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303 Heaven Devouring Skill!

As Wang Baole listened, his eyes widened, and his breathing quickened. Lin Tianhao's idea was in an entirely different direction from what he had imagined, which broadened his perspective.

I should have thought of it earlier! What a waste of what I've learned from the high officials' autobiographies! Wang Baole's eyes glowed, as to him, the likelihood of the method of ordering others to carry out tasks in the name of a superior succeeding was almost a hundred percent!

Wang Baole now viewed Lin Tianhao differently. Vaguely, there was a sense of suspicion, as he pondered about whether Lin Tianhao had also read the high officials' autobiographies. However, when he recalled that Lin Tianhao's father was a Secondary Rank Two high official, he realized that Lin Tianhao didn't need to read any autobiographies at all, for he could learn from the everyday actions of this father. Therefore, Wang Baole laughed, patting Lin Tianhao's shoulders firmly.

"Tianhao, this is indeed a task for you, and you have indeed not disappointed me. It is worth it for me to sing praises of you before the dean. What you have mentioned just now was exactly what I was thinking of," Wang Baole said with a smile.

Lin Tianhao felt disgusted but didn't show it on the surface. Instead, he flattered Wang Baole with what he said next.

"This is the result of learning under a superior like you all these years." As he spoke those words, Lin Tianhao felt his face turn red with embarrassment. He cursed under his breath, thinking about how Wang Baole was really a jinx to him. He was a bully in the Dao College, and even more so on Mars, resulting in him no longer having the desire to rebel. Instead, his attitude was to go with the flow of things.

Listening to Lin Tianhao's attempt at currying his favor, which were clearly not as impressive as that of Liu Daobin's and which obviously showed that he wasn't accustomed to such practices, left Wang Baole satisfied. He continued to speak with a smile after leading Lin Tianhao to have a seat on the sofa.

"Tianhao, it seems like you have already understood the purpose of the college. Your father is a Secondary Rank Two Noble who intentionally arranged for you to be here. I had planned to remind you of that if you were still not performing up to standard after a period of time." Wang Baole smiled while he spoke, purposely revealing a profound look in his eyes.

In reality, he had also just understood that this so-called elite academy wasn't as useless as he had originally thought. It was extremely beneficial to him, on an unimaginable level!

With the college under his control, as well as having gained the admiration and respect of the students, it would mean that he had already gained access to a significant portion of the human resources within Mars. These human resources would be extremely useful in times of need.

That wasn't the most important part. After the students grew up, the gains that he could obtain in the future in terms of fame as their dean would be astonishing.

When he understood all of that, Wang Baole was bursting with emotions and excitement internally, even though he appeared indifferent on the surface. He no longer felt that his position was disadvantaged. Instead, he now thought of it as a steal.

No wonder Senator Lin wanted his son to come here… Wang Baole came to a realization but didn't show it on his face as he smiled while looking at Lin Tianhao.

Lin Tianhao hesitated for a brief moment, suddenly confused about whether Wang Baole had known the purpose of the college long before, or had just responded to the new realization. However, after considering that their relationship had become more friendly now, he chose not to hide anything and instead spoke truthfully.

"Dean, I was very unwilling to come when my father sent me here initially. That was until he told me not to belittle Mars's elite academies. The students here have parents who are either rich or influential and are prominent, dignified individuals working on Mars with deep connections to others. Becoming the teacher of their children is akin to gaining control of the core… Naturally, this means access to the deep interpersonal connections that they hold.

"Furthermore, in the future, as the students grow, a teacher who once taught and cultivated them would be on a different level in terms of identity and status.

"My father mentioned that I should come here to hone my skills while laying the foundation to access these valuable human resources…"

Wang Baole was surprised, as he felt that Lin Tianhao's father, Senator Lin, was worthy as a City Lord with the rank of a Secondary Rank Two Noble. These thoughts appeared simple but showed how wide his world view was. He was living in the now but planning for the future.

Wang Baole continued conversing with Lin Tianhao, concluding some details regarding the rumors and the workflow for the task. He then passed the entire assignment under the control of Lin Tianhao before raising his teacup.

Lin Tianhao stood up hurriedly, leaving after exchanging greetings.

As he watched Lin Tianhao leave into the distance, Wang Baole put down the teacup. His breathing quickened, and his eyes shone brightly. He stood up and walked several rounds around his office, exhilarated.

I must emerge victorious in the sparring match in three months! Holding onto the strong desire to win, Wang Baole began to complete and perfect his plans. He thought about the students, who were now on the first level of the Ancient Martial realm. If they were to further advance in Ancient Martial realm, they would need a strong physique.

It was only through this method that they would have sufficient Blood Qi to advance to the Ancient Martial realm Physical Seal, as well as the Pulse Enrichment stage.

Physique is one issue, while the other would be… a trump card!

While making the training plans, Wang Baole first thought about his past self. He felt that he was formidable while he was in the Ancient Martial realm. If he could nurture tens or even hundreds of people like his younger self, then the victor of this sparring match would be clear.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Therefore, the trump card is extremely important as well. After thinking about it, Wang Baole decided to impart his grappling skill to the students. However, there wasn't really a need to impart this skill, as anyone who had witnessed it in action would be able to do it. All they needed to do was to familiarize themselves with the skill.

However, no matter how familiar they were with it, they would never be as good as Wang Baole. That was because Wang Baole had the devouring seed, which was the reason why the grappling skill was so impressive when he exhibited it!

The Great Void Qi Devouring Art is my foundation, and I cannot impart that skill. Little Missy wouldn't allow me to do that anyways. With that thought, Wang Baole felt a little troubled. After pondering about it for a while, he decided to enter the Hallucination realm to seek Little Missy's advice.

The Hallucination realm was still covered with snow and ice. However, Wang Baole didn't see Little Missy this time. When he took out the black mask in the Hallucination realm and relayed his question, the black mask shone slightly, before words appeared on it.

Wang Baole hurriedly took a look, and his eyes lit up instantly as he read the words.

This is possible? Wang Baole took a deep breath. The black mask suggested a cultivation technique that was different, but still somewhat similar to that of the Great Void Qi Devouring Art. It could be said to be a simplified version of it.

Learning the simplified version wouldn't result in the formation of a devouring seed, but could form a suction force to a certain extent. That would satisfy the requirements necessary for one to master the grappling skill.

That was secondary. More importantly, the words on the mask clearly relayed to Wang Baole that everyone who trained in this simplified cultivation technique would be controlled by the devouring seed.

It was unpredictable yet brought about advantages. Furthermore, to Ancient Martial realm cultivators, being trained in this cultivation technique would be extremely beneficial, and could quicken the rate of increasing one's level of cultivation.

To a certain extent, it could be said that unless they became Wang Baole's enemy in the future, they wouldn't be put in a disadvantage. Instead, they would stand to gain significantly.

Wang Baole thought about the simplified version of the Qi Devouring Art and made a decision. After leaving the Hallucination realm, he began implementing his training plan. Five hundred people were included in the first batch.

In the three months to follow, a hundred people would be chosen out of this five hundred to take part in the sparring match. The sparring match on Mars wasn't carried out on an arena. Instead, a hundred people would form a group that went against another group of hundred.

Not only did this test one's combat capabilities, but it also assessed the team's cooperation and coordination. That made it challenging, but also in line with the spirit of the Federation.

The Federation needed a hero, but had a greater need for overall greatness.

Just like that, Dao Mountain Mist Academy's dean gave Wang Baole, the vice dean, full rights and authority. Three days later, on a specially demarcated area within Dao Mountain Mist Academy that was designated for cultivation, Wang Baole stood with his arms crossed behind his back, while Lin Tianhao was beside him, looking extremely stern. There were also tens of teachers who were standing around sternly.

Right in front of Wang Baole was a Public Square where five hundred students stood in an orderly manner. There was an equal number of male and female students who were all exhilarated and agitated as they looked at Wang Baole.

From their eyes, a look of respect and admiration was obvious. That was especially so for a portion of students, such as Jin Duozhi, whose eyes were filled not just with respect but also passion when they saw Wang Baole.

With his hands behind his back, Wang Baole felt satisfaction in response to the students' attitude. He swept his gaze at the crowd before speaking calmly.

"Today, I will impart you with a peerless cultivation technique. This cultivation technique is extremely formidable and could be used for the rest of your life. It is also what made me so impressive!

"I want all of you to remember that without my permission, you aren't allowed to teach it to others!

"This technique is known as… Baole Heaven Devouring Skill!"