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142 How Could It Be?

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes and felt her body. She found that her slightly stiff body was now more lively and agile.
What happened?
Gu Xijiu looked at the Firmament Stone. It coughed, "Previously, some of the original owner’s grievance was still surrounding it, so it was normal that the body was stiff. Now that the grievance has gone and your spirit has fitted even more seamlessly with this body, you will feel more lively and agile when you use this body."
"I see."
Gu Xijiu was relieved. Suddenly she recalled something, "I have to go to that abandoned palace to catch the poisonous worm again!" and immediately wanted to teleport.
After a moment she opened her eyes and looked around, confused, "Why am I still here?"
She did not actually teleport successfully and was still in her bedroom.
This situation had never happened before. Gu Xijiu did not believe that and she performed it another time but still failed.
How could this be?!
Gu Xijiu finally felt worried.
She asked the Firmament Stone, "Why did my teleportation fail? Was it because the grievance had gone?"
The Firmament Stone was also confused, "It is impossible. Without the grievance, you would be even more flexible… Are you too tired? You have been so busy today…"
Was it true?
Gu Xijiu was a doctor but she could not figure out the root cause for this case. She continuously gave herself a few therapies but still achieved no results.
Since she had no other way to solve the issue, she decided to rest first.
Gradually, the night was descending.
Suddenly, there was an apparition that quietly opened the window and sneaked into the bedroom.
A man in green suddenly appeared beside Gu Xijiu’s bed.
He stood beside Gu Xijiu for a moment, slowly reached out and gently uncovered the bed drapes, exposing the girl who was sleeping inside.
The girl on the bed was thin and petite in size. On the little palm-sized face, was an extremely delicate facial feature. Without the red spot on her forehead, she would be a beautiful girl when she grew up.
The girl did not sleep tight. She slightly frowned, suddenly turned her body and kicked the quilt to the corner.
The man was surprised and looked at her for a moment. He raised his hand and that quilt automatically flew back to cover her.
"It's hot!" the girl mumbled for a while and kicked the quilt away again.
But it was already autumn and the weather at night was quite cold.
At that time, there was neither a heater nor stove in the room. Without being covered by a quilt, it was very easy to catch a cold.
However, she did not seem cold although she was only wearing a thin nightgown, but felt hot instead, as sweat was already forming on her forehead.
The man’s eyes deepened and looked a little disappointed. It was only now that he knew that this girl had a warm body constitution.
He reached out his fingers to catch the girl’s wrist. After a while, he moved his fingers away and looked at Gu Xijiu, then he moved his fingers to her face, seemingly checking on her.
After this, he withdrew his hand. He stared at Gu Xijiu's face and had a deep thought.
He seemed to be thinking about something. A moment later he sighed and lifted his hand; the window reopened and he disappeared right in front of the window.
The guards were still patrolling outside without even noticing that there was a man who broke into the room.
The bedroom returned to absolute silence.
Gu Xijiu slowly opened her eyes.
"Master, you are finally awake! Did you know that someone just came in?! If the person wanted to kill you, you would already be a dead man!" The Firmament Stone released its discontent in her mind.
Gu Xijiu remained silent.