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639 Knowing Mu Xiaoxiao“s Identity 6

Ye Sijue smiled. "Who told you it was someone else's house? It's my house."

Thus, he could change whatever he wanted to change, as long as he was happy.

Mo Xiaomeng was unable to argue over him. Her entire face was flooded with red as she said, "I won't stay, then."

"Dare you?" Ye Sijue drawled these two words leisurely, his tone threatening.

Mo Xiaomeng was vexed. "You're a rascal!"

"That's right." Ye Sijue smiled devilishly.


Evening, at the Yu's.

Yu Zhe actually didn't want to return home. However, upon receiving an emergency call from home, he had no choice but to return home, smelling like alcohol.

Mama Yu rushed forward to greet him just as he stepped through the door. Upon smelling the scent of alcohol on him, she said worriedly, "Ah Zhe, what were you doing outside?"

Yu Zhe shook his head weakly, "Nothing much. I was just having a meal with my friends."

However, those so-called "friends" all found some excuse or the other and left when they heard that he wanted to borrow some money. In the end, he was left alone facing a table full of dishes. He ate alone, and drank a lot of alcohol.

To be rebuffed like that was a daily occurrence nowadays. Yu Zhe thought that he had gotten used to it already, but apparently not — he still felt really sad and disappointed.

Fair-weather friends, fair weather friends. Sure enough, they were only his friends when things looked good.

Mama Yu asked, "Do you want some food then?"

Yu Zhe shook his head and said, "No, it's okay. I'm still full from earlier. I'll go take a shower first."

He dragged his feet towards his room as he said this.

Behind him, Mama Yu called out, "Wait, don't shower first. I'll get a helper to make you some hangover tea. Drink some before you shower."

"It's alright." Yu Zhe waved his hand.

Just then, his father walked over to him, smiling."Ah Zhe, don't be in such a rush to shower. Papa's got a piece of good news for you!"

Yu Zhe felt a little puzzled. The atmosphere in the house had been miserable and gloomy recently because of the funding problem and no one had smiled.

"What's the good news?" He looked at his father a little hopefully. Could it be that the funding problem had been solved?"

Papa Yu patted his back and sighed. "My son, these days have been hard on you. Papa knows that you're feeling miserable and knows that you really want to help, but now, you don't have to worry anymore."

Yu Zhe jolted and his hands trembled a little. "I don't have to worry… Has the funding…"

Papa Yu smiled as he nodded. "Yes. Also, that large project doesn't have to be suspended. It can continue."

Perhaps it was the good news, or perhaps it was because he was drunk from all that alcohol, but Yu Zhe's legs turned to jelly and he fell to the ground.

"Ah Zhe!" Mama Yu called out worriedly.

Papa Yu said, "Is he overjoyed?"

Yu Zhe was overjoyed. Lifting his head, he looked at his father and interrogated, "Pa, what's going on? What happened all of a sudden?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Papa Yu squatted down. Leveling his gaze with his, he explained, "Actually, I don't get it either. This afternoon, I got a call from Murong Corporation. They were keen to collaborate with us on this project and promised to invest a large sum of money into it."

"Will they…"

Papa Yu knew what Yu Zhe was worried about and shook his head. "No, they won't. Murong Corporation's reputation is really good from what I hear, and I could feel their sincerity. They will be sending someone over to the company to discuss the project."

"Murong Corporation? Why are they helping us?"

Papa Yu had a mysterious expression on his face as he said, "I've got a piece of news that's even more shocking. My old friend tells me it's very possible that Murong Corporation's owner… might just be that Mu family."

Yu Zhe was stunned. "The Mu Family? Could it be…"

Could it be the fabled Mus?!