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669 Xijiu, Don’t You Believe Me?

"Fortunately, we have been reborn in the same generation. Although the gap is 100 years, we finally met each other. Xijiu, when I found out that you are the person I have always been looking for, I was overjoyed. You would never know how excited and nervous I was…"

Long Siye reached out his hand and covered her hand, "Xijiu, I am so happy that we are able to meet in this generation… Perhaps it was because God was touched by my sincerity…"

Gu Xijiu took off her hand. She was touched too. However, she was hurt badly so she was still not clear about her own feelings at this moment…

Her mild reaction slightly disappointed Long Siye. He was stunned, "Xijiu, don't you believe me?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head. There was too much information she had to register tonight. She needed to digest the information first…

She thought for a moment and asked, "You have been looking for me all these years? How did you know that I will come to this generation too? After all, the probability is so small…"

"Since I was able to bring your jade over, I think you will come along too." Long Siye said lightly, "I am also betting on it. My intuition tells me that you will come too!"

His intuition was so accurate! But she did not know if it was real…

Gu Xijiu thought of something, "What about your disciple Gu Xixi?"

Long Siye sighed, "I've been looking for you since the early days. However, there were too many people in this world; it was not easy to look for one person. Not to mention that a person who has been reborn may appear differently too. When I first met Gu Xixi, she was an eight-year-old kid.

She looked very similar to you. Coincidently, her name was also spelled as Gu Xijiu. It was exactly the same pronunciation like yours but bore different characters. Her personalities were quite alike with yours and she was quite talented in medicine too. Of course, she did not have the memory of her previous life. I thought that she was you, so I taught her my medicinal skills. I thought that it would be fine even if you don't remember me, as long as I found you and we can start over again."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She looked down and drank her tea, "Then how did you find out that she was not me?"

Long Siye sighed, "In fact, I have found out about it after some time. When we knew each other for a longer period, I found that her personalities were totally different from yours. Except for the cold personality and similar appearance, there is nothing alike between the both of you. I was quite tired looking for you, so I tried to lie to myself that the differences might be due to the different upbringing. I did not want to be disappointed and started the search all over again so I did not dare to verify it. Until the day when she was 12 years old, the Celestial Master Zuo came to visit me…"

When Gu Xijiu suddenly heard of this name, she slightly stiffened and raised her eyebrows, Celestial Master Zuo? Why was he visiting you?"

Long Siye shook his head, "This person has always been mysterious. I don't have a close relationship with him. Although we are both the heaven's gift disciple, we have almost no interaction at all. We will only meet when there is a meeting amongst all heaven's gift disciples. Thus I was quite surprised when he visited me. He came to drink with me. This person has too many tricks and he likes to prank other people, so I was very cautious when he visited me."