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The dreadful monsters that were pursuing the group on the snowfields at that moment had emerged from the abyss. There were two monsters, each of which possessed a bizarre shape and unparalleled monstrosity in size.

One looked similar to a dragon but was in actuality a Chinese alligator which had a stature that was as imposing as a dinosaur's. The squamous and dense objects layered on its body were not scales, but the hands of humans.

The other looked similar to a Phoenix, but was again not actually a phoenix and was rather akin to a pattern made by the amalgamation of the random parts of the human body.

These two entities possessed extremely imposing figures and extraordinary combat prowess; in agape of the jaws, an ink-black decomposing odor capable of melting everything would be released; in a sweep of a tail, even mountains would fall!

These two creatures had emerged from the abyss after the zombie crowd was attracted away; once they have surfaced it was the beginning of their mindless carnage—the hunting and the killing of all moving and living targets!

When the creatures have just emerged, Lan Waihu's group was not nearby and had instead complied with Gu Xijiu's orders to drive ten li away from the location. After finding a safe place to disembark, the group of people caught their breath and discussed the prospect of driving in search of Gu Xijiu's group to see if they could offer a helping hand.

Before they reached a conclusion to their deliberation, they heard a strange noise coming from the road and saw the earth trembling greatly. From that same direction, they could hear the faint voices of battle and shouting, and described the occasional flashes of light illuminating the sky.

They did not know what was happening and could not make out the situation from a far distance. They suspected that Gu Xijiu and her group must have been in a confrontation with the zombie again… After a brief discussion, they soon got onto the chariot again and let the Flying Lion bring them back.

They planned to provide all the support they can and join in the struggle if Gu Xijiu and her group were over there battling against the zombie.

If Gu Xijiu were not over there, then they would fly back to catch wind of the situation and assess whether their aid was necessary. The chariot they were riding on was capable of flying anyway, so the zombie would not be able to catch up to them no matter if their numbers were rising from the subterranean.

Being wet behind their ears and in their teenage years, they were easily curious and fearless to take risks in hot blood. Their plan was not bad; however, they froze in their tracks when they clearly saw the struggle in front of them.

The somber-colored version of the dragon and phoenix combination was surrounding the dragon-riding woman and her golden armored giant in a series of fierce attacks—

The dragon-riding woman clearly did not expect the two creatures to emerge from the abyss; the physical appearance of the two monstrosities had repulsed her and rendered her visage pale.

She was very skilled; streaks of lightning discharged from her palms and etched black visible scorch marks on their hides, brimming the air with the smell of roast meat.

The golden armored giant with its Heaven Halberd danced like a wind-and- fire wheel; the golden rays gleaming furiously from the halberd shone on the bodies of the creatures, leaving scars that flowed with blood that was as black as ink…

But whether it was the woman or her steed or her servant, they were unable to deliver the fatal blow to the creatures and drove them to a more frenzied state instead; the two creatures enveloped and besieged her in a belch of smoke and fog!

Just when she was in a difficult situation, Lan Waihu and his group's lion chariot appeared from not far away.

With a quick thought, the woman gestured toward her servant and made a feint of weakness, then bluntly charged through the basement to the direction of the lion chariot!