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1290 But She Ditched Him...

Di Fuyi issued him several warnings before he left the palace. He was not allowed to disclose to anyone about Gu Xijiu's whereabouts to avoid any unnecessary attack. Even Gu Xietian should not be told about it.

Long Siye got a headache. "Gu Xietian is still waiting for your explanation outside the door."

Di Fuyi casually answered, "You can tell him that I've sent her to practice somewhere else as I'm mad at her for canceling the wedding. They would see each other someday. Tell him to stay alive."

Long Siye was speechless.

He felt that there must be a hidden meaning behind Di Fuyi's message, but he could not figure it out. Therefore, he paused and suddenly asked, "Xijiu's soul came from the modern world, and her current body is also a clone. Logically speaking, there is no relationship between her and Gu Xietian now, so he is not considered her father anymore, right?"

Di Fuyi replied, "She's his daughter, and it is a fact that no one can change."

Long Siye seemed to have caught the ball, "Do you mean that Xijiu is the useless daughter of the general? Was she not in possession of another body? But wait, she's a modern person, and she had come from the modern world just like me…"

However, Di Fuyi did not want to talk about it anymore. "Are you done yet!? Do you want me to kick you out?"


Though Gu Xijiu was quite drunk tonight, she did not do anything crazy. She returned to her house and slumped on the bed. No one knew how long she would sleep once she had closed her eyes.

Perhaps, she had been thinking about the fact that it was supposed to be her wedding night. She dreamt of herself returning to Fucang Hall. She saw the busy servants rushing around and also the basilica which looked somewhat cold and lonely.

They had been working on the decoration in the basilica when she left. Countless red ribbons and silks were hung up in the basilica, and everyone would know that a grand wedding was going to be held in there.

However, everything now had changed. The cheerful accessories and decorations were gone, and the basilica had returned to its original appearance. The servants walked very carefully and softly whispered as though they were avoiding someone.

Since none of them could see Gu Xijiu, she decided to follow them for a short distance. It did not come as a surprise to her when she heard that the wedding had been canceled...

All of them felt bad for their master, and they sounded like they were upset with Gu Xijiu throughout their conversation. They blamed her for being reckless as she had run away and embarrassed Celestial Master Zuo. However, Celestial Master Zuo had taken great care of her reputation as he denied the fact that she ran away from the marriage...

They had heard the conversation between their master and Mu Feng at the Open Heaven Stage. Besides that, they also knew slightly more or less about the truth as compared to the public, and so they sounded angrier as well.

Gu Xijiu also overheard that Celestial Master Zuo had not slept well over the past couple of days as he had been busy looking for her. He looked everywhere but could not find her. The entire incident had taken a toll on Celestial Master Zuo as the once charming Celestial Master Zuo looked so exhausted now.

The servants were talking among themselves while Gu Xijiu listened and she finally discovered that Di Fuyi had only announced the cancellation of the wedding on their wedding day. It seemed like he did not have any choice.

She gently pursed her lips. She knew that Di Fuyi would be looking for her, but she had never expected him to announce it on their official wedding day. Of course, she never expected that he would be looking this hard for her either.

She knew that he loved her, but his love seemed to have been a form of compensation, and she felt like she had been betrayed.

He was probably very sad, was he not? After all, he had prepared such a grand wedding ceremony for her, but she had ditched him...

She lightly closed her eyes and suppressed her emotion. Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching her. She raised her head and saw Mu Feng exiting from the main hall with Long Siye.