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651 Could It Be His Ex-Girlfriend? 5

Yin Shaojie shot a look at her. He looked a little proud as he entered his password single-handedly.

Mu Xiaoxiao's gaze became a blur.

He was too fast!

Also, he didn't just enter a few numbers, but many of them. Because of his speed, they were entered in a matter of seconds.

The screen unlocked and showed the home screen.

Mu Xiaoxiao still looked a little stunned. She lifted her gaze and looked at his face.

"How… How many numbers are there in your password?"

Yin Shaojie chucked devilishly. "About 30 or so. How's that? Did you manage to commit it to memory?"

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

What the f*ck! How was she supposed to remember that!

Even if he had written it out for her, she still wouldn't be able to memorize it!

She ridiculed, "Why did you set such a long password? Don't you find it troublesome? You have to enter it every time and it wastes so much time. Time wasted is life wasted!"

"It's not troublesome. I can unlock my phone with my fingerprint too," Yin Shaojie said as he showed her.

The reason for setting a password was to prevent people from looking through the contents of his phone.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Mu Xiaoxiao responded, "… Okay, you win."

She won't look through his phone then!


Even though she said so, Mu Xiaoxiao was still bothered by that message she had seen earlier. Her dark eyes gazed upon him plaintively.

Yin Shaojie noticed her expression, of course. His eyes were smiling as he said, "Do you really want to look through my phone?"

"Not anymore!" Mu Xiaoxiao huffed.

Yin Shaojie smiled as he said, "How about this: Let's do things fairly and exchange phones. I'll let you look through my phone, but you'll have to let me look through yours in turn. Deal?"

"Sure! There's nothing in my phone that you can't see anyway…" Mu Xiaoxiao agreed immediately, but she recalled the thousand or so messages still lying in her phone!

If he took her phone, wouldn't he know that she had seen those messages then?

No way!

Mu Xiaoxiao looked a little embarrassed. "Actually, never mind…"

Also, he had so generously offered to let her look through his phone, which meant that there wasn't anything that he would feel guilty about inside.

In comparison, wouldn't she be the one at a loss then?

"Are you really not going to look through my phone?" Yin Shaojie said on purpose as he swung his phone in front of her.

Mu Xiaoxiao said, "You should read the message first."

She only wanted to know what the sender of the text was anyway.

However, Yin Shaojie stood up suddenly and said, "The water's boiling. I'll go and put the noodles in."

"Hey!" Why did she feel as though he had done that deliberately?

Also, he had taken his phone away, as though he had a guilty conscience.

Mu Xiaoxiao asked, "Why did you take your phone away? Are you really that afraid that I'll play around with your phone?"

Yin Shaojie had already walked back into the kitchen. He lifted the lid of the pan before turning around to look at her. Holding up his phone, he said, "I need to look at the recipe or I wouldn't know how to prepare the noodles."

Oh, so that's why.

Mu Xiaoxiao jumped down from the sofa and walked over.

"How are you cooking this? Just prepare something simple. It shouldn't be hard, right?"

Wasn't the process of cooking noodles just putting the noodles in and then dumping the sliced ingredients after that?

"I'm not a good cook, so it'll be better if I look at the recipe. Also, I'm eating as well."

Thus, the cooking mustn't be too horrible.

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed. "Oh yeah, you're a very picky eater."

He refused to eat unpalatable food.

Yin Shaojie quickly finished cooking the noodles. Using a dishcloth as a makeshift mitten, he brought the pot over.

"Be careful."

Mu Xiaoxiao sat at the dining table, looking as though she was waiting to be fed.

Yin Shaojie shot a look at her. "Why are you sitting there? Go and bring the bowls and chopsticks."