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151 Why Were You There

"I'm going to ask you again Celeste. What were you doing there?"

Zu Ming nudged her again, Celeste looked at him and he mouthed to her that everything was going to be okay. Sun Xi Zhao saw the exchange and he didn't like it one bit, Why was his girlfriend with his best friend acting like they were hiding something.

"I was there because I heard."

Celeste started to talk but stopped when she looked at Sun Xi Zhao's face. She looked at Zu Ming again and he just nodded his head for her to keep going. Celeste nodded her head tears starting to flow down her cheeks. Even though five minutes hadn't even passed, it felt like an eternity to Celeste. But she felt that it was better to rip the band-aid off and let Sun Xi Zhao dump her now instead of when she invested even more of her heart into the relationship.

"I was there because I heard that the third floor catered to people like me."

She whispered. Sun Xi Zhao had looked over at Zu Ming only to realize that he had left. Did this mean that Celeste was into the same things that he was into? Zu Ming said he found her at the door and Celeste said that she doesn't frequent Taboo. So his heart exploded with joy when he realized that his woman wasn't doing anything illicit with his best friend and Zu Ming only brought her here to make sure she told him.

Sun Xi Zhao was elated, he didn't have to have the awkward talk with Celeste. He didn't have to worry that she would leave him because of his issues. He finally found his other half and he was determined to never let her go. Sun Xi Zhao led Celeste over to his desk, he passed her a couple of tissues to wipe her face. Then he reared his hand back and smacked her right on her bottom. Celeste gasped.

"The next time."

Another smack to her bottom.

"I ask you."

Each word was punctuated with a smack to her bottom.

"A question."


"You answer me."


"Right away."

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Celeste looked at Sun Xi Zhao with shock in her eyes she was so turned on. She wanted to say something but right before she could he took her mouth with his.