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649 Could It Be His Ex-Girlfriend? 3

And of course, he didn't want it to change.

The girl in his arms had long been raised to the apex of his heart.

As the days passed into years, his feelings only grew and they never faded.

Yin Shaojie's eyelids lowered and he kissed her fair neck. "I should be the one who's worried," he said.

He was the insecure one then, okay?

From when he was young till now, he had always been good to her accommodated to and indulged in her every need.

However, she hadn't contacted him frequently voluntarily when she had gone to America for four years. It made him wonder if she had had so much fun there that she had forgotten about him, her childhood friend.

"What're you worried about?" Mu Xiaoxiao lifted his head and blinked at him.

Yin Shaojie reached out and pinched her nose. "What else can I be worried about? I'm worried that you'll see a handsome guy that's more capable than me and run away with him."

He had already figured out her personality when she arrived back in China.

She would befriend people like Lu Yichen, who was not only a top student, but also handsome, voluntarily.

Mu Xiaoxiao stared at him for a while. Suddenly, she burst out in laughter and even slapped the sofa exaggeratedly.

"Yin Shaojie, so you do have moments when you're insecure?" Haven't you always been narcissistic and thought of yourself as the best? Haha, to think that you'd say something like this!"

Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes and stared at her. "You dare to continue laughing?"

Mu Xiaoxiao noticed the threat in his expression and schooled herself. She coughed and rubbed her chin, thinking for a while before saying, "About this… I don't know either. I'll only know the answer if it happens for real."

"Are you for real?" Yin Shaojie's gaze darkened.

Mu Xiaoxiao giggled, "Of course I'm not for real!"

She hugged his arm, trying to please him. "Let's not talk about this anymore. Can you cook some noodles for me? I'm hungry."

"Let's call for delivery." Yin Shaojie was not interested in cooking.

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted. "No, I don't feel like eating delivery, and it takes so long to arrive. Cook something for me; anything will do. Pasta? Or… instant noodles are fine as well!"

"Instant noodles? That's too unhealthy. I'll cook some noodles for you." Yin Shaojie didn't know what else to do about her.

Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled. Internally, she did a victory sign.

She was successful in changing the topic!

"Actually, instant noodles are pretty delicious too. I haven't eaten instant noodles in a while already."

"Pasta is also delicious. I'll go and see what ingredients we have in the fridge." Yin Shaojie rose and walked over to the kitchen.

A cross-legged Mu Xiaoxiao scratched her shin. She sat there obediently looking at him.

Yin Shaojie was studying the ingredients they had left. He remarked, "We don't have pasta anymore; there's only normal noodles."

"I'll take normal noodles then!" Mu Xiaoxiao said.

She waited for Yin Shaojie to cook the noodles.

The gears in Mu Xiaoxiao's head turned. She was about to pick up her phone and surf Weibo but her gaze happened to land on Yin Shaojie's phone on the coffee table.

She snuck a peek at the kitchen. Yin Shaojie's back was towards her.

She turned around and picked up the phone on the coffee table.

However, it was locked by a password.

Mu Xiaoxiao cocked her head and thought. What could his password be?

Her eyes lit up. Could it be her birthday?

She typed in her birthday.

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She thought for a while and typed in her lunar birthday.