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55 How Could She Not Be Found?

Yin Shaojie's gaze turned severe. "What did you say? She didn't go back to class?! Where did she go?"

No wonder he had felt so uneasy. His sense of foreboding had been accurate!

But where could the girl have gone?

He couldn't help but recall her crying face as she ran out, and he became even more frustrated.

Wu Hao's face soured as he answered, "I'm also not sure about this…"

Internally, he was puzzled. What was this girl's relationship with Young Master Jie that made him care about her so much?

Yin Shaojie stood up, his face black. "Let's go! Even if we turn the school inside out, we must find her!" he exclaimed.

Wu Hao's forehead was wet with sweat. Had this girl offended Young Master Jie? This was the first time that he had seen Young Master Jie's temper flare up so badly, and he looked furious.

The classmates who were watching had the same question and wondered what had happened. They also wondered who Young Master Jie was trying to look for. However, no one dared to ask about it or even make a sound, for Young Master Jie currently emanated a deathly, unapproachable aura. Who would dare to offend him right now?

It was only after Young Master Jie left the class that everyone looked at each other and began discussing the matter in low voices.

"Did you see that?" Young Master Jie's face was so dark! I don't think I've ever seen him so angry. Do you think the person he's looking for did something to rouse his ire?

"Looks like it!"

"She's dead meat! When Young Master Jie's angry, he's terrifying."

"I know, right…"

Everyone shuddered with fear as this was mentioned.


The reason Wu Hao could become Young Master Jie's assistant was not only through his bootlicking skills but also his efficiency at handling matters. He made his way to the security post swiftly and learned that no student had left school midway today.

In conclusion, could Mu Xiaoxiao still be in school?

Hearing this piece of new, Yin Shaojie's expression lifted a little, and he allowed Wu Hao to give orders to search the entire school just like he had said. They must find Mu Xiaoxiao no matter what!

Even though the campus at Shangde was enormous, with Yin Shaojie's influence, it was not difficult to find someone, and it could be said to be a piece of cake.

However, what had never crossed his mind was that the end result was that no one could locate Mu Xiaoxiao?

"Why can't she be found?" He glared at Wu Hao in anger.

Wu Hao's forehead dripped with sweat incessantly, but he did not dare to wipe it off. Timidly, he said, "We've searched all the possible places, in all corners. We even searched the teacher's office and the student hostels, but… we just can't find her. Maybe she's no longer in school?"

Yin Shaojie laughed icily and said, "No longer in school? Does she have wings to fly out of school then?"

The security guards had already affirmed that Mu Xiaoxiao had not been seen leaving school. If she wasn't in school, where else could she have gone?

"This… Young Master Jie, I don't know about that either. Oh! Maybe she left school by another route? Maybe she went a way where the security guards could not have discovered her or a way that doesn't involve the main entrance so that they could not have seen her?

Thinking quickly on his feet, Wu Hao spoke the ideas that came into his head.

Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes. "She's new to Shangde. How could she possibly have known how to get out of the school by other means?"

Even though he said that, it was possibly the only solution that could satisfy the problem.

If not, how could Mu Xiaoxiao have disappeared without a trace?

Yin Shaojie was a non-believer in ghosts, so he didn't feel that anything supernatural had happened.