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709 Not Any Less Imposing Than Her

She looked at Mu Xiaoxiao and Su Lin in front of her. Both of them were looking at each other. Mu Xiaoxiao was still grinning and showed no signs of retreating. Her dark, bright eyes were sparkling brightly as though this was a very amusing situation.

An Zhixin's emotions welled up within her and she was overcome by jealousy.


Why was Mu Xiaoxiao's manner not any less imposing when she was against a rich young missy such as Su Lin?

Were the girls who were commenting blind? Couldn't they see this?

Since when did Mu Xiaoxiao look like she was biting off more than she could chew?

She looked totally confident!


What right did she have?!

Why did Mu Xiaoxiao not feel inferior by her difference in status with Su Lin?

An Zhixin's thoughts were confused. She held her head with her hands and squatted down.


Because there were many people, the area for the activity was bigger as well. The activity was set to last for two hours.

Without Yin Shaojie on her team, there were five of her friends left. She didn't dare to trust anyone else either for fear that Su Lin had already bribed them to be on her side, and thus she formed a team with her friends.

Originally, Ye Sijue didn't want to be involved in a bet between two girls but Mo Xiaomeng had looked very excited and wanted to participate, even saying that she wanted to help Xiaoxiao win the competition. He frowned as he looked at her slim arms and legs and decided to help instead.

Beside him, Han Qiqing said, "Sijue, we're counting on you, so you can't leave! Our team will lose half our battle strength without you."

Mo Xiaomeng looked at Ye Sijue, puzzled. "Why? Do you not want to play? This seems fun. Let's play together!"

"I didn't say that I wasn't playing." He could only say this as he looked at her hopeful face.

Mo Xiaomeng was delighted. She pumped a fist in the air and said to Mu Xiaoxiao, "Xiaoxiao, we will win this!"

Mu Xiaoxiao returned her smile. "Of course!"

Yin Shaojie was helping her with her outfit and he turned her head around bossily. Looking at her with his black eyes, he nagged, "The most important thing is to protect yourself first. Even though the bullets won't hurt if they hit you, you have to be careful not to let them hit your eye. Also, don't be too focused on shooting at people. You have to pay attention to your defences because it's only if you don't die that you'll…"

"Aiyoh, stop nagging at me. My head is hurting. I know all of this already." Mu Xiaoxiao looked indifferent.

Yin Shaojie harrumphed at her. After he was done helping her, he hit her head with a curled finger and said, "Have you played this before? Do you even know how to play this? You agreed to this bet without thinking things through. Be careful that you're not stirring a hornet's nest!"

Did she really think that she could win without his help?

Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled as her pink lips curled up, but she didn't tell him that she had indeed played this before.

It was interesting to see him worry over her and she wanted to continue looking at this expression.

She pursed her lips and said deliberately, "What can I do? She's already issued the challenge. Should I have retreated? That's not my style! That'd be her win! And so what if I lose? I'll just give her that room since she likes it so much. We're going camping at night anyway, and not sleeping in our rooms."

Did Su Lin think that it meant something if she snatched that room away?

It was hilarious!

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed with a devilish glint as she smiled. "Say, how will she feel if she doesn't see us come back tonight, and realizes that she has to sleep alone in the cottage?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.