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For the first time a gangster set foot in the UNO headquarters and directly met the secretary-general of the UNO.

Sec-Gen(Secretary-general), "welcome to UNO Mr. Robinson and Mr. -".

Bob, " 'Bob' is fine, sir".

Anthony, "For what do we owe this meeting? ".

Sec-Gen, " I'm telling you right off the bat, We need you to terminate Strike force 7".

Anthony and Bob remained silent and looked at Sec-Gen with a small smirk on their face.

Anthony, "Ok, we will but".

Bob, " What is in it for us? ".

Sec-Gen, " Well, how about we relieve you and your Gang 51 from your previous accusations? ".

Anthony looked at Bob and answered, "Sounds good to me".

The Sec-Gen and Anthony shook hands and left the headquarters with pride.

Bob, " what shall we do now boss? ".

Anthony, " First let's collect our work pay from the UN".
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Bob took out the card he stole from Sec-Gen's desk and contacted him.

Bob, "Hey, Yo Sec-Gen this is Gang 51".

Sec-Gen (on phone), " Where did you get this number".

Bob (acting tough), "We too have our men in the headquarters".

Sec-Gen, " All right, how much? ".

Bob kept hold of the call and

said to Anthony, " Boss! how much shall I demand? ".

Anthony, " 500 billion now and 500 after the job".

Bob (get back to his tough tone), "Mr. Sec-Gen 500 billion now and 500 after the job".

Sec-Gen (after a long pause), " Ok, I'll deposit in your swiss account ".

Bob, " It's good doing business with you".

Sec-Gen, "Now cut the call this is my private number".

Bob cut the call and looked at the mail he received from the bank account-

'500 billion was deposited in your account

-account details (confidential)'.

Bob, " Boss payment successful. where to next? " .

Anthony, "Let's go to our base in Vietnam".

Notice: Gang 51 just became an official UN

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