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10 years has passed.

Well, technically. In real word, only a seconds has passed.

Why did I not return?

Shiroe, didn't let me. Because She trained me to become stronger. Yes, my magic increased massively this past ten years.

In that space where Shiroe lived. Time could be altered.

Shiroe was strict when it comes to training, she would become another person. She's quite scary, but that's what I love about her. This past ten years, we didn't spend our time just training but also spend our lovey dovey time too.

Shiroe was so slow at first but later she became clingy. After training she would ride my cock like it's normal routine. It's not like I hate it, more like I love it.

The once pure maiden who was ignorant about love is now loving wife who likes to fuck her husband day and night. Because of her incredible stamina and my unlimited vitality. We could immerse ourselves in pleasure for about a week or two.

Shiroe is a very good woman, she taught me things I don't know. She would also cuddle to me while sleeping. She is so lovely.

Shiroe became my wife. It started 9 years ago. She said she would only gave her body to me if I marry her. So without slightest hesitation, I married her. She made an eternal blood contract. She decided to become my wife for eternity.

She's the first woman I spend many years with in this life. I mean, look here. In real world, I only spend 3 days.

But doesn't mean I completely forgot them. I'm still missing them very much.

Shiroe gave me a choice, become stronger or go out weak.

Apparently, I couldn't go inside the space ever again if I get out. I could only get in, if Kuroe trapped me again in eternal space but there is one big problem.

The last time I was trapped, the space in there is suited for normal person, that is why I can easily destroy the space with magic. Since I have magic now, the space would be strengthened the next time I'm trapped. It would be close to nil of getting out if I got trapped again.

So Shiroe said it's a good opportunity for me to train for many years with her.

As for the heart desire and such. I found it's true Identity. It's the conciousness of the crystal heart. That means, it's still alive. It will slowly, eat the person's mind. When I heard that I got angry.

The heart desire was deceiving me all along. Trying to corrupt my mind, slowly controlling my mind. I gritted my teeth when I heard Shiroe's explanation.

Damn, bastard! That doctor ellen or something is doing something dangerous. She needs to be stopped.

But the 'power' is also different, Shiroe said the crystal heart doesn't have something like that.

Crystal heart can only power up the body but can't use magic or power or something.

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It means, Heart desire is claiming that power is it's. While trying to control my mind. Fuck! I can't wait to rip out this bastard. I got angry and furious.

Shiroe stopped me.

"Don't Shido. You'll die. I don't to be alone."She cried.

My heart clenched seeing her tears flows down. I wipe her tears with my hand. As I whispered.

"Sorry Shiroe-nee"Kissing her forehead.

Shiroe hug my chest as she buried her face.

I return her hug as I embrace her soft body. I breathe as I smell a flowery fragance coming from her body.

"Shiroe-nee, I'll stay with you and I want to become stronger."I said with conviction.

"Un."Shiroe answered.

Then my training started and 10 years has passed. Everything is going smoothly, I became level 5...very fast ain't it? Welp, it thanks to my lovely wife.

Shiroe's level is very high. She told me she is close to level 13. When I heard her I gulped nervously. Too strong. She said she was just concealing her prowess but she it seems she cannot hide all of it that's why I thought she is level 5 or something.

The most wonderful part is that I could finally use my power. Shiroe and I studied my power. I also trained it with my magic.

I don't know what level is my power now. Because we don't have a way to test it. That's because My power is too terrifying, even Shiroe got scared of it. She said She could not defeat me if she try to fight me with my power.

I also was stunned and dumbfounded because even though my power is in terrifying level, I can feel it's not the end of it yet. There is still big room for improvement. How did I get this power to begin with.

With my power I could do anything, I could even create another dimension just like the tower of magic books. But, I made a promise with Shiroe that I should not tell anyone about my power.

As for the problems such as the inner demon, crystal heart and heart desire. I already got rid of inner demon, the remaining is crystal heart and heart desire.

It's a very big problem, because I would die if I rip my crytal heart out. It scares Shiroe, She always reprimanded me not to carelessly think such things again. Because it worries her a lot.

If I need to get rid of those two then I need a heart for replacement. I could make a heart using my power but the answer is, who will transplant it?

Hmm, yeah I should ask kana. But the heart desire will find it. It may do something unpredictable. I don't like someone is scheming behind my back. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!

Curse you! Ellen Zern... I also need to talk with grandma why did she approve.

Shiroe saw me getting distressed. She sighed, that night she used her techniques to make my mind relax and refreshed.

Shiroe is the best wife I could ever have. Even though 10 years has passed. I still can't get enough with her body. She is still has delicious-looking body. That night, I ravage my wifes wildly as we howl in pleasure.

Her sweet moaning tone made my heart pleased and shiver. God, thanks for gaving me such beautiful wife. If I could met you, I would kowtow to you.


"See you in real world my sweet lovely wife."Whispering a sweet words near her ear as I lick her earlobe.

Shiroe pinch my cheeks. "Naughty Shido... Don't forget to summon me when you go back. I don't want to separate from you for even a second."

"Hahaha, Wifey you're so cute. Here a reward for you."Laughing. I kissed her lips.

"Tsk, you should go now."She sweetly smiled as she rolled her eyes.

I continued to laugh as I wave towards the blue flame."Bye bluey"

The blue flame wavered too. As it return my wave.

"So I should go now wifey."I sweetly smiled.

"Idiot, you should go now. Don't dilly dally."Her words sounds harsh but I'm already used to it.

Standing on the magic circle. Shiroe chanted some magic spells as the magic circle on the floor glowed. Then I was covered by light until I disappeared.


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