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1489 Self-Embarrassment 5

Lan Waihu took a deep breath and answered confidently, "I will!"

However, there were too many events to uncover. She did not know where to begin. Moreover, some parts of the incident were quite trivial; so trivial that people would easily overlook them, but those things were too hurtful not to share.

"Shall we do it this way? You only have to answer my questions," offered Gu Xijiu.

She then threw Mrs. Yan a gaze. "If you find anything wrong, feel free to point it out."

Mrs. Yan agreed. Moreover, it had been a long while since the incident happened. She believed that Lan Waihu might not be able to remember everything. Even if everything was uncovered, she could always deny the accusation. They could not find out the truth, anyway.

Gu Xijiu knew what she was planning on and immediately crushed it. "Mrs. Yan, to make sure that all of us are telling the truth, all of you should make a solemn vow."

Puzzled, Mrs. Yan questioned, "What now?"

"We shall swear on the closest relation we have, Mrs. Yan. You should vow to tell the truth, in return for Yan Chen's lifetime of happiness. If you lie, he will not be loved for the rest of his life and bound to live in solitary," Gu Xijiu answered slowly.

Furious, Mrs. Yan's expression changed immediately. "Miss Gu, Yan Chen is a friend of yours. How can you curse him so viciously?"

"Mother, I am not afraid of the curse! If you tell the truth, I will not be cursed." Yan Chen responded steadily.

Mrs. Yan did not know what to answer.

Her only hope was that Lan Waihu could not remember clearly about the incident and how it happened. However, the tragedy had been haunting Lan Waihu ever since, so there was no way that she could not remember.

Moreover, Gu Xijiu designed her questions to perfectly portray every important detail. Lan Waihu answered honestly. Slowly, the entire incident came to light.

Most of the time, Mrs. Yan was desperate to deny the accusations with her smooth talking. However, she dared not risk her son's life.

Yan Chen listened quietly. His face slowly turned paler and paler. He turned to look at Lan Waihu. There was a sign of pain in his dreadful eyes.

He always knew that Lan Waihu must have been wronged, but the extent of her injustice was beyond his expectation. He did not know that his own mother would say one thing and do another behind his back, slowly driving Lan Waihu up the wall.

When Lan Waihu told them what happened at the lake, she completely revealed the conversations between the two servants, Mrs. Yan and Leng Wushuang. She recalled and repeated their words without leaving out any details.

Upon hearing how she was being treated, all of the bystanders clenched their fists in anger.

They looked at Mrs. Yan with despise and disbelief.

They could not believe that a well-educated and elegant woman like her would insult a young little girl in such a cruel and humiliating way. She was just like a shrew, shouting abuses so publicly. They understood why Lan Waihu would be so triggered by her words and threw her aggressively into the lake.

She had criticized her parents so rudely. Anyone would fight back just as same. She was not trying to teach her some manners.

Personally, she had no regard for Lan Waihu at all. She looked down on her because she was an orphan. She was trying to force her out of the family.

It was no wonder that Lan Waihu would leave the family. She even chose to break up with Yan Chen. Not many could take such humiliation lightly.

Mrs. Yan was very ashamed. Lan Waihu's narration was a complete embarrassment to her, but there was no way she could deny it. That was the truth.

She could only say that she was eager for perfection in making Lan Waihu the perfect wife for her son. However, the bystanders could not be fooled easily. They despised her even further.

If it were not for Yan Chen, they would have punched her in the face by now.