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152 Really Wanting to Gag Her Mouth Shu

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't know about how it worked locally, but in America, she had many friends of the opposite sex. Their relationship was purely platonic, and there was no hint of romance at all.

Yin Shaojie took a deep breath and stopped himself from strangling this girl. Was this wretch trying to set herself against him?

"Okay, even if I believe you, what about that guy? He has a girlfriend! He's overly concerned for you and hangs out with you so much — what is it then, if he has no ulterior motives? How can you even admire such a person?"

If she could do it, he would really like to pry her skull open and see if anything was inside her head. How could she be oblivious to logic?

Mu Xiaoxiao froze. "He… He's not like what you say! Can you stop your harmful speculations?"

"Me? Harmful speculation?" Yin Shaojie laughed coldly. "It's the truth! What else can you say? He's a person who not only has a girlfriend but also goes out of his way to care for another girl and meets up with her on the sly — do you really want to be friends with such a philandering man?"

"It's not like that! He doesn't have a girlfriend!" Mu Xiaoxiao shouted anxiously.

She apologized to Lu Yichen in her heart for breaking her promise to keep this a secret, but she really had no choice but to expose it in such a situation.

"No girlfriend? Did he say that to you?" Yin Shaojie's gaze was full of mockery.

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. "Yes, he said that to me. He was using this excuse to reject the girls who confessed to him."

"And you believe him?" He fixated his cold gaze on her.

"I believe him." Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him in confusion.

"Haha," Yin Shaojie laughed coldly. "Just like that, and you believe him? Can you be any dumber?"

Mu Xiaoxiao hated it when he said she was dumb. She glared at him gloomily, stubbornly refusing to answer.

Scolding her just because they disagreed — she didn't want to speak to him anymore!

"Why do you not trust me when I say that he has a girlfriend then? Mu Xiaoxiao, how many days have you known him for? You're choosing to believe him over me?" Yin Shaojie was about to burst from anger, his fury-induced red-rimmed eyes glaring unwaveringly at her stubborn face.

"Say something! Mu Xiaoxiao!"

Mu Xiaoxiao puffed out her cheeks, huffing in anger, but her dark eyes brightened. "I'm not speaking to you anymore! You're unreasonable! You're the one who's biased against him!"

Yin Shaojie bellowed, "Let me tell you that I've seen him with his girlfriend before!"

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao froze. "W-what?"

Instantly, she became confused.

Who should she believe?

She felt that Lu Yichen wouldn't lie to her because he had no reason to. However, she was Yin Shaojie's childhood friend, and her trust for him held no bounds. He was someone who would never lie to her even if the rest of the world did.

She became even more confused when she gazed into his eyes. She knew that he wasn't lying — was Lu Yichen lying to her then?

In a daze, she answered, "Could there be a misunderstanding? My instincts tell me that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Maybe you saw it incorrectly; how can you be sure that the person you saw was his girlfriend?"

She was still defending that guy!

Yin Shaojie was going to go mad with anger. He wanted her to shut up so that she would stop saying things to defend Lu Yichen.

"Mu Xiaoxiao, I really want to gag you!" he said, gritting his teeth.

Mu Xiaoxiao froze and realize that his gaze was on her lips, looking as though he wanted to use his own to shut her up…

H-He was joking, right?

However, his eyes didn't seem like they were joking!