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Labeled as a delinquent and bad influence, high school student Kyosei Ichinose choose to stay out of the people around him and indulge himself to his headphones and stay alone. He knows that people around him are all selfish pricks and common humans and wished for them to just stay away from him until the outbreak of a certain disease that is transmitted by humans bitten or eaten by infected huma...
《Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic》 Volume 0
-2 Kyosei Ichinose
-1 Akari Ichinose Character reveal to the Spin-off Protagonis
《Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic》 Volume 1
1 Outbreak of the Dead
2 Return to the School of the Dead
3 Hallways of the dead
4 Kill The Dead
5 Rescue from the Dead
6 Russian Roulette of the Dead
7 Dead Silence when the Dusk Occurs
8 Dead Night Rage Fever
9 Dead Bites
10 Deadly Nigh
11 Temporary Break from the Dead
12 Quantum Theory Of the Dead
13 The Trouble of the Dead
14 Survive The Deadly Besiege
15 Hope Against the Dead
16 Kaze is Dead
17 The Dawn of the Dead
18 Assault of the Dead
19 Dead don't Speak
20 Escape the Dead
21 The Dead and the Little Devil
22 Dead Field
23 Antihero of the Dead
24 Juggernaut of the Dead
25 The Deadly Showdown
26 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Part 1
27 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Part 2
28 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Final Part Part Three
29 Rising after the Deadly Aftermath
30 Dead by Midnigh
31 Howl Of the Dead
32 Dead Bodies First Par
33 Dead Bodies Second Par
34 Dead Bodies Third Par
35 Dead Bodies Fourth Par
36 The Deadly Besiege: Second Barrage
37 A Deadly Resolution
38 The Teachers And the Dead
39 Pride, Prejudice and the Dead
40 Evade The Dead
41 Dead Hour
42 Burn The Dead
43 Passage of the Dead
44 A Deadly Delinquen
45 The Deadly Leader
46 Dead, Dead and More Dead
47 The Safe Haven from the Bottom of The Dead
48 The Ragtag Group of the Dead
49 Operation: Escape School of the Dead
50 Deadly Rivalry
51 Preparation for the Deadly Morning
52 A Talk on the Dead
53 The Deadly Morning
54 The Crowd of the Dead
55 Twins of the Dead
56 Key of the Dead
57 If Escaping the Dead is Impossible
58 Bus of the Dead
59 Struggles against the Dead
60 The Deadly Blaze of Glory
61 Escaping the School of the Dead Epilogue of Arc 1
《Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic》 Volume 2
62 The Dead City Prologue of Arc 2
63 Spawn of the Dead
64 Riot of the Dead
65 Survivors of the Dead
66 Gun store of the Dead
67 Worshippers of the Dead
68 The Cult of the Dead
69 Destroying the Cult of the Dead Part 1 of 2
70 Destroying the Cult of the Dead Part 2 or 2
71 Hound of the Dead
72 Joe of the Dead
73 Refitters of the Dead
74 Mansion of the Dead
75 Funeral of the Dead
76 Coins of the Dead
77 Scavenge the Dead Part 1 of 5
78 Scavenge the Dead Part 2 of 5
79 Scavenge the Dead Part 3 of 5
80 Scavenge the Dead Part 4 of 5
81 Scavenge the Dead Part 5 of 5
82 Group of the Dead
83 Preparations against the Dead
84 Countdown of the Dead Part 1 of 2
85 Countdown of the Dead Part 2 of 2
86 Deadly Mutated
87 A Calm in the Deadly Night Rage
88 When the Dead Screams
89 When the Dead are Calm
90 When the Deadly Night Rage are not that deadly
91 Meeting the Scavengers of the Dead
92 Deadly Hostility
93 Kill or you are dead
94 Behind the Deadly Enemy Lines
95 The Dead Way Back Home
96 Pastor of the Dead
97 Contacting the Survivors of the Dead
98 Hackers of the Dead
99 The Deadly Project Eve
100 Announcement of the Dead
101 The Dead and the Living
102 Finding the Spawns of the Dead
103 The Deadly Darkness
104 Caught In A Deadly Night Rage
105 The Mafia and the Child of the Dead Part 1
106 The Mafia and the Child of the Dead Part 2
107 The Mafia and The Child of the Dead Part 3
108 The Mafia and The Child of the Dead Part 4
109 Operation Dead Diversion
110 Hell in the Deadly Road
111 The Beginning of a Deadly Mutation
112 Another Deadly Lackeys
113 The Deadly Encounter
114 The Gangsters Of the Dead
115 The Awakening of the Child of the Dead
116 Deadly Revelation
《Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic》 Volume 3
117 The Deadly Assassin
118 Hellish Dead Hounds
119 Dogs That Want You Dead
120 Killing The Dead Dogs
121 Deadly Abduction
122 Slaughter the Dead Carnival Part 1
123 Slaughter the Dead Carnival Part 2
124 Slaughter The Dead Carnival Part 3
125 Where the Dead Goes
126 The Deadly Banshee
127 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 1
128 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 2
129 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 3
130 Deadly Osaka Drif
131 Deadly Impending Doom
132 Big Guns Against Dead People
133 I Spit on your Deadly Grave
134 Deadly Phlegm
135 Office of the Dead
136 Railway of the Dead
137 Horde of the Dead
138 Explosions of the Dead
139 The World Turned into A Deadly Place When I Go Ou
140 A Gamer's Surprise After Seeing The Dead
141 Deadly Dilemma
142 The Dead is Here
143 The Confession of the Dead
144 Become the Dead or Escape?
145 The Deadly Escape Accompanied by The Deadliest Bai
146 Dive Into The Dead
147 Rooftops of the Dead
148 Gas Station of the Dead