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“You’re not taking me to bed. Ever.”

“Who said it had to be on the bed?”

“What?! You wouldn’t dare kick me off the bed, and I will not share it with you!”

“The only reason I would force you out is so I can have you on the floor.”

She gritted her teeth and glared at her grinning husband.

“Go fuck yourself!” she hissed.

“Only if you show me how,...
《Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife》 Volume 1
1 Never to Fall in Love Again
2 Are you Gay?
3 Please Help Me, Miss Pancakes
4 Charming the Ice Devil
5 Do You Have a Boyfriend?
6 Thank You, Mr. Hollandaise
7 What Did You Just Call Me?
8 I Want You to Be My Wife
9 The Piggy Bank and the Trophy Wife
10 Only a Fool Will Dare to Bully My Wife
11 I Don't Need Massive Melons
12 Into the Doghouse, You Go
13 I’ll Make It up by Being in Your Future
14 Don’t Underestimate Yourself
15 How Does It Feel to Be Mrs. Shen?
16 The Kind of Kiss He Likes
17 A Marriage of Convenience?
18 Don't Give up on Us
19 Clothing Is 100% off at My Place
20 Shen Yi Was Defeated
21 Where's My Wedding Kiss?
22 I See You as a Woman
23 Her Wicked Husband
24 Shen Yi Hit the Jackpo
25 Darling, Are You Trying to Kill Me?
26 The Young Master Is in Love
27 Is There a Little Bun in the Oven?
28 Will You Catch Me If I Fall?
29 You Only Need to Ask
30 A Day and Night Difference
31 Shen Yi Is My Husband
32 The Black Sheep of the Sun Family
33 I Could Only Respect You If You Were Dead
34 Lu Xinyi Got Married
35 My Xinyi Doesn't Want to See You Again
36 Lu Xiulan's Favorite Desser
37 The Third Wheel
38 What Honeymoon?
39 Abstinence Is Hell
40 Heartbreak Of Losing a Best Friend
41 Caught in the Ac
42 The Price of His Betrayal
43 I’ll Let You Touch Me If You Have the Right Price
44 Lu Xinyi's Husband?
45 Can I Kiss You This Time?
46 I Should Be at the Top of Your List!
47 Come Here so I Could Devour You
48 Can I Borrow a Kiss? I Promise I'll Give It Back
49 A Great Blow to Her Vanity
50 First Date
51 I Think I’m Falling in Love with You
52 Do Your Wors
53 A Spoiled and Pampered Wife 1
54 A Spoiled and Pampered Wife 2
55 Run! Bitch! Run!
56 Confession
57 The Lady Boss Is a Devil in Disguise
58 Don’t Make Me Worry Too Much
59 Can I Marry You Again?
60 First Public Appearance
61 Xiao Lan
62 Why Me?
63 Let's Stop Pretending
64 These Lamb Chops Will Be Mine
65 Wedding Nigh
66 My One and Only
《Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife》 Volume 2
67 I Hate Mondays
68 Lu Xinyi's Guinea Pig
69 You're Courting Death
70 You Will Reap What You Sow
71 He Tends to His Grudge like a Little Pe
72 Silver Leaf Academy
73 Hello, Little Brother
74 Miss Lu, Who Exactly Are You to My Brother?
75 The King of Pick up Lines
76 Mommy Xinyi Is Angry
77 Interrogate Sister-In-Law 1
78 Interrogate Sister-In-Law 2
79 She’s Mine to Protec
80 Ice Cream or Me?
81 For Him, She Was Perfec
82 This Marriage Is Worth the Trouble
83 Lu Xinyi Is a Kept Woman
84 You're Giving Me the Wrong Size
85 Liar Liar Pants on Fire!
86 Sun Ruying
87 Just like Her Mother
88 The Path to Become a Proper Lady
89 The Things She Did for Love
90 Why Else Would I Love Her?
91 Wrapped Around Her Finger
92 You Are My North Star in This Ever Changing World
93 You’re Brother Yi’s Girlfriend!
94 The Shen Matriarch
95 I’ll Strip of His Status
96 A Lovesick Puppy
97 You Don't Belong Here
98 I’ll Get Back What’s Rightfully Mine
99 The Young Master's Beloved Wife
100 Face the Consequences
101 The True Heiress of His Estate
102 Don’t Drag the Whole Family down with You
103 When Do I Get to See Grandchildren?
104 I Will Destroy Empires Just for You
105 He Can Knock You up with Twins
106 Xia Yuhan Returns
107 The Fuck up Fairy Visited My Store Again
108 Life Is Hard When You’re an Ugly Girl That Likes a Cool Guy
109 Banishmen
110 Playing Playhouse
111 If I Throw a Stick, Will You Go Away?
112 A Crash Course in Parenting
113 She Dug Her Own Grave
114 Goodbye, Playtime
115 Better Than Restaurant Cooked Meals
116 The Second Young Master
117 A Babymaker Dress
118 Death Anniversary
119 Are You Worthy Enough to Have It?
120 You Want Me to Throw Myself in a Pit Full of Snakes?
121 The Prince Charming Bribed Cinderella
122 The Babysitter
123 You Got Issues. Trust Issues.
124 What's His Pee Pee Size?
125 There's No Smoke Without Fire
126 Out of My Way!
127 Li Yuren
128 Give Them Some Brownie Points
129 You Haven’t Learned Your Lessons
130 Where Do Babies Come From?
131 Our Daddy Doesn’t Love Us
132 I Love You
《Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife》 Volume 3
133 President Shen Only Got the Bes
134 We Will Take the Crown This Year
135 Hit and Run
136 Are You Pregnant?
137 You Are His Beloved
138 Chocolate Cake
139 Evil Husband, Glutton Wife
140 Food Baby
141 Yuan Jin
142 Young Madam Cannot Be Bullied
143 You Made Me Forget My Pick up Line
144 Your Secret Fantasy
145 Send Me Something Delicious
146 Fairy of the Lake
147 Strip Tease
148 The Emperor and the Fairy
149 When Did You Become Such a Tease?
150 Punish Me, Daddy. I’ve Been a Bad Girl
151 Wish Me Luck, My Love
152 Don’t Let Your Brain Go to Your Head
153 Liu Family Has Been Dethroned
154 Lu Xinyi of SY Holdings
155 She Doesn’t like to Share
156 Finding a Perfect Gif
157 Get Her Her Favorite Cheesecake!
158 Garlic Chicken Pasta
159 President Shen's Kitchen Disaster 1
160 President Shen's Kitchen Disaster 2
161 Don't You Love Me Anymore?
162 How to Make a Foodie Happy?
163 My Dear Cousin, Sun Feiyan
164 Home Is Where Her Heart Belong
165 LMD Valentine Special: The General and the Nine-Tailed Fox 1
166 LMD Valentine Special: The General and the Nine-Tailed Fox 2
167 LMD Valentine Special: The General and the Nine-Tailed Fox 3
168 LMD Valentine Special: Chocolate Kisses 1
169 LMD Valentine Special: Chocolate Kisses 2
170 The Outcast Princess
171 Who Didn’t Love Naptime?
172 Meeting with Sun Qiyan
173 As If Sun Qiyan Could Hurt Me
174 My Bitch Detector Is Broken
175 Flair Apparel Is in Trouble
176 I Don't Need Your Pity
177 Li Yuren's Fiancee
178 Assaul
179 Power over Him
180 We All Break Our Rules for Someone
181 Forever Yours
182 No One Hurt What Was His
183 Compare to Him, You Are Nothing
184 My Husband Is Talking to You
185 Hades and Persephone
186 End of the Line
187 It's Over
188 Yes, I'm an Idiot—Your Idio
189 My Hands aren’t Beautiful
190 The Next Top Chef of Silver Leaf Academy
191 The Headmaster
192 Miss Rank Number 2
193 Cut into Three
194 Cooking Isn’t a Continuous Process
195 Fighting for the Second Place
196 The Lu Style Double-Egg Golden Fried Rice
197 Boosting Shen Yi's Ego
198 She Was the One
199 What in All the Seven Hell Is This Woman Doing?
200 Dancing Noodles
201 The Young Prince of Cooking
202 Face-Off! Ye Xieren vs Lu Xinyi 1
203 Face-Off! Ye Xieren vs Lu Xinyi 2
204 An Imperfect Noodle Soup
205 How Could the Shadow Vie the Sunshine?
206 Switched
207 Someone Was Trying to Sabotage Her
208 Who Does She Think She Is?!
209 Mommy Isn’t a Cheater
210 Disqualify Her!
211 A Piece of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell
212 The Threshold of Temptation
213 To Exterminate Some Pests
214 His Words Are Absolute
215 Questioning the Authority
216 Remind Those Idiots of Their Places
217 A Treasure She Found but Wasn’t for Her to Keep
218 Mind Your Own Business, Sun Feiyan
219 The Young Madam of the Shen Family
220 Cream of the Crop
221 A Bold Declaration of War!
《Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife》 Volume 4
222 Paladin of the Kitchen
223 I Am Lu Xinyi
224 The Other Unnamed Heiress
225 The Infamous Ice Devil
226 I Have No Reason to Get Jealous
227 When Hell Freezes Over
228 Did You Enjoy Giving My Husband Your Best View?
229 Born with a Silver Spoon
230 The Real Lu Xinyi
231 Reward
232 His Cute Little Wife
233 I Make Miracles, Shen Yi
234 The Grace Palace Restauran
235 Business or Pleasure?
236 Visiting Grace Palace
237 She Was Kind of an Eyesore
238 To Swat Another Fly
239 Decline Mo Lihui's Kindness
240 Let Them Taste Their Own Medicine
241 Offending Young Madam
242 What Was so Special About Her?
243 It's so Troublesome Being Your Wife
244 A Life Sentence with You Doesn't Sound so Bad
245 Let Everyone See Who'll Lose Face Today
246 Married to a Sly Fox
247 Lu Xinyi! Make a Bet with Me!
248 I Want Your Life as Paymen
249 Does My Wife Think I’m Fragile and Delicate?
250 Husband and Wife Tandem
251 The She-Devil That Can Cook
252 A Sight to Behold
253 Grace Palace’s Classic Beef Meat Pie
254 The Final Nail on Mo Lihui’s Coffin
255 The Easiest Way to Hell Was to Offend Shen Yi’s Woman!
256 My Dad Said I’m Quite a Catch
257 Are You Here to Apply as a Guard Dog?
258 The Elusive Chef
259 He Haotian
260 Tea Ceremony
261 Absolute Tongue
262 A Divine Tongue That Can Distinguish Everything It Taste
263 Seared Foie Gras
264 Replicating Three Dishes
265 Not Good Enough
266 Her Worst Enemy Was Herself
267 Perfect Imitation
268 Precise Control
269 There’s No Such Thing as Coincidence
270 Secret from the Pas
271 Loving Him wasn’t a Mistake
272 ‘I Love You’ Was His Best Lie
273 He Isn’t Yours to Keep
274 Game of Love
275 You Don't Love Me
276 Your Feelings are Valid
277 Her Future with Shen Yi
278 You Cannot Bribe Me with Food!
279 Phantom Pregnancy
280 Nothing’s Shameful About a Man Looking After His Wife
281 Seducing the Demon King
282 Zhao Xi's Shopping Spree
283 You Disgust Me
284 This Is My Cup of Care 1
285 This Is My Cup of Care 2
286 Exercising My Rights as Young Madam Shen
287 The Demon King Pays a Visi
288 Your Dirty Little Secre
289 Work Harder
290 You Aren’t Allowed to Lose to Anyone!
291 A Drink from Hell 1
292 A Drink from Hell 2
293 Supertaster
294 Always One Step Ahead of Her
295 Calm Before the Storm
296 I Have You Now
297 Share Her with the World
298 Returning Home
299 She Was All That Mattered Now
300 Pay the Price, Feiyan
《Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife》 Volume 5
301 Who Are You Calling a Single Dog?
302 Lunar Residence
303 Smitten by This Little Devil
304 To Become Number One
305 Who Will Make the Cut?
306 The Two Princes of Silver Leaf
307 How Do You Want to Get Blind Today?
308 The Victim Becomes the Bully
309 Corporate Takedown
310 Get Some Yin to Supplement His Yang
311 To See Beneath These Clothes of Mine
312 Good Morning, Darling
313 Dear Mother-In-Law
314 Fate has a Weird Sense of Humor
315 Tell Your Mommies to Teach You Some Manners
316 God Amongst Men
317 The Soft Bosom of Young Ladies
318 Little Devil's Vanilla Rosewater Macarons
319 Selling Herself to the Devil
320 Shot down Thrice
321 Playing with the Devil
322 Lu Feiran
323 I Don’t Have a Girlfriend
324 I Can Give You a Full Body Inspection Anytime
325 A Certain Ash Blonde-Hair Prince
326 Everything You Wear Looks Good at You
327 Wife, Did You Enjoy Your Little Date with Miss Wang?
328 Young Madam Isn’t Here for You
329 Spying on Young Madam’s Date
330 Won’t You Do a Full Body Inspection to Me?
331 No Wonder They Thought You Were a Man
332 The Shadow of the Sun
333 The Apotheosis of All Chicken Dishes
334 Wife of the Demon King
335 A Good Food Takes Effor
336 The Best Above the Res
337 Hello, Shorty. Did You Miss Me?
338 War Against the Demon King
339 Won’t You Introduce Me to Your Brother?
340 Ready to Go to Hell? I’m Giving You an Express Ticke
341 You Weren’t Such a Colossal Prick Back Then
342 Darkness Is Embedded down to His Core
343 A Member of a Wife Doting Husband Club
344 Let This Idiot Pay for I
345 Well, Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea…
346 There Will Be a Live Battle
347 The Lord of Hell