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331 You“re Not Fit To Love Xiaoxiao 1

After a long while, Mu Xiaoxiao slowly turned her head, the tears on her face finally dry as she looked to him to ask, "Lu Yichen, have you ever liked anyone?"

Lu Yichen frowned, as he could imagine from hearing her hoarse voice that she must have been crying very terribly for a long time.

"Yes," he replied in a deep voice, gazing deeply at her delicate little face.

Even when she looked pale and her eyes swollen, she was still so pretty and cute that it made one reluctant to shift one's gaze away.

He suddenly recalled the previous occasion when she had hid outside the principal's office in a corner of the corridor, and when he found her, her eyes were bright red from crying as if she was a pitiful little white rabbit.

The image of that scene seemed to have been deeply imprinted in his mind as he could never forget it.

Every time he recalled that he could not help but smile.

But now, seeing that she had cried so terribly, he could only feel his heart gripped with pain as he was incredibly worried for her.

If only he could just place the whole world in front of her to make her happy.

As long as he could bring back her smile, he was willing to do anything.

Hearing his answer, Mu Xiaoxiao sighed and said softly, "When loving someone is such a painful thing, why do you still want to love anyone?"

Lu Yichen lowered his gaze. As smart as he was, he roughly understood what had happened to her.

He said in a deep voice, "Loving someone is not entirely painful as there is still lots of joy."

"Joy…" Mu Xiaoxiao mumbled, her mind drifting, thinking about when she was with Yin Shaojie, bickering, hugging each other, how he would indulge her, and many more…

However, when Yin Shaojie and An Zhixin kissing each other came into the picture, these joys turned into deeper wounds.

She shook her head to forget about the thought.

It was because of how well Yin Shaojie had treated her, the intimate things that he did to her and the indulgence and pampering he gave her, that she ended up in such a deep mess, unable to help herself.

Seeing that a tear was rolling down her cheek, Lu Yichen couldn't help but become flustered as he did not know what to do.

"Xiaoxiao… stop crying. If he hurts you, then he doesn't deserve your love."

Mu Xiaoxiao wiped away her tear with the back of her hands, and she forced out a smile with great difficulty. "Yeah, he doesn't deserve it. So, I don't want to like him anymore."

Lu Yichen's were enigmatic as his gaze fixated on her.

At this moment, Mu Xiaoxiao's phone rang, and she answered it, "Hello, I'm inside the small park. Okay, I'll go out right away. Wait outside for me."

He looked at Lu Yichen and said, "The chauffeur is here to pick me up. Later… I'll be taking the plane back to the States."

Lu Yichen met her eyes. With an uneasy foreboding, he frowned and asked, "When will you be coming back then?"

Perhaps he should have asked: "Are you even coming back?"

Mu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and said, "Maybe… never."

This place had already become a place of grief.

Feeling the sadness in the atmosphere, Mu Xiaoxiao smiled at him and said, "Let's go. I have something I want to give you."

The two then walked out together.

Lu Yichen's enigmatic gaze fell upon her as if he had something he had to get off his chest, but he said nothing.

Just as she respected him, he would respect her decision.