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1790 Thinking Of Figuring Something Out Through Him

Gu Canmo never thought that The Lord was, in fact, Celestial Master Zuo. He was so agitated that he smacked his own head! However, amid the revelating news, he volunteered himself to be the witness of the marriage. He wanted to manage such a grand ceremony; it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him! 

Their wedding day was set on the third day of March- a day when flowers generally blossomed. The wedding of The Lord would definitely have the most grandiose preparation. Many would personally attend the wedding, even the Kings of all three kingdoms would be present!

The King of Feixing Kingdom was Rong Jialuo's youngest brother. When Rong Jialuo was still alive, he had cared a lot for him; hence, he excelled both intellectually and physically. The only thing was that he was still rather young, and his excellence had been shadowed by that of his brother. Had it not been for the series of events that had taken place, the throne would not be of his possession.

He was brought up by Di Fuyi himself. He was 20 years old that year. Since succeeding the throne, he had done a few things for the people; hence, was referred to as a good King. In the matter of the wedding of The Lord, he had been helpful. He had been involved in it personally, and had been using all the best resources available to him for the big day. Even Gu Xietian's effort became faint before his. All of it made it redundant for Gu Xijiu to be worried about the undeniably lavish celebration.

Honestly speaking, Gu Xijiu did not even think of being worried about the matter. At the moment, her mind was occupied with thoughts of ways to extend Di Fuyi's lifespan… She was also really busy learning up The Lord's skills and tending to her relationship with Di Fuyi.

She had initially rejected learning up The Lord's skills, but she was told by Firmament Stone that God's plan could not be disobeyed. No matter whether she learned or not, things would go as they were meant to be, and her threatening tactic would be of no use…

It was only then that she knew that Firmament Stone had connections with God's plan… She immediately pushed him to tell her about things to do with God's plan, but Firmament Stone kept his silence, saying that he had only been receiving signals pertaining to God's plan through his instincts. In fact, he was also rather confused about how he received the info. 

Gu Xijiu was, in fact, curious if she could try her luck with convincing the almighty God to give Di Fuyi a longer life, but she was not able to find the way to find this deity. 

Within the period, she had gone to look for Long Moyan with the mussel, thinking of figuring something out through him. Long Moyan, of course, did not want to say anything, but beside Gu Xijiu was with the mussel. Hence, Long Moyan's secrets could not be kept. 

Sadly, even Long Moyan did not know how to go to the heavens. Through his memory, he knew that he was related to a king in the Upper Bound; he was brought up as Prince Long… In fact, Long Moyan probably did not know everything about his own life at this moment. Whatever the case, nothing much would come from him at this point. 

Gu Xijiu could not resist and asked Di Fuyi if he had asked Fairy Queen Li about it before and if Fairy Queen Li had told him any secrets related to the Upper Bound. Di Fuyi sighed.

He had asked her about it before, and he had his way to make Fairy Queen Li tell the truth, but Fairy Queen Li was, afterall, one who had fallen from the above. In other words, she had been banished. 

Before her eyes was darkness, and then she lost her consciousness. When she woke up again, she then realized that she had been brought to the land… It could also be said that, she had no idea where she was.

In fact, Di Fuyi was more unrelenting than Gu Xijiu. He had naturally thought of the road to the above. Throughout those years, he had found a few other individuals similar to Long Moyan, and had interrogated them about it in the dark, but they were all in circumstances not different from Long Moyan's.