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1002 Miss Gu, Please Try Your Bes

Rong Che was depressed, "Even Overlord Long has no solution for it."

"I'm sorry." Long Siye added, "It's difficult for you to bury him properly like this. Perhaps, you should consider breaking his neck so that he wouldn't hurt anyone else."

Rong Che clenched his fists, "My brother has been through a lot of pain. How could I break… break his neck?"

Long Siye casually said, "I've told you, in fact, he is already dead. However, he is currently being controlled by the venom, and it could spread to others if you are not careful. If that happens, it would be a disaster for everyone. I'll do it for you if you can't do it yourself." He was a physician, and so he would not allow them to keep a time bomb and would prefer to kill him to ensure peace.

Hei Hu was stunned!

After being stunned for a moment, he jumped up and naturally rushed in front of the bed to block them. He yelled at them angrily, "No one can hurt the Crown Prince!"

Long Siye remained silent but glimpsed at Rong Che.

After all, Rong Che was a rational person. He let out a long sigh, "Hei Hu, make way. He is no longer the Crown Prince but a venomous zombie. I believe my brother wouldn't want his body to be controlled by the venom and cause him to hurt more people. Let Overlord Long take care of the rest."

Hei Hu began crying. He was helpless given the fact that he was so loyal to his master. He idled for a while before he took a step away from the bed.

Long Siye took a step forward and looked at Rong Jialuo who was lying on the bed. He sighed, "Your Highness, I'll help you." As he was about to break his neck, Gu Xijiu immediately shouted, "Wait!"

Long Siye stopped and turned around. Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and stepped forward, "There are tears at the edge of his eyes. Perhaps his brain is not dead yet. Let me have a look."

Long Siye quickly took a look. Indeed, there was a stain of tears... He frowned, "That doesn't mean anything…"

Gu Xijiu added, "I think he cried not long ago as his sideburn is still wet. Perhaps, he is still partially conscious, and maybe we can save him."

Long Siye said softly, "Xijiu, we both know there's no solution for this venom… We don't have an antidote for this illness, and we might not even have a solution to save him even if he is completely conscious. Moreover, his brain is almost completely dead, and his tears might be the side effects of the venom."

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath, "I might be able to save him if he is still conscious. I have a solution for this venom."

Long Siye was speechless. Rong Che who was standing at one corner suddenly frowned. Di Fuyi slightly smiled as he knew his little Xijiu always surprised people!

Hei Hu, who had almost fainted, immediately recovered and his eyes were sparkling! He quickly rushed over and kowtowed to Long Siye and Rong Che, "Overlord Long and Eighth King, let Miss Gu try her method, please. Please, let her try!"

He then looked at Gu Xijiu with a hopeful gaze, "Miss Gu, please try your best!"

He then kowtowed again. His forehead was bleeding, and his voice was trembling. At this point, Long Siye and Rong Che could not reject him, but Ye Hongfeng was mad and said angrily, "Miss Gu, are you trying to challenge my master? My master is the number one medical expert in the world. How could you be sure that you have a solution when even my master has run out of solutions?! Are you trying to tell us that you're more capable than him? Or are you just trying to get our attention?"