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186 The Target Was Xiaoxiao

It was as though Mu Xiaoxiao, who was in front, had a sixth sense, for she turned around and saw that he had, sure enough, chased after her. She stood her ground and glared at him.

Yin Shaojie stopped in his tracks as well. The pair looked as though they were playing a game of "red light/green light," and it looked really amusing.

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes signaled to him to stop following her!

Yin Shaojie's cocked a brow, signaling that it was beneath his dignity to follow her. If she didn't want him to follow her, so be it! Who cared!

Seeing that he really wasn't following her, she then walked briskly towards Lu Yichen. She tapped on his shoulder and laughed happily, "Yichen!"

Lu Yichen turned around to look at her with a hint of a smile with a cool expression on his face. "It's you."

Perhaps someone's gaze was too sharp, and he unconsciously looked behind her shoulder and spotted Yin Shaojie.

He gave a small smile and said to Mu Xiaoxiao, "Have you made up with him?"

"Yep!" Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and walked over to stand beside him. Her face was full of warmth, and she smiled cutely as she said, "How have you been recently? That guy threw a tantrum, so I couldn't come and look for you then. Sorry about that."

It's okay; I've been busy preparing for my exams. There's a monthly examination this Friday for the Third Years."

"You'll probably have no problem with that because you're a pro! I only knew you scored full marks for every subject when my friend mentioned it! How do you study?"

Even the usually solemn Lu Yichen had a hint of pride in his eyes when the topic of academics was breached.

He couldn't match up to most of Shangde High in background, but he was confident that he could surpass every single person in academics.

Everyone had their own birthright, and Lu Yichen had his too.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered something. Sneaking a glance at Yin Shaojie behind her, she leaned forward a little, and in a voice that only the both of them could hear, she said, "I promised to treat you to something last time, didn't I? Let's find time after your test, and I'll treat you to some food."

She had something she wanted to ask him then too.

Nearby, Yin Shaojie's eyes narrowed as he observed Mu Xiaoxiao's suspicious actions. What was this girl talking to that dude about?

Suddenly, the silhouette of a car flashed past him at top speed.

"Yin Shaojie, that bike!"

Before Song Shijun cautioned, Yin Shaojie had already felt that something was off. However, he had still been slow on the uptake, but even if he could have been any faster, he could have never matched the speed of a motorbike at maximum acceleration.

The motorbike's target was, surprisingly, Mu Xiaoxiao. Its collision course was straight ahead at her.

Yin Shaojie could only stare, wide-eyed and helpless, at the scene unfolding before his eyes. His eyes turned bloodshot, and his chest tightened in fear!

"Xiaoxiao — "

"Careful!" Lu Yichen's gaze trembled with apprehension. The next second after he heard the shout, he swept Xiaoxiao into his embrace swiftly and turned to the side to protect her as he blocked the incoming motorbike with his hand without any hesitation.

The motorbike brushed past them, the powerful momentum slamming them onto the floor.

It was apparent that the culprit had planned this, for he didn't stop. He zoomed past the school gates after injuring them and disappeared.

"XIAOXIAO!" Yin Shaojie ignored the culprit, his attention only on Xiaoxiao, and dashed over.

"I-I'm fine…" Mu Xiaoxiao struggled to get up from the ground. She had been protected in Lu Yichen's embrace, so she had not suffered an injury when she had fallen.

"Lu Yichen, are you alright?"

She turned to Lu Yichen, who was still prone on the ground. Unexpectedly, what met her eyes was a large pool of blood.

Lu Yichen was holding his right hand. His handsome face was dripping with cold sweat, his lips deathly pale.

"Lu Yichen!"