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1733 Punishment 2

Di Fuyi's attack took away ⅔ of her life because she had transformed back to her original form. She was lying on the greenstone trail in her mermaid form.

The crowd immediately screamed and cheered. Oh, it was a mermaid! It was a rare species and they finally saw a living one!

The mermaids usually turned into human form when they went up to the land. Therefore, the citizens of the continent could not see their original form. However, there was one that just flew out from the temple; they certainly need to take a look since it was so rare. In the end, the crowd piled around and made up to six circles!

Lan Jingyi's face was very red and she was embarrassed. Her arm was broken and seven to eight of her scales had detached from her tail. She almost passed out when she landed and she could not even move now.

She wanted to kill everyone who laughed at her but she also wished to escape at the same time. Certainly, she wanted to find the one who attacked her; hence, she immediately shouted when she regained her consciousness. "Who was the bast*rd who attacked me just now?! I'll definitely get Brother Huang to kill you…"

Before she finished, she realized someone had pulled on her tail! Mu Feng was very gentle. "I'm sorry, The Lord asked me to take you in."

Lan Jingyi suddenly laid her head down. She was very angry and ready to struggle. However, she went stiff when she heard what Mu Feng said. "What?"

Mu Feng did not speak anymore.

The prayers outside the temple looked at each other and then quickly rushed to the doorstep. As they saw The Lord floating in midair, they quickly knelt on the ground. They would rather kneel than miss the drama.

Lan Jingyi tried to struggle out from Mu Feng's grasp. "Let… Let go! A man and a woman are not supposed to have physical contact…"

Mu Feng had no choice. "Fine."

He immediately let go and Lan Jingyi slumped to the ground. Once again, she experienced pain.

If Lan Yaoguang did not manage to support her a little, her head would have crashed on the floor! Lan Yaoguang was in a difficult position as well. He was the emperor of the mermaid kingdom and his sister was his noble princess. He would have been pissed off a long time ago if his sister was being bullied like this before today.

However, it was his sister's fault and the one punished her was The Lord! He did not dare to speak more but took a glimpse at his sister and then looked at The Lord. He wanted to seek forgiveness on behalf of Lan Jingyi. "Brother Huang…"

Di Fuyi shifted his gaze to him. "Hmmm?"

Although it was a very simple reply, that was scary enough to make Lan Yaoguang tremble until he almost could not continue the conversation. "Jingyi is still young and naive… could you forgive her, and spare her life this one time?"

"Young and naive?" Di Fuyi sounded unpredictable. "5000 years old is still considered naive?"

The crowd who were kneeling burst into laughter. Someone chuckled and replied, "5000 years old could be considered a great ancestor already! Great nanny…"

Someone beside him said, "She's a mermaid and she's different from you. Don't simply judge."

There was immediate chaos as everyone was talking about it.

Lan Jingyi was too arrogant earlier; she behaved as if she was the almighty god just because she was a princess among the mermaids and that pissed the crowd off. Therefore, they were more than happy to laugh at her now.

Lan Jingyi struggled to get up and lifted her head to glimpse at Di Fuyi with a look of disbelief.