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659 I“ll Accompany You 1

Those girls did not exercise any restraint in their words at all. An Zhixin was not even far from them. How could she not have heard them?

She stood up, pretending that she was fine and continued to run. But tears were already welling up in her eyes.

An Zhixin recalled the first day when she came to Shangde. It was so glamorous that the students did all kinds of things to ingratiate themselves with her. But only after a few days, it ended up like this?

Not being a wealthy missy means that I should be bullied by the likes of you?

Even she wished that she was a real rich missy!

However, even at this moment, An Zhixin did not have the slightest desire of giving up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even if she seemed so out of place, she still didn't want to leave this place that every girl dreamed of coming to.

This was Shangde!

It was the most famous college for the elite!

After experiencing how high-end, elegant, and classy this place was, An Zhixin was even more reluctant to return to her previous life.

This was her only chance to reach the world of the wealthy and she didn't want to give up.

She was never going to give up.

An Zhixin gritted her teeth and continued to run, enduring the pain in her legs.

The girls still continued to run beside her, shooting icy glares at her and knocking into her from time to time.

An Zhixin remained unperturbed and she just wanted to concentrate on completing the run.

But the more she acted this way, the more brazen the other party's behavior became. Someone even pulled on her hair.

"Let go…" An Zhixin said painfully.

The girl called her a slut. Then, another girl tripped An Zhixin while she was distracted.

This time, An Zhixin fell harder on the track. Even the sight of it was painful.

"It hurts!" She held her leg that was grazed and curled up in a ball.

Tears gushed out instantly. She was indignant and resentful. All of her negative emotions broke out.

"How can you bully people like this! Did I ever provoke you?"

Looking to the side with her teary eyes, the deskmate who had eaten breakfast with her was ignoring her and the other boys didn't look like they were intending on helping her either.

What's worse was that the other girls who stood around were still laughing as if they were watching a clown. And the words that came out of their mouths were full of ridicule.

The girls grew even more delighted, believing that they had taken down the public scourge.

"Pooh! An Zhixin, do you know how disgusting you are? You think you're so good because you got good grades?"

In the past two days, in order to show off that her grades was better than Mu Xiaoxiao, An Zhixin had very eagerly raised her hand to answer the teacher's questions in every class.

Every time she was done answering the question and obtained the teacher's praise, she would shoot Mu Xiaoxiao a provocative look.

However, what An Zhixin had neglected was that her behavior toward Mu Xiaoxiao had annoyed the other girls.

This was one of the reasons why these girls were bullying her.

To put it bluntly, if she had known her place, even if everyone knew about how poor she really was, they would at most make some scornful comments and not take it this far.

"Aren't you a poor person? A poor person should act like a poor person. You think you're very pretty, always giving boys the amorous glances? What a slut!"

One of the girls grew increasingly furious as she talked about her. On the first day that An Zhixin came to Class S, her boyfriend had went to ingratiate himself with An Zhixin, flattering her for her good looks, her nice personality, and everything about her. From then on, it was as if a bomb had been planted in her heart.