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Gu Xijiu finally got to know the real name of the silver-haired Lord after interacting with him over the past two days. His name was Mo Zhao. Of course, this could be just his nickname, but Gu Xijiu could determine how ambitious he was based on the name he had chosen.

His name contained the words 'sun' and 'moon' in them. It became apparent to her that this guy wanted to control the continent and also had ambitions to dominate the world.


Gu Xijiu finally saw the channel leading out of the underground palace. To be precise, it was not a channel but a car. It was a car made out of heatproof material. This car was oval in shape and looked very alike to a UFO ship. It was completely enclosed, and the space inside the car could only fit five people. It was only accessible from the lava pool.

There was a hidden lava pool in the center square of the underground palace. Whenever the car arrived, the ground around the square would split, revealing the boiling lava underneath the ground. The car would then appear from within the lava pool and park at the side to allow the passengers to enter and exit.

Undoubtedly, Long Fan was the genius behind this modern technology. No wonder the people here respected him so much and treated him like a god. He was indeed competent. At this very moment, Long Fan was busy moving a huge crystal coffin. The crystal coffin was at least two times bigger than Gu Xijiu's coffin. There was also a lot more liquid and instruments inside this crystal coffin.

A man was lying inside the crystal coffin. This man was tall and handsome and was wearing a thin robe and lying quietly inside. His eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. He was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat yet. However, his skin was sparkling.

It was the clone body that Long Fan had created for Mo Zhao. It was a perfect body! Once the body was ready, Mo Zhao just needed to possess it with his soul, and he would finally have a body of his own. In fact, it would be the perfect one!

Mo Zhao stood in front of the crystal coffin and was admiring the clone that looked exactly like his soul. He smiled because he was satisfied. In the past, he almost destroyed his body as he was too eager to achieve success. That was why he always had to possess other people's bodies to survive. Over the last few centuries, he had possessed countless bodies to sustain his life. Rong Che's was one of them. However, he could not use many of the skill sets that he acquired as there were limitations to the bodies that he possessed. Therefore, he was unable to achieve his goal of being the most powerful person on the continent. Finally, he was going to have a chance to achieve his goal. The body that was created by Long Fan had passed the test. It possessed a wealth of spiritual power which started at level nine! 

A spiritual power of level nine was something that many people could never reach in their entire life. Mo Zhao was finally going to be able to utilize the skill sets he had acquired in the past once he had successfully possessed the body. Coupled that with a good strategy, he would not need to worry about dealing with the five heaven's gift disciples anymore. The day that he could finally defeat The Lord was just around the corner.

The more he looked at the body, the happier he became. However, he received a directed audio while he was looking at the body. "My Lord, I have something to report to you!"

"Just say it."

Wu Yan paused for a moment before he asked an irrelevant question, "Is Overlord Long okay?"

Wu Yan's full name was Wu Wuyan. She was Mo Zhao's subordinate. On the surface, nothing was outstanding about this lady. However, she had a special skill whereby she could possess the body of another person.

Ever since she discovered this skill, she had been assigned as a spy by Mo Zhao. She always used her ability to possess other people's bodies to get the information that Mo Zhao wanted to know.