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738 Who“s That Person

Han Qiqing jumped up in fright, almost shrieking out loud.

She turned around and saw Su Lin.

Han Qiqing schooled her expression and complained unhappily, "Why did you touch my back!"

F*ck, why was she even close to her!

Didn't she know that people can die of fright?

Su Lin looked as if she didn't expect her reaction to be so big and looked at her, surprised. She then said, "Oh, sorry. What're you looking at so intently that you didn't even notice me?"

Han Qiqing was a little angry at her. She didn't really want to talk to her, and said flippantly. "Nothing. Why are you here?"

Su Lin's lips curled down as she dragged her suitcase in front of her and said a little grumblingly, "I couldn't find you guys after packing, and I thought you'd left without me. Why didn't you wait for me?"

Han Qiqing mumbled, "We'd have gotten out of here faster if we'd known."

However, Yin Shaojie was still in the middle of his meeting, and they couldn't leave immediately even if they wanted to.

Song Shijun took up the role of a mediator. "Alright, that's not important. What's more important is what's happening to Xiaoxiao over there."

Su Lin looked over in the direction he was pointing. Puzzled, she asked, "What's the matter?"

"Shush, let's see what's going on first." Song Shijun made a shushing motion at her.

Su Lin stayed with them to let herself in on the gossip too.

However, because of their distance, they couldn't hear what the two girls were talking about from where they were.

Han Qiqing elbowed Song Shijun and asked, "Shijun, didn't you undergo physical training in the troops before? Do you know how to lip-read?"

Song Shijun didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. "The troop training is physical. Why would they teach that?"

If he was able to get in the special forces, that could be possible.

However, lip reading wasn't something that could be learned easily, and it required a long period of time before it could be learned.

Han Qiqing was a little bummed. "How can we find out what they're talking about then? This is boring!"

They couldn't tell what was going on based on just their expressions.

Su Lin couldn't help but to interrupt, "Who's that girl? Oh yeah, I remember I've seen her before. She's from the same class as Xiaoxiao, right? I saw how weirdly she looks at Xiaoxiao, and it looks as though she hates her."

Han Qiqing was a little surprised. "You noticed that?"

It looked like Su Lin really paid a lot of attention to Xiaoxiao.

If she didn't know that she liked Yin Shaojie, she would have suspected her of liking Xiaoxiao.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Lin didn't reply, but continued to ask, "She knows Xiaoxiao? Do they have any beef with each other?"

Han Qiqing shrugged purposely. "I'm not sure."

Even if she knew, she wouldn't tell Su Lin.

On the other hand, in the bamboo pavilion.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't want to waste time with An Zhixin and cut to the chase. "Can you tell me now? Who's that person?"

An Zhixin looked around, as though she was looking for someone.

When she saw Han Qiqing, her expression froze suddenly and she looked away hurriedly.

Mu Xiaoxiao frowned as she observed her weird actions and waited for her reply.

An Zhixin took a step back and pointed over there, stammering, "It's that… person."

"Who? Can you be more specific?" Mu Xiaoxiao's gaze was fixed on her face, and she felt that she was looking more and more suspicious.

An Zhixin looked hesitant for a little while before blurting, "It's that Su Lin!"