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140 He“s Ignoring Me

Yu Zhe saw Mu Xiaoxiao frozen in this position and felt that something was amiss. Tapping her, he asked, "Xiaoxiao, what happened? Are you okay?"

Her face looked paler than before, which made him worried.

Mu Xiaoxiao's gaze lifted from her phone, and she looked at him. Her face was streaked with sobs as she cried, "Boohoo, he's ignoring me…"

"Who is he?" Yu Zhe asked in puzzlement, but something clicked in his mind. Could she be referring to Young Master Jie?

Looking dejected, Mu Xiaoxiao didn't reply to him.

Yu Zhe swept his gaze over the crowd, signaling that they should back off. Even though Mu Xiaoxiao was already feeling so uncomfortable, they were still surrounding her like that

"Xiaoxiao, you don't look too good. Let me take you to the sick bay, okay?"

Mu Xiaoxiao did not protest this time and merely nodded her head obediently.

She was still feeling dizzy and was worried that it was a concussion. She felt a little scared.

Helping her up, Yu Zhe took her out of the place.

Luckily, the sick bay wasn't very far. However, Mu Xiaoxiao's head was bathed in the bright sunlight, causing her to feel even dizzier. She leaned onto Yu Zhe unconsciously.

Yu Zhe had no choice but to hold her up by her shoulders, his face slightly flushed.

When they finally arrived at the sick bay, the cool breeze of the air-conditioner swept over them.

It wasn't Mu Xiaoxiao's first time here. Looking at the familiar sick bay reminded her of the previous time when Yin Shaojie stood up for her, and she suddenly missed him.

Was he still angry?

She had even sent him such a pitiful video of her to appease him. Did his heart not soften after seeing it?

Mu Xiaoxiao felt a little sad as she thought about this.

She remembered that when she was little and had fallen down, he would imitate Grandma and stand up for her by hitting the floor.

But now…

"Xiaoxiao?" A familiar voice suddenly interrupted her train of thought.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up in surprise. Seeing that it was Han Qiqing, she asked, "Why are you here?"

Han Qiqing was half laying on the bed and playing with her phone. She didn't look sick at all.

"Hehe," Han Qiqing chuckled awkwardly. "I'm here to rest. What about you? Where are you feeling uncomfortable? Eh, this boy is…"

She noticed Yu Zhe, who was practically embracing Mu Xiaoxiao.

On the other hand, Yu Zhe was astonished by the girls' interactions.

Mu Xiaoxiao said, "He sits in front of me…"

A wave of dizziness hit her, and Mu Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows in intolerance, her forehead breaking out in cold sweat.

Han Qiqing was a little shocked, but before she could react, Yu Zhe quickly helped her over to a bed. "Xiaoxiao, you should lie down. You'll probably feel better."

Mu Xiaoxiao practically crawled up to the bed.

Yu Zhe even took off her shoes for her and made sure she was settled in before whispering, "I'll call a doctor."

"Okay." Mu Xiaoxiao nodded.

After Yu Zhe had left, Han Qiqing jumped down from her position on the bed and pulled a chair to Mu Xiaoxiao's bedside. "Xiaoxiao, where are you feeling uncomfortable? You look bad," she said.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt much better after laying down, feeling less dizzy than before. "I was hit by a ball and am feeling little dizzy."

Han Qiqing looked at her with pity. "Poor Xiaoxiao, you're so unlucky."

Mu Xiaoxiao sighed but didn't reveal the truth mainly because she was lazy to. She would do it when she recovered.

"I don't want to talk. Please don't talk to me anymore…"

"Oh. I'll stay here with you."