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1272 To Do Her Justice 4

There were only a few ladies here, so the unmarried ones were especially valuable. Therefore, Huang Shangxiang was quite popular here. Although they despised her for what she had done, they still felt that the punishment was a little too severe. They appealed to her mercy. However, Luo Zhangyu was unshakable in his decision. 

Gu Xijiu frowned, as she noticed that a lot of them were starting to disagree with him. If Huang Shangxiang were sent into the mountains, she would be good as dead. Those lads who were closer to her would probably rebel. Sometimes, a lady can serve as the best motivation. Many group games worked that way; the more ladies were in the group, the more lads would join.

She took a look at Huang Shangxiang and saw that she was terrified. She did not stop begging for forgiveness, not only to Luo Zhanyu but also to the people around her. Finally, she came forward and hugged Gu Xijiu's leg to beg for her forgiveness while crying bitterly. She begged for Gu Xijiu to plead for her.

Gu Xijiu had a feeling that she was frightened enough. Hence, she also pleaded for Huang Shangxiang. Because of her, Luo Zhanyu finally decided to change his mind to send Huang Shangxiang into the mountains for three days. If she managed to leave the mountains safely after three days, the village would welcome her as part of its community again.

The punishment was lighter this time around. Huang Shangxiang's Kung Fu was not too bad, as she had been through the Dark Forest before. Even in the mountains, she had a chance of survival, as long as she was careful enough. Her Kung Fu, however, had become a little rusty as she enjoyed being spoilt to such an extent that she had overlooked it. This time, the punishment would more likely serve as a challenge for her.

Indeed, if she were too dumb to fight against the beasts without realizing her abilities, she would be dead. Although Huang Shangxiang was a little worried, she could not escape from being sent away. She would be facing a battle of life and death but there was at least a chance of survival.

After the incident, they finally understood Luo Zhanyu's principles. Gu Xijiu was a little impressed. Although he was ranked as the leader of the village, he was easy to approach and soft tempered.

Now it seemed like he was good at managing people too. He was strict when it was needed. The punishment would serve as a better warning to others.

Luo Zhanyu had helped to do her justice while her identity was still unknown. She was a little touched by his gesture. Just when Luo Zhanyu was about to leave, she offered, "Mr. Luo, would you like to stand again?"

After listening to what she said, not only that Luo Zhanyu was astounded, everyone else was surprised, too.

Luo Zhanyu turned his chair around to face her. "Do you know of any solution?" 

Both of the men who served to push his chair were in immense disbelief. "Impossible! Brother Luo has been suffering from this disease for more than a decade. Mr. Luo is a highly skilled doctor as well. How could you possibly have any other ways?"

"That's right. Gu Xijiu, could it be possible that you know how to cure him?"

"Even though she knows medicine, she cannot be that highly skilled, can she? She is still so young…"

The crowd began to engage in a heated discussion.

Gu Xijiu ignored their judgments and proceeded. "While I was fighting with you, I performed a little test with my spiritual power on you. I noticed the crucial reason why your legs are disabled. In my opinion, after two doses of medicine and my special acupuncture treatment, you should be able to walk again within three days. However, you will only be able to walk. If you wish to restore your Kung Fu in your legs, you will have to endure medical treatment for a month."