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596 I Like You So, So Much.

With that shout, Mu Xiaoxiao's tears fell.

Yin Shaojie sighed. He reached out to hold her face while his other hand grasped her waist and pulled her up to him, his head bending down to kiss her lips.

Mu Xiaoxiao was startled for a moment. His kiss felt as if it carried comforting and apologetic sentiments and also some impatience.

She closed her eyes, reached out her hands, and hugged his back.

Yin Shaojie licked her lips with his tongue as if he was outlining the shape of her lips, and then his hot tongue slipped into her little mouth.

As Mu Xiaoxiao felt pain from his forceful caressing motion, she clawed at his back.

Yin Shaojie's gaze deepened, and he sucked directly on her little tongue.

"Oh…" Mu Xiaoxiao let out a sweet moan.

The mood was getting sultry. Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes seemed unfocused, then her eyes unconsciously looked to the side and saw that their cabin had already risen up.

They were about to reach the top.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly pushed him away hurriedly.

Passionate flames were still burning in Yin Shaojie's black pupils. Apparently, he still had not kissed enough of her.

He stared at her, puzzled.

Mu Xiaoxiao was blushing, her breathing in a mess because of him. She adjusted herself and took another look outside.

After confirming that the Ferris wheel cabin had reached the highest point, she put her hands on his handsome face, and her little face took on a very serious look as she said. "Yin Shaojie, I like you!"

I like you so, so much.

With that said, she took the initiative to go up to him and kiss his sexy thin lips.

Although Yin Shaojie didn't understand what she was doing, he was very cooperative. As she kissed him, he smoothly wrapped his arms around her slender waist and deepened the kiss.

The two resumed their passionate kiss.

Unwittingly, the Ferris wheel cabin was already reaching its end, so Yin Shaojie released her, looking as if he hadn't had his fill.

A staff member stood outside smiling, ready to open the door for him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yin Shaojie kept Xiaoxiao close by his side lest others saw how intoxicated she looked after the kiss.

He shot a sharp instructive glance to the staff member, gesturing to him that they were not going down and were going again.

The staff memberwas in a difficult position. But after seeing Yin Shaojie's expression, they paused and finally nodded.

In Yin Shaojie's arms, Mu Xiaoxiao recovered her senses, and her little face, which was hiding behind him, poked out to have a look.

Then she saw that the Ferris wheel starting to move again.

She asked, "Are we not getting off?"

"We'll sit for another round."

Because of the kiss, Yin Shaojie's voice was a little husky and very sexy.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly felt glad. Luckily, the staff member was a male. If he was a woman, she wouldn't be too happy letting her hear his sexy voice.

She snuggled into his warm embrace, leaning on his sturdy chest and listening to his strong heartbeat.

As the cabin slowly rose, they watched the distant scenery.

Yin Shaojie didn't continue the hot kiss but gave a warm kiss to her temple to allow her to recover slowly.

He asked in his deep voice, "Was there any special meaning to what you did earlier?"

With a certain thought in mind, Mu Xiaoxiao smiled and said, "Oh, that. Haven't you heard about the legend of the Ferris wheel?"

"What legend?" His arms tightened, hugging her closer.

Mu Xiaoxiao liked to lean onto him, listening to the sound of his subwoofer-like voice by her ear. It felt very comforting.