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Mu Xiaoxiao felt uncomfortable no matter how she thought about it. She was especially bothered by it and suddenly felt like dragging Yin Shaojie over for a thorough explanation.

If he dared to say that he had even a hint of feelings for An Zhixin…

Mu Xiaoxiao's face suddenly turned severe.

Then she wouldn't want him anymore.

Mu Xiaoxiao jumped down from the sofa, and her naked feet sank into the soft rug below.

Heck him, she was going to take a bath now.

If Yin Shaojie felt that he cared enough about her, he would naturally think about how to explain things to her. Why should she be frustrated over this?

After Mu Xiaoxiao pushed those questions to the back of her mind as per habit, she entered the bathroom to take a bath.


Mu Xiaoxiao soaked in the gigantic bathtub. She grabbed a handful of bubbles and blew them, laughing as she did.

To every girl, something like a bubble bath couldn't be undesired, right?

With her arms folded on the edge of her bathtub, she looked towards the window and sighed in comfort.

This was the epitome of enjoyment. She could take a bath while looking at the sea and didn't have to be afraid that someone would see her like his.

The open view made her heart open up as well.

Mu Xiaoxiao relaxed. Her eyes closed slowly, and she almost fell asleep.

Knock, knock…

Knock, knock, knock…

Mu Xiaoxiao was disturbed by a faint noise. She lifted her head up involuntarily, trying to seek out the source of the noise.

Unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes, instead of seeing a view of the sea, she saw a handsome face gazing at her.

She jumped in fright. "Yin Shaojie? How did you…"

Something wasn't right!

There was nothing outside, and there weren't even any corridors. How could he appear in this place?

She suspected that she was still dreaming and rubbed her eyes to confirm if what she was seeing was real. It was indeed Yin Shaojie's face outside the window.

Yin Shaojie smirked, looking pleased as he continued to knock on the window.

So the knocking was from him.

Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head, studied his surroundings, and inhaled deeply. "Are you mad?!"

The sea was directly below them, and there was no foothold! How did he appear here!

Upon closer inspection, she noticed that he was roped up and was probably dangling from above.

Mu Xiaoxiao said frantically and anxiously to him, "Hurry up and go up; what if you fall?"

This was the middle of the deep sea!

Also, it was already very late. If he fell into the sea, the result would be unimaginable.

Even though Mu Xiaoxiao knew that Yin Shaojie could swim, this was still the sea, and it was uncertain whether there were sharks or other dangerous creatures about.

She was extremely worried, but this jerk was still grinning dandiacally.

Yin Shaojie pointed to a ventilation window at the corner of the bathroom and gestured for her to open it.

Mu Xiaoxiao decided to open the window for him even though she thought that his behavior was very roguish because she was afraid that he would be in danger.

"Close your eyes!" she shouted at him.

Yin Shaojie was very obedient this time and closed his eyes.

Mu Xiaoxiao grabbed her bathrobe quickly, and turning around, she put it on quickly before going over to open the window for him.

However, she didn't know that she had let a wolf inside…

Yin Shaojie jumped in at once and picked her up by her waist tyrannically.

"Oi! What are you trying to do!" Mu Xiaoxiao hit him.

Yin Shaojie's lips curled up in a sinister smile as he threw her onto the bed and pressed himself on top of her. He pushed his face forward and said in a sexy voice, "I want to eat you up right now…"