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569 You Are the Savior of Class S

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't know what to do with him.

The two men carried Yu Zhe's desk and chair and left.

Yin Shaojie glanced around. With no one around, he pecked her on the face. "Okay, class is ending soon. I'm going. I'll find you after school."

"No need for that! I'll just see you at the Student Union building. Don't come over here lest you attract attention again."

Yin Shaojie put one hand in his pocket and waved his hand as he walked out.

"See you after school."

Watching his dashing figure as he left, her face lit up with a smile unwittingly.

Soon, the bell rang for the end of class.

The students came into the classroom one after another.

Mu Xiaoxiao saw that the girl who gave her the video was following behind the crowd as she entered the classroom with her head lowered, looking like she was hardly there. Then, she walked towards the back.

So she sits in the back?

Suddenly, someone knocked on her desk and called out, "Mu Xiaoxiao."

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up and saw two girls wearing clothing from famous brands standing around her. They looked curious and lowered their heads, asking in a whisper, "You didn't go to music class. Did you go and find Young Master Jie to help you deal with Teacher Zheng?"

"No," Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head and said. "I was resting in the classroom and just didn't want to go to class."

The two girls were immediately disappointed and said, "Why?!"

Mu Xiaoxiao felt that they were acting quite weirdly and asked, "Do you want me to deal with him that badly?"

"Of course!" the two girls said at the same time. Realizing that they had been too loud, they lowered their voices again and said to Mu Xiaoxiao, "Many of us in our class don't like him."

Although they tried to be quiet, the people next to them were pricking up their ears to eavesdrop on the conversation, and they heard them.

Then someone echoed, "Yeah! Mu Xiaoxiao, if you can get him replaced, then that would be a great deed! You would then be the savior of our class!"

Mu Xiaoxiao was unsure whether to laugh or cry. She hadn't expected things to turn out this way.

However, this also showed how unpopular Zheng Yong was, that so many students in the class hated him.

From the looks of it, she would be ridding the students of the public scourge.

As soon as this topic was started, everyone began whispering among themselves.

"But I heard that Teacher Zheng is the principal's relative. That's why he was allowed to teach us Class S."

"It's no wonder then! Didn't someone go to the teaching director previously to request that the English teacher be changed? But in the end, nothing was done still, so it's because he is the principal's relative."

"I hope that Mu Xiaoxiao can get it done this time. I really don't want to take his classes anymore. They're really boring, and I feel disgusted from just seeing him."

"It shouldn't be a problem, right? Young Master Jie is stepping in on the matter!"

"I want to change to a female English teacher. I hope she will be pretty and have a good figure…"

"I think Class A's English teacher is not bad, and it turns out that Class A obtained a high average score for this exam."

Then, in the afternoon, Zheng Yong was not only dismissed by the school but also taken away by policemen.

Soon, information about his use of his authority to molest a female student spread throughout the school.

Mu Xiaoxiao walked into the classroom and saw from afar that her desk was piled full of snacks and gifts.

Puzzled, she frowned and said, "Whose stuff is thi…"

Before she could finish speaking—Pop! Pop! Pop! Countless streamers sprayed onto her.

Mu Xiaoxiao was shocked, looking stupefied as she heard the voices of students calling out continuously.

"Mu Xiaoxiao! You're too badass!"