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How could the young lady's kung fu and medicine be so impressive? The crowd stared fixedly at Gu Xijiu in disbelief. How could she cure a disease that had been around for more than a decade?

Although Luo Zhanyu had always kept his cool, he could no longer suppress his joy this time and was trying his best to behave. "Miss Gu, my legs…"

"The circulation in your legs is fine; only the nervous system is slightly affected. A crucial part of the nerves has been blocked, so you lost access to control your legs. If my assumptions are correct, you can barely feel anything on your legs under normal circumstances. However, you suffer from immense pain in your legs during midnight."

When Gu Xijiu started to describe his symptoms, she was right about all of it. Luo Zhanyu trembled in agreement. "That's right! Miss Gu is right!"

He took a deep breath. "I will undergo the treatment as suggested by Miss Gu! When do we start?" No one enjoyed being crippled. He was desperate to be able to stand again.

Gu Xijiu smiled gently and responded politely, "I will have to collect some herbs before I can start performing the alchemy to make the pills."

"Are you skilled in alchemy as well?" Someone amongst the crowd could not hold back his doubt.

"Hmm, I can make level-six pills," Gu Xijiu did not seem to be modest about her ability and told the truth instead.

The crowd was astounded.

The news had fired their blood.

All of them were good in kung fu and had been fighting their own fights in the world for quite some time. They understood perfectly how valuable and the pills were.

The pills could not only cure but also improve one's kung fu and physical ability as well. These pills could significantly reduce the risks one had to face while trying to improve his or her spiritual power and served as a safety net.

Most of them were once obsessed with kung fu. They were great in their Kung Fu moves, but not in alchemy. Amongst 40 of them, only Luo Zhanyu had medicinal skills. However, even though he was highly skilled in medicine, he knew nothing about alchemy. Usually, they would only be treated with herbal soup or ointment when they were sick. They had not got the chance to taste a pill in many years.

The lady knew alchemy. She even knew how to make level-six pills! Even in the outside world, her skill would be considered as incredible! How could she be so good at everything at such a tender age?

"Miss Gu, if I may, how old are you?" Some of them were starting to doubt her age. 

Someone else continued, "Miss Gu, before I came here I had heard about a saint who is incredibly skilled in medicine and alchemy, whose name is Gu Xixi. Are you and her…"

Gu Xijiu answered nonchalantly, "I am the daughter of General Gu Xietian from the Feixing Kingdom. I am 17. I have nothing to do with Tianwen Saint." 

One of the men was only here for nine years. Before he entered, he had heard some stories about Gu Xijiu, "I remember that the general has a useless daughter with a face full of birthmarks, whose name is also Gu Xijiu."

He took a look at Gu Xijiu's fair and white skin before he continued, "Are there two Gu Xijiu's in the general's residence?"

That was a very long story.

Gu Xijiu did not wish for her past to be uncovered. "There is only one Gu Xijiu and has only been one. Let bygones be bygones. According to how I look now, I seem to have transformed into a whole new person."

In her brief sentences, she seemed to have hidden her terrible past well.

Everyone had something that they no longer wished to talk about, so none of them continued asking about her past.