Pill of Seduction
173 Confession
174 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 1
175 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 2
176 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 3
177 A Small Taste of His True Powers
178 Who Dares to Spread Such Nonsense?!
179 God of Womanizer
180 Inevitable Depature
181 On The Count of Three
182 More Than Just Friends
183 Licking Each Other Contains Yuri
184 Leaving the Holy Central Continent End of Vol. 4
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 5
185 So You Knew All Along!
186 Aliases
187 Regional Tournamen
188 To See an Old Friend
189 Lotus City
190 Meeting Zhang Xiu Ying Again
191 Burning Lotus Sec
192 If You Take Another Step, I Will Cripple Your Legs
193 You Have Forced My Hands, Junior!
194 Entering with Force
195 Burning Dragon Pill
196 Just Who Is This Man?!
197 Midnight Pleasure
198 Midnight Assaul
199 Midnight Torture
200 Wang Ming's Death
201 Preparing to Concoct the Soul Divination Pill
202 Consuming the Soul Divination Pill
203 Wang Family's Grief
204 Slap My What?!
205 Lack of Discipline
206 Surrounded by Experts
207 One-sided Fight Against the Burning Lotus Sec
208 Chaos Within the Burning Lotus Sec
209 Indisputable Dominance
210 Aftermath
211 Commotion at the Yin Yang Pavilion End of Vol.5
212 Act of Treachery
《Dual Cultivation》 Volume 6
213 Waking Her Up
214 Sudden Departure
215 More Than Just Massages
216 Teasing Her Body
217 Go Ahead, Stick It Inside Me…
218 The Group of Beauties Returns for More
219 What Do You Think of My Body?
220 I Want to Cultivate with You…
221 Multitasking in Bed
222 Can I Call You Daddy?
223 There's No Way He Can Handle All of Us Together!
224 Cultivating with Nine Beauties Simultaneously
225 An Endless Supply of Yang Qi
226 Moving to the Inner Cour
227 Convincing Li Xiao Mo to Cultivate
228 Euphoric Oil
229 Enslaving Her Body and Mind
230 Returning to the White Pearl Treasury
231 Testing the Euphoric Oil
232 Betting with Elder Zhao
233 Selling the Euphoric Oil
234 What Have I Done…?
235 The Sect Leader's Task
236 Heavenly Massages Return!
237 Sect Elders in Distress
238 Anonymous Vote
239 The Desire to Cultivate!
240 God of Pleasure
241 An Irresistible Offer
242 Guardian Spiri
243 Patriarch's Return
244 Stepping Down
245 Unrequited Love
246 Xiao Bai
247 A Small Reques
248 Su Yang Is Innocent!
249 Sect Master's Approval
250 Meeting Fang Zhelan
251 Seven Silver Blades
252 In Exchange for the Seven Silver Blades
253 Desire for Growth
254 Peak of the Earth Spirit Realm
255 Effects of the Seven Silver Blades
256 Million Snakes Sec
257 Prepare for Battle!
258 Array Master
259 Is This the End for the Profound Blossom Sect?
260 Escaping with Their Lives
261 Disciples Leaving Left and Righ