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71 Luckily, She Had A Son!

Other than the title of ‘General’s wife’, she had nothing much to show.

The name ‘Luo Xinglan' was taboo in the General's residence and no one dared to mention it. However, Leng Xiangyu mumbled about it today.

Her servant, Aunty Lan Hong said, "Madam, you don’t have to compare yourself to that woman, she is nothing in master’s heart."

Leng Xiangyu laughed and said, "What do you actually know? That woman is different from the rest. Do you even realize all the mistresses he has now have some form of resemblance to Luo Xinglan? Some of them have eyes that look like hers, some have mouths that look the same as hers and it is so ridiculous to the extent that one of them has exactly the same name! Also, Mistress Zhou is pampered by him just because of her eyes and dimples which look like that woman’s!"

Luo Xinglan had passed away for almost 10 years. The servants and maids in the residence had changed several times within the last 10 years, hence, nobody knew the truth and most of them did not even know how she looked like.

Although Aunty Lan Hong was the favorite servant of Leng Xiangyu, she only started her service in the General's residence five to six years ago. After hearing what Leng Xiangyu said, she was stunned as she did not know the whole story of those mistresses.

Leng Xiangyu realized that she had talked too much so she sighed and stopped talking. She switched the topic of conversation and asked, "Do you have any news from the second young master?"

Aunty Lan Hong said, "Don't worry, madam. I've just received the message that the young master will probably arrive in a few days."

Leng Xiangyu felt relieved and said, "Go and clean up the courtyard of the young master. He likes everything to be clean. He won’t be able to sleep well if it’s dusty."

"Don't worry, madam. It’s prepared since we have the maid to clean it every day. So, everything is in good condition."

Leng Xiangyu felt relieved and thought how lucky she still was to have a good son.

Her son, who was the only young master in the family, was her main pillar of strength. This is because no one could affect her position if her son was around. In contrast, the other mistresses would only get their privileges for a few years.

She managed to put aside the depression as she thought of her son and kept asking people to prepare for his return.


Gu Xietian did not spend the night at Mistress Zhou's courtyard but instead only had dinner with her. He was not focused throughout the dinner and hardly listened to what she said as well.

After the dinner, he left. He did not allow anyone to follow him as he randomly entered into a small courtyard.

The courtyard was relatively small and far from the main house. There was a lock hanging on the chain of the door that was already rusted. The door was covered with a thick layer of dust because no one had visited here for a long time.

Gu Xietian idled in front of the door for a while. After some time, he gritted his teeth and broke the lock. He then walked into the courtyard.

It was rather quiet in the courtyard. The weeds grew so much that they had reached the height of a normal human. The doors and windows were broken too.

Gu Xietian stood there and then pushed the door to enter the house.

The displays in the house were very simple but since there was no one cleaning the house, all the furniture and displays were covered with layers of dust.

There was a large bed in the room and a faded blanket.

Gu Xietian did not mind the dirt. He slowly sat down at the edge of the bed and touched the blanket. As his fingers glided across the blanket, more dust flew up. Feeling a little uncomfortable, he finally hugged the blanket in his arms like he was looking for the scent of a person.

However, it had been 10 years. Even though she owned the blanket and used it every day, he could never find the scent anymore!

"Xing…", he held the blanket tightly until his nails turned white. "I’m here, and I’m here to visit you. So many years have passed, do… do you regret?"