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8 You“ve Been Embroiled In Your Mother“s Schemes

Ever since they were young, they had grown up together. His house was like her second home, and she could come and go when she pleased.

Since when did she need him to unlock the door for her when she visited?

Hang on, something seems amiss.

Yin Shaojie detected a hint of fishiness.

Narrowing his eyes at her, he asked, "Which house are you referring to? Do you mean… the condominium that I'm staying at right now?"

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded a matter-of-factly. "Of course; if not, why would I look for you? Idiot."

She stared at him as though he was a fool.

He was obviously dumb—why would she go searching for him if she had wanted to go to his family's house?

His eyebrows furrowed, Yin Shaojie paused. He increased the pressure on her arm, and he asked in a skeptical tone, "Why do you want to stay in my condominium? It's already so late; even if you wanted lodgings, you could have just gone to my mom's place. Why look for me?"

Even though he had subconsciously deduced that things were not quite right, he didn't want his suspicions to be confirmed. He wanted to be wrong!

Mu Xiaoxiao smirked at him. Chuckling, she drawled, "Looks like you're still clueless that you've been pulled into Mama Yin's schemes.

Gloom clouded Yin Shaojie's features. "What the heck? Tell me what's going on!"

"From today onwards, we're…" Mu Xiaoxiao had wanted to declare that they had been betrothed and would be cohabiting from now on.

Just as they exited the bar, however, a person, brimming with fury, rushed over and interrupted her.

"Give me my money little girl!"

So it was the perverted driver.

Recalling the perverse behavior of the driver, Mu Xiaoxiao became enraged. Her smile disappeared as she glared at him.

"You're still asking for money? Are you trying to use it to buy a coffin for your death?" She gave him a cold smile.

Yin Shaojie had originally wanted to hear her explanation, but hearing these unexpected words, he changed his mind. Seeing red, he looked daggers at the driver and questioned, "Who the heck are you?"

Immediately, the driver picked up on Yin Shaojie being a wealthy scion—his self-possessing aura emanated absolute power from head-to-toe. This was a man who was not to be trifled with.

His attitude underwent a complete overhaul instantly, and he smiled warmly. "Young Master, this lady rode over in my taxi, but because she didn't pay, I made her… well, never mind, could you please give me the fare?" he said politely to Yin Shaojie.

Mu Xiaoxiao hugged her chest with both arms. "This uncle wanted to fondle my breasts as collateral for the fare," she stated icily.

Breaking out in cold sweat, the driver laughed dryly, "This is… just a misunderstanding; miss, you've misinterpreted my words—I only said that you could go in and get money to pay me and that you could leave something behind as collateral."

"Haha, misunderstanding?" Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed.

Hearing Mu Xiaoxiao's words, he lowered his gaze to her chest for a moment—it was then that he realized that this wretch had on a figure-hugging tank top that showed off her voluminously perfect breasts. It was indeed an exciting sight to behold.

He tutted and said, "Mu Xiaoxiao, since when did you start maturing? What did America feed you?"

In the past, he remembered that he used to call her "flat," but now, that was not the case anymore…

Mu Xiaoxiao dug her elbows into his chest and scowled.

She was so tired; all she wanted was to go home and sleep!