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8 Gifts and unknown

After becoming a Titled saint, he entered a state of comprehension while losing track of time once again to have a better grasp and full control over his power.

1 Month later -

Tian Chen awakens from his secluded cultivation and gets up to do some stretching to feel his overall body state while thinking of his gain in the cultivation of the past 1 month when he hears the system.


{Important notice for Host}


{Host can no longer raise his cultivation by killing}


{Now whenever Host kills someone/something, he will only gain Sp to buy stuff from the store while that too from those that are in same or above the Host's cultivation Level}


{In order to increase his cultivation, Host will have to cultivate normally while gathering divine energy}


{This is due to Host having steeped in the Titled saint realm as increasing cultivation by killing is only possible for Martial cultivators especially for that have a killing type cultivation technique}

``Hmm, why does it feel like my cheat got nerfed?´´


{There is an unopened special gift package for entering the titled realm}


{Next package at the next major Realm}


{Secondary Occupation unlocked}


{New Occupation gift packaged received}


{Quests Unlocked}


{REMINDER : Sect section available}

'Hoh, new stuff huh well first is the gifts, System open the first gift package'


{Opening gift pack .....25%...50%....100%}


{Congratulations host for obtaining :

= Close combat arts (Rank 12)

= Complete information package

= Rebirth pill (Rank 12)}

'Hmm, this is some good stuff, I will check everything later though after opening all the gifts. System, open the New Occupation Gift Package.'




{Obtained the following gifts :

= Random occupation Ticket

= Occupation support tool (Rank 1)_(evolvable)

= Occupation starting ingredient set 10x}

'Hoh, more stuff to check, well I bet there is more since i wanna build a sect myself. System activate the Sect section'


{Sect sercton activating....25%....50%....100%}


{Please choose your sect name}


{Warning, this cannot be changed later}

``Hmm, well that is natural since it is a name of a sect and a sect name is't something you can just change.´´

'Ancient Imperial Sect'


{Name confirmed}


{Congratulations Host for obtaining a special gift pack for setting up your new sect}

'I new there would be more gifts. System open the gift pack.'


{Opening gift pack...25%.....50%....100%}


{Congratulations for Obtaining :

= Eternal Void Mountain (Rank 12)

= Eternal Foundation Building Techniques - Cultivation, Martial [Punch, claw etc.], Weapon, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Talisman, Formation and Taming for Martial Practitioners.

=1000 Steps Divine Ladder (Rank 12)

= Divine Holy Land (Rank 12)

= Gravity / Time speed up Chamber -5x (Rank 12)

= Body cleansing pill -20x (Rank 12)

=Bodhi Tree (Rank 12)

=10.000 Sect points.)


{Talent analysis function now available}


{Sect store now available}


{Special Skill learned - Teaching (Rank 12) max Lvl}

'Hmm, i think this should be all right? oh well whatever. System tell me detailed information on every thing i got other than those that i alreadyy know of.'


{Right away Host}



Saint Rank gift -

Close Combat Arts : Makes one's body equal to weapons when attacking or defending while sharpening one's speed and senses.(Rank 12)

Complete Information Package : Contains Information about everything that exists in this world and beyond.(No Rank)


Occupation gift -

Random Occupation Ticket : Use to get a random Occupation out of the many occupations of the world.(Rank 12)

Occupation support tool : Use to get the supporting tool for the occupation.(Can be evolved)_(Rank1)

Occupation starting ingredients : Use to get ingredients for the occupation to practice.10x (Rank unknown)


Sect Gift -

Eternal Void Mountain : A mountain as big as an Island, full of the purest energy of heaven and Earth known as Origin Energy, that has been floating in the void.(Rank 12)

Eternal Foundation Techniques : For the best foundation when starting your cultivation journey. Beneficial for Martial Practitioners. Normal Kids of max age 10 to start their journey.(Rank 12)

1000 Steps Divine Ladder : Stair ladder made up of 1000 steps which tests the will power and strong heart of those that try to ascend it. Also temper them and increase their talent in their respective fields.(Rank 12)

Divine Holy Land : A place that Boosts the speed of cultivation of those inside it.(Rank 12)

Gravity / Time Chamber : Pressure can be increased for physical training and time can speeded up for long cultivation. (Rank 12)

Body Cleansing Pill : Can be used to remove impurities as well as enhance potential of the body.(Rank 12)

Bodhi Tree : Helps one enter the state of enlightenment no matter how chaotic ones mind is to comprehend as well as increasing the comprehension speed 50%. (Rank 12)

Sect points : Can be used to buy different type of things for the sect in the Sect store.

Talent Analysis Function : Allows you to see the talent of the target in numerical value.

Special Skill = Teaching (Rank 12 max lvl)_(Passive) : Can teach and enlighten others as well as impart knowledge to others.


'Well that is quite a lot I got huh. I will use it all later when I need to though coz first I must learn my new art which seems useful. System I would like to learn the Close Combat Arts.'


{Close Combat Arts Learned}

After it was all done, he moved his body a bit to check and practice the new art. He found it really good after practicing it for a few minutes. After then thought of what he should do next, when he suddenly remembered something and decided to check his inventory. After opening his storage, he started finding something. After finding it, he took it out and tried to check it description. But all he could see was,


Thunder pet egg : A mysterious being of the Thunder element resides with.(Rank unknown)


That is all he could read, so he decided to ask the system about it.