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Soul of Searing Steel

Author:Gloomy Sky Hidden God

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UpdateTime:2019/9/18 12:09:50

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Joshua woke up in the middle of a battlefield one day only to discover that he has been transmigrated into a popular MMORPG, Continental War. Discovering that he has not only been displaced in space but also in time, Joshua realizes he has knowledge of the events unfolding around the world as he had played through them as game events. Read on to discover how Joshua forges his path towards becomin...
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 1
1 Who the Hell Stabbed Me in the Back?!
2 The Division
3 The Itch in the Fists
4 Three Million, One Hundred and Ninety Seven Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty-One
5 The Old Butler
6 Under the Light of the Twin Moons
7 A Soldier’s Life
8 You Seem Familiar
9 Like Father, Like Son
10 One After Another
11 Are You Guys Dumb for Plotting so Much Against Each Other?
12 I Have This Feeling That I Could Just Level Up by Unsheathing My Sword
13 Sword and Axe, Fire and Steel
14 My Weapon Can Change Into a Girl?! FML!
15 The Beginning of a Prelude
16 Tit for Ta
17 How Can Power Be an Inconvenience?
18 Invincible Part 1
19 Invincible Part 2
20 Reasoning in Recklessness: Abide by the Rules
21 Sometimes, It Would Be Awkward If Your Enemy’s Too Weak!
22 You Have Stepped on a Toe, My Friend!
23 There’s No Good Ending for Being Weak, Why Can’t You Understand That?
24 How Can You Collapse Before I Use My Ultimate Skill?
25 Seven Gods of Men
26 Of the Church, Only Seven Members Had an Unspeakable Scheme
27 Why Does My Writing Suck When I Have Been Including Tons of Plot and Foreshadowing?
28 The Secret Letter
29 Monolith
30 Another End
31 Weren’t the Fighters in the North Old Farts?
32 I am your Father—No... Liege of the City
33 Oh My, There Is Even a Banquet?
34 A Familiar Person?
35 Are They Promoting Their Daughters?
36 Charm Doesn’t Appear to Do Any Good at All
37 Since I’ve Transmigrated, I’d Better Do Some Good Deed Without Leaving a Name. Damn! That’s Cool!
38 The Empire Has Decided, You’re Going to Fight the Dark Tide
39 Ying, Your Status Seems a Little Off!
40 Why Are You Jealous of a Weapon?
41 The Ancient Dragons
42 This is the Hua Shan… No, Steel Armor Kokyu-ho
43 Berserk
44 By the End of It, You Still Need Me to Do It with My Own Hands, You Bunch of Pathetic Fools
45 The End of the Burning Era
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 2
46 Besieging the Fortress
47 Communication
48 I’ll Be There Soon
49 A Stale War
50 Sky Splitter
51 Could Trash Like You Put Up a Better Fight?
52 Plans and Schemes Are Too Troublesome! How I Wish to Butcher Some Guys!
53 Willpower
54 Ying’s Concern
55 Minor Tasks to Be Done
56 If I Were to Get Lost Here, It Is the Fault of the Architec
57 White Dragon of the Snowy Plains
58 The Family’s Cemetery
59 The Power of Legacy
60 The Flame of Legacy in the Ashes
61 Transition of the Memory
62 I Think You Have Big Issues with Each Other
63 Chaos That Seeped In
64 In the Name of the Northern Wind
65 Rushing Assaul
66 Battle 1
67 Reinforcements 2
68 Charge, Onrush 1.2 Two Chapters Combined
69 A Warrior’s Creed Is to Go All Out When They Mee
70 A Warrior’s Creed Is to Run Their Enemies Over Without Hesitation
71 Brandon Kaos
72 First Encounter
73 The Story Is Different From What I Know!
74 The Dual Blades of Order
75 Messages from the Past and the Future
76 Loyalty
77 The Problem Among Weapons
78 A Progressive Transitional Period
79 You're Such an Annoying Woman. Why Shouldn't I Just Charge Out and Kill Them All?
80 The Azurite
81 Cut the Crap, Let's Figh
82 The View from Behind
83 The Gloomy Fortress
84 Pure and Simple Comba
85 A Huge Snowstorm
86 Chaos Dimensional Rif
87 Wait, Are You Going to Act Recklessly Again?!
88 The Warrior and the Coward
89 Furious Roar
90 Not Far from Here
91 The Reopening of the Dimensional Rif
92 Giant Monsters
93 The Encounter and the Red Wooden Runic Box
94 An Instan
95 Siege
96 Praise the Sun!
97 Sunlight Spear
98 Level Whirring Up!
99 Eat My Huge-*ss Sword!
100 The Dogfight between Blade and Fang
101 Fall to the Ground
102 The Fall of the Berserk Dragon
103 Avatar!
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 3
104 Cutting It in Half with a Sword!
105 The Dragon Died, but a Demon Rose
106 The Destruction of Killer Instinc
107 Big Guy
108 Holy Brilliance
109 The Falling Tide
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 4
110 The Secret Empire Meeting
111 Drink Up Warriors, You Earned I
112 Homecoming and Healing
113 Healing, the System, and the Shrine’s Rumour
114 Alphonso’s Letter
115 The World in a Nightmare
116 Not The Time to Make Promises
117 A New Year Draws Near
118 The Remnants of Chaos
119 Year-End Festival
120 Waiting
121 Swords Are Not the Only Weapons I Have
122 The First Round of Battle
123 Extreme Mach Punch!
124 Shun-Goku Satsu
125 Twin Infernal Serpents Ring
126 Ying’s Slumber
127 A Prolonged Slumber
128 Steel That Was Tainted by Chaos 1
129 Steel That Was Tainted by Chaos 2
130 The Steel That Was Tainted by Chaos 3
131 I Will Find a New Partner If You Still Refuse to Wake Up
132 With the Dreams, Chaos Awaits
133 Pact with a New Divine Armament, Ling
134 To the Dwarven Settlemen
135 The Realm Below
136 Hidden Secrets
137 Why Not Beer?
138 Runic Factory
139 Aragami, Armor and Mysterious Power
140 Accidents Will Happen
141 The Barren World
142 Nothing to Worry Abou
143 The Dusty Plains
144 Steel-Essence Crystal Storm
145 The Roar of Steel
146 A Mobile Fortress
147 Brute Force Entry
148 Central Doctrine Area
149 Phantom of the Pas
150 Soul That Pursues Order
151 The Story of the Pas
152 Clues about the Dimensional Rif
153 The Sign of the End of the World
154 To Battle!
155 Slaughtering Them
156 To Victory!
157 Mystical Tree of Steel
158 A Horizontal Sweep
159 The Offspring of the Evil God, The Tooth of Desolation
160 I Have More Been Blessed with a Dozen Buffs, I Can Even Slice You to Death with an ‘A'!
161 Aragami Hunting Contes
162 Triumph over the Impossible!
163 Ignite This Bonfire
164 The Eyes of the Gods—Sacred Adven
165 A Sorrowful World
166 The Warrior's Answer
167 The King of Searing Soul
168 The Power of Order is Here!
169 The Flower that Bloomed Quietly
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 5
170 Ripping the Dimensional Rift Barehanded
171 Man of Justice That Possesses the Aura of Fear
172 Come to Think of It, It Seems That It Has Been Made by the Imperial Order
173 You Flirtatious... Huh?
174 The Fate of Men—Truly Unpredictable
175 Elven Express, the Purpose Must Be Fulfilled
176 The Fruit of the Tree of Life
177 The Dragon Which Returned to the Nes
178 You're Asking Whether I Support This or Not?
179 Mages Only Need a Flash Spell. That Is the Special Thing About the North
180 Self-Awareness of Being a Whirlpool
181 Peak of the Sacred Mountain of the Distant Sea
182 The Book of Eibon
183 Do Not Simply Open the Dimensional Rift. That Is Common Sense
184 Learn to Use the Common Tongue, Then Maybe You Won't Die
185 An Itch in the Palm
186 Where Would the Ring Fit Better?
187 Site Selection for the Academy
188 Whose Palm Print is This?
189 The Prelude of the Era Is Gradually Revealed
190 The Wind That Swept Through the Past and the War
191 The Prelude of the New World
192 Lolita in the North Is Good, but Unfortunately—
193 Predictions
194 Dragons and Fire
195 Bravery
196 The Changed World
197 Walking on Fire
198 Arrival at the Dragon's Lair
199 My Apologies, I'm Just a Warrior
200 Earthshaking Assaul
201 Enemy of Man
202 Come To Think Of It, Isn’t This Child Labor?
203 Bathed in Dragon’s Blood
204 Joshua the Dragon Slayer
205 Although I Am Very Happy That the Children Have Grown…
206 Experience Penalty Is a Level Suppressor. Or Is It…
207 Everyone Loves Children
208 The Newspaper is Indeed a New Gimmick
209 It Is Not Necessarily a Dragon Just Because It Has Wings, It Could Also Be…
210 The Dream to Ride a Dragon on Other People’s Faces
211 Successful Awakening
212 Hints from the Far Ancient Era
213 The Ancient Battlefield
214 A Long Journey
215 Concealed Chaos
216 There Are Always People Plotting Against Me
217 Confrontation with the Assassins
218 Your Liege Does Not Need Any Blessings
219 What’s So Funny? You’re a Dragon Too!
220 After I Beat You, We Shall Become Friends
221 After Engaging with the Young One, the Old One Arrives
222 Secret Discussion of the Sage
223 Big News
224 The Debut of the Evil Forces
225 The Manipulator Behind the Scenes Steps out onto the Stage
226 My Friend, Could It Be That You Are…
227 The Trial of Mastery
228 To Reaffirm, Winter Fort is a Mage Academy
229 Alright Then, Winter Fort Is a Class Academy
230 Although This Is an Announcment for Warriors, Everyone Wants to Be a Mage
231 I Feel Hopeless
232 Just like the Evergreen Pine Wood
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 6
233 Good News from the Empire
234 War Has Arrived as Promised
235 Blood of the Ancient Dragons
236 A Trip into the Volcano
237 I Have No Enemies
238 Dragon-Blood Mythal
239 Think About This Issue Carefully
240 Prepare for Departure
241 Do Not Eat Things That Were Thrown by Strangers
242 Another World
243 A Conspiracy Brewing Behind the Scenes
244 Flame Seed
245 The Shadow of the Sage
246 Sage
247 My Enemy
248 The Power of Destruction
249 We’re Watching You
250 The Residential Homicide
251 Volcanic Dragon
252 Technicians Are All the Same
253 My Friend, Why Do You Have That Look on Your Face?
254 Just Run If You Cannot Defeat It. That’s the Survival Rule of the Nobles.
255 Sudden Explosion
256 Cultists
257 Hidden Trouble
258 Heart of Chaos
259 The Pillar of the Archdemon
260 You All Should Stay Quie
261 Come out and Face Me
262 Despair? Fear? What are Those?
263 Who Would Have Thought That the Demon Was Not Invincible
264 The Lost Dragon
265 Someone Finally Noticed the Fact That the Horse Was Los
266 Chaos That Descended from the Heavens
267 The Debut of the Dark Forces in the Shadows
268 Advanced Aura of Despair
269 All That One Could Wish For
270 I Thought So Too
271 The Royal Treasury
272 How Do You Define a Treasure?
273 No Dialects Please. Only Common Tongue, Thanks.
274 Black, You’re Finished! No One in Heaven or on Earth Can Save You Now
275 Demon of Calamity
276 Apocalyptic Circle
277 Crisis and the Turning Poin
278 We Need Experts for This
279 The Arrival of the Warrior in Another World
280 The Path that Leads Back Home is Now Gone
281 Eradicate the Pes
282 War, Massacre, and Destruction Have Arrived
283 You Chose to Fight Head On
284 Hoist the White Flag. We Surrender!
285 Ruins of an Ancient Elven Empire
286 The Divine Tree of Beginnings
287 The Promise that Went on for Millenniums
288 The Flame Has Long Been Extinguished
289 The One I Look Up To
290 The Mountain is the Enemy!
291 One of the Ten Calamities, Skyflare
292 Thunder Elemental
293 Turning Around with Confidence
294 The Direction of Progress
295 Step Aside, I Shall Take It from Here
296 Let the Many Beat up the Minority
297 The Truth
298 Evil God Calamity
299 Kars
300 Father Nature
301 This is My Promise
302 World of Sorrow
303 A Reason to Figh
304 Level Up!
305 Dragon-hunting Gunblade
306 A Chaotic Battle
307 Epoch of Awakening
308 My Divine Throne Lies Here in the Promised Land
309 I've Come to this World to Win and Win Again!
310 Till Death Do Us Par
311 Onward! To Battle!
312 The Soul of All Beings
313 Until Winter Passes and Spring Comes Around
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 7
314 Steel Residue
315 Awakening
316 Abruptly Plummeting Charm
317 Fear Incarnate
318 That's Not Really Evil, My Friend
319 The Black Plague
320 The Future I Desire
321 Chest of Erebus
322 The Best Candidate
323 Familiar Scen
324 Clearing the Crowd with Presence Alone
325 I Allow You to Challenge Me
326 Comparable Battle
327 The Situation All Around the World
328 Level of Violence
329 The Nuclear Star
330 Black Shroud
331 Living Shroud
332 A Great Nun
333 Divinity
334 The God of Fortune and Despair
335 A God’s Secre
336 Choice of the Holy Knigh
337 Ougel
338 The Long and Winding Road
339 The Way to Become a God
340 Farewell
341 How Could it Not be a Misfortune?
342 Prophecy
343 Shapeshifting Pendan
344 Regarding Miss 03’s Fans
345 That is a Coincidence
346 Ying’s growth
347 Abyssal Sea
348 Black and the Dragon Eggs
349 Human, It’s Death You Seek!
350 Scar
351 The Man Who Holds Life Within His Palm
352 Dragon Egg
353 Self-Destructing Armor
354 This World Needs a Hero
355 Sailor of the Stormy Seas
356 Joshua van Radcliffe
357 The Academy Drama Ends
358 No Man is an Island
359 The Pure
360 Aerial Battleship
361 The Worrying Dragon
362 Authority
363 Arriving at the Far South
364 To War
365 Charging into the Sacred Mountain
366 Black Dragon of the Deathly Smoke
367 To Raise the Spirit of Armies and Bring Salvation to Dire Affairs
368 Epoch
369 A Strike Back at the Dark Abyss
370 That's Too Much, My Friend
371 The Power of Freedom
372 Slaughter
373 Human Transfiguration Magic
374 Falling on Flat Land
375 Acquaintances from the Pre-Existence Are All Over the World
376 Norni Nolan
377 The Cage of the Sea
378 The Desolate Predators
379 Only Name is Required
380 A Battle Without Wasting Any Breath on Nonsense
381 Disintegrated
382 Sailing Through the Waves
383 Charge Right In!
384 Debris of the Continen
385 Traitor
386 The Terminal of the World
387 Divinity 1
388 Divinity—Part 2
389 The Man Who is Born to Battle
390 Trust and Determination
391 Glowing Concentrated Radiance
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 8
392 Reunion
393 No, I Am Not Alright at All
394 Divinity Detected
395 Reason and Excuses
396 Order Circulation
397 War Begins
398 Changing the Course of History
399 I’ll Talk, I’ll Talk
400 Heart of the Battle
401 Longsword of the Ashlands
402 Heartwood of the Lifetree
403 That Which I Love Dearly
404 Yes, I Was the One Who Threw I
405 My Favourite Story
406 I Am Back
407 The Undead
408 The Death of Alphonso Carlos
409 They Could Not Have Known
410 The Truth and Departure
411 There You Are, I've Found You
412 My Rules
413 The Mana Tide Looms
414 Surging Mood
415 Unit-01's Fine Growth
416 Flawless Plan
417 Perfect Body
418 No, He Is That Scary
419 Bravery and Avalanche
420 That Could be the Best News
421 The Supreme Warrior Who Does Not Wish to Reveal His Name
422 Steel Strength
423 En Route
424 Could Charm Have Recovered?
425 Not Giving a Damn
426 The Light of Life
427 Cult Ambush
428 Combat Aura Steel Armor
429 The Unnamable Beas
430 I’m the Blight of All Things, the Incarnation of Life
431 Sword, Come!
432 What a Coincidence, Me Too
433 Go Back!
434 Cancer
435 Concealed Progress
436 That’s a Seal
437 Stepping Through the Door
438 Evil God Fragmen
439 Evil God of Air
440 The Third Holy Apostle
441 It Is a Great Idea
442 Because I’m Still Alive
443 The Center of Every Gaze Assembled
444 The Scene of Another World
445 The Nature’s Magister Has Come to Visi
446 Welcome To The North
447 God’s Tears
448 Seizing Fate By The Throa
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 9
449 I’ll Be Right Back
450 What Actually Happened?
451 World Devourer
452 Heroic Spiri
453 Surging Shades
454 The Plan Needs to Change
455 Prelude To War
456 Body of Steel
457 Titan
458 Misunderstanding
459 You’re Late
460 Let Me Have a Look!
461 Titan’s Body, To the West!
462 The Missing Girl
463 Death Shade Ambush
464 I Am the Army
465 He’s No Fool
466 Human Limi
467 Codes And Promises
468 Ending
469 An Absolutely Undesired Journey
470 Near
471 The Right to be Willful
472 Destruction and Rebirth
473 Worth, Sword, and Courage Part One
474 Worth, Sword, and Courage Part Two
475 You Are Worth Fighting Agains
476 Falling Stars
477 Divine Domain and Guidance
478 Final Choice Part One
479 Final Choice Part Two
480 Not a Perfect Ending
481 Steel Body
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 10
482 Dense Shroud
483 Inherent World Shif
484 Burning Ambition
485 Ancient Dragon
486 An All-new Beginning
487 Envoy Part One
488 Envoy Part 2
489 Sleeping Dragon Abyss
490 Unchanging
491 Magma Sea, Fiery Hell
492 Thought Particles
493 Godly Adven
494 The Past of Another World
495 Sage’s Whereabouts
496 The Path To Take
497 Thanks, Sorry, They Are Mine
498 State of the World
499 Adamantium Body Refinement!
500 Unusual Movemen
501 Abundantly Weighted
502 Unit 01’s True Form!
503 Arrival
504 Ambition and Revolution
505 Power Filled with Wisdom
506 Door of Finality
507 Challenge of the Unknown
508 Look, What Have We Found?
509 Incident of the Missing Legendary Mages
510 Come Out!
511 The Abyss is So Huge
512 Divinity Spreading
513 Another Abyss
514 Walking the Dragon in the Abyss
515 Like the Sun
516 Anything Beneath the Sun Can Be a Sword!
517 I’m No Demon After All
518 Way of Kings
519 Searing Soul Stare
520 Teach Them A Lesson
521 Enemy of Ten Thousand Armies Part One
522 Enemy of Ten Thousand Armies Part Two
523 Giant God
524 You Don’t Understand My Power
525 The Weight of Wisdom
526 Choice
527 Demon King and Dragon God
528 Worry
529 Fligh
530 Bloodmoon Abyss
531 Writer’s Block Transition
532 The Conspiracy Behind the Destruction
533 Orb of Ligh
534 Augury
535 Karlis’s Entrusting
536 Commission of Worlds
537 Concern
538 Abnormal Shifts of the Luminous Orb
539 You Have Great Potential
540 Starfall Era
541 The Remains of the Gods
542 Ancient Dragon Mystery
543 Liquid Crystal and Network
544 Master Qiao’s System
545 Do You Plan to Give Me Something?
546 It’s Time to Leave
547 Courage
548 Legacy Anomaly
549 Omen
550 Vengefulness
551 Expectations of Predecessors
552 A Sunday without Joshua
553 The Darkness Amidst the Stars
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 11
554 Pledge
555 Kiss
556 Past and Presen
557 Means
558 An Ancient Call
559 Multiverse Projec
560 Preparations to Save a World
561 Codename Stellaris
562 Answering the Call
563 Four for the Price of One
564 Mother Tree
565 Four Plans
566 Warping
567 Evil God of Pestilence
568 Where Is the Enemy?
569 Beam System
570 Heading in the Wrong Direction
571 Superior Comba
572 Drill and Fuel
573 Legendary Mage in Action
574 Extradimensional Strike
575 Who Do You Think I Am?
576 Nuclear Fusion Lightspeed Punch
577 Pursuit on Beam System Part One
578 Pursuit on Beam System
579 Anti-World Weapon
580 By Any Means Necessary
581 Ultimate Evolution
582 Weapon of the Midgardians
583 Sub-Space Breaking Cannon
584 Pushing the Sun towards…
585 After Everything Ended
586 Late Reward
587 Who Would Know the Future?
588 Path to Paean
589 Return
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 12
590 The Gaze of an Entire World
591 News
592 Impending Upheaval
593 Summing Up Gains
594 Blood of Ancient Dragons
595 Reason for Pride
596 Speed of Ligh
597 Warp Punch
598 Troublesome Persons
599 Fairy Cards
600 Irresistible Thing
601 Handling Miscellaneous Matters
602 Let Me See
603 The Ancient Dragon Awakens
604 Limits of the Mind
605 Sorry for the Trouble
606 Invitation and a Balrog’s Adventure
607 Time to Make a Pac
608 So-Called Apostle
609 Imitating and Learning
610 Lord of the Skies
611 A Soul Mastery that Only Belongs to ‘Me’
612 Predecessor and Successor Part One
613 Predecessor and Successor Part Two
614 Actuate Bol
615 The Moving Wheel of Fate
616 Gazes of Ten Thousand Worlds
617 En Route, Almost Arriving
618 Not Reinforcements
619 Alone
620 True Enemy
621 A Chosen Direction
622 Just Tha
623 Profound Darkness
624 Profound Darkness Part Two
625 Combined Might of All Things
626 Get Rid of the Enemy, then Think
627 I Am He Who Reignited the Flame
628 Savior
629 Joshua's Daily Life
630 Those Ten Thousand Worlds
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 13
631 Us Fairies Don’t Beg!
632 Welcome to My World
633 The Food Chain of the Liege’s Residence
634 Spirit-Substance Transition
635 Steel Strength and Revolution
636 The Slowly Unfolding World
637 Appearance of the Interne
638 I’ve Said It Before
639 Asked the Right Person
640 Mana Net Terminal Alpha Test Ver. 0.9
641 Forum and External Exploration Team
642 Let us Lead Them forward
643 Long Time, No See
644 The Truth Behind the Holy Ones’ Descen
645 Seven Gods and New Inciden
646 Interlude
647 Winter Fort Academy's Redemption System
648 Mundane Happiness
649 A Different Creation
650 You Are Truly Worthy
651 Subterranean Realm
652 Lessons from the Books
653 Blessing the New Generation Part One
654 Blessing the New Generation Part Two
655 The Mentioned Subterranean Realm
656 Flipping Heaven and Earth
657 Ancient Temple
658 Definitely Not Disappointed
659 Nostradamus’s Wish
660 I Shall Watch Over This Nation
661 The Moving Stars
662 That’s Very Joshua
663 Eve of the Decisive Battle
664 Prelude to War
665 Who Could be that Unlucky?
666 Therefore, Fear
667 Demon’s Hope
668 Never Retrea
669 Madness and Stupidity
670 Elevating the Holy Mountain
671 Demon’s Resolve
672 Reshaping the Land
673 The Night Has Passed, the Day Has Come
674 This Era…
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 14
675 Meeting a God
676 Great Change
677 Multiverse Anomaly
678 Possible Answer
679 Today's Moldavia
680 My Order
681 The Signal from Afar
682 Who Seeks My Aid?
683 Threshold of the Holy One
684 Void Vortex
685 Black Fog Ant Colony
686 Descen
687 Twenty Years of Hope and Waiting
688 Walking Towards a New World
689 The Evilest Garden of Eden
690 Breeding Ultra-power
691 Empty Hell
692 Demons Amongst Humans
693 Born Out of Expectation
694 A Dream Without Hope
695 Power and Pride
696 Lightning Storm
697 Self-consciousness
698 Not Much of a World
699 Soul Star
700 All Things That Moved Against the Tide
701 That is the Only Way
702 Fattrovi
703 The One Who Embodies Authority
704 Religion
705 Battle in the World Inner
706 The Wind is Howling
707 Future Observation Part One
708 Future Observation Part Two
709 World Ablaze
710 Final Chapter of Love and Hope
711 There is a Power
712 End of Childhood
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 15
713 Slumbering Cocoon
714 No-Hair Theorem and Returning Home
715 It’s a Cocoon
716 Deep Space Observation
717 Unified Archive
718 World ‘Reborn’
719 World Inside the Cocoon
720 Information Delivery Beyond Lightspeed
721 Dark Forest Movement and Evil God Retrieval
722 Age of Information
723 Potted Plant in Hand
724 Legendary Beasts
725 Fire of One
726 Joshua’s Light of Order
727 Ultimate Civilization
728 Just Tha
729 Frigh
730 Resurrection and Restoration Beam
731 Destroyer of the Dark Fores
732 Second Signal
733 Otherworld Exploration Begins
734 Silver Fairy
735 Rainbow of the Dark
736 Grave of the Black Fog
737 Interlude: Darkness and Gloom
738 Shelter Omega
739 Absolute Protection
740 Arriving Beyond Worlds
741 Neutron Star Battle Form
742 Effective Hostility Banishment Punching
743 Belly of the Beas
744 Illuminating the Way Ahead
745 Power of Legends
746 Authority of Gods
747 My Way, Your Evil
748 World Removal
749 Meet Your Maker
750 Hell is in the Hear
751 Illuminating the Way Ahead
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 16
752 Adventurer
753 Perfect Base Human Form
754 Sighing Regretfully
755 Game and Player
756 Peaceful Paradise
757 Path of No Return
758 Zero-Three in the Archives
759 Missing Evil God and Possible Experimen
760 Wanting to Run
761 All that They Say was Righ
762 If There Was No Try
763 Secret of the Seven Gods
764 Crow’s Mouth and Trouble Finder
765 Starherder Cour
766 World Flee
767 Master Josh System Officially Online
768 Painfully Battered Galaxy
769 Now
770 Mental Algorithm
771 Teleportation… Success?
772 Purebred Elves
773 Nine Moons in the Sky
774 Missing Data
775 Ancient Civilization Creation
776 An Otherworld Filled with Secrets
777 Wrong Time
778 Chaos Corruption
779 To Herd the Stars
780 Time Dilation
781 Looking Toward the Distance
782 Putting Up Airs
783 Six Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-Two Years
784 Prison of a Captive God
785 Wither
786 Because, Therefore
787 World Eater
788 The Lost Forerunners
789 Exactly Why
790 What Meaning is There
791 More Frightening than Chaos
792 Soul-Substance Transition
793 Fall
794 Great Explosion
795 Corruption
796 Eat I
797 Thinking Nothing
798 Exceeding Worlds
799 The Power to Change Everything
800 Rebirth
801 Simple-Minded Person
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 17
802 Beginning of Death
803 Mentioned by Name
804 The Great Khan
805 Civilizations of Calamities
806 Limits of Life
807 An Ordinary Northern Barbarian Maid Warrior
808 Therefore, Wonder
809 Reluctance to Change
810 Are You Willing to Join My Order?
811 Struggle between Order
812 Flawless Preparation
813 Choice
814 The Prophecy from Afar
815 After Growing Up
816 Breeding Place of Evil Gods
817 Sudden Conflic
818 Sorrow and Despair
819 Similar Scrip
820 Retribution against Civilization
821 A Very Ordinary Prelude
822 Like a God
823 Civilization’s at One’s Palm
824 Sight of Arrogance
825 Shrine of the Races, the Gods and the Multiverse
826 Joshua Does Not Care
827 Rising Beyond…
828 All That Was Gradually Unraveled
829 Chaos Chain
830 Is It All My Fault?
831 Project Rebirth
832 Truth
833 Swift and Decisive Action
834 Peace Envoy Part One
835 Peace Envoy Part Two
836 Peace Envoy Part Three
837 Goliath
838 Extraordinary War
839 Celestial Domain
840 Offering Fealty
841 Heart of the Demon King
842 Heaven to The Lef
843 The Final Stretch of the Nether River
844 Striding Towards Finality
845 Singing Triumphantly in the Face of Death
846 Great Wound
847 This Is The Momen
848 Ten Seconds
849 I Am The Blazing Fire
850 Cry of Misery
851 The Final, Necessary Path
852 Battling Death and Sorrow
853 I Have Heard Your Call
854 Swinging the Axe to Cut Down the Causality Tangling a Hundred Outcomes
855 The Night Vanishes into the Morning of Endings
856 God of World Creation
《Soul of Searing Steel》 Volume 18
857 Roaring at the Future
858 Return Part One
859 Return Part Two
860 Divinity Erosion
861 Continental War Is Now Online!
862 Spore
863 Human Evil… War Of Civilizations Given Form
864 Calm Cocoon
865 So, Powering Up is Possible Through Games
866 Forum Discussion and Abdication
867 News from the Metal Dragon God
868 Dragon of Divine Mystery
869 Devastated Homeland
870 There Is More Than One
871 The Still Multiverse
872 The Resolve to Leave
873 Dark Future
874 If Tomorrow Is To Be Fought For
875 Heaven Reaching Tower
876 Remembrance and Construction