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887 Don“t Do That Kind of Thing Too Prematurely 5

Without saying anything, he bent over and got in the car.

The chauffeur wiped away his cold sweat.

The car drove off from the Han family mansion, and the chauffeur asked deferentially, "Young Master, are we going to the office?"

The chauffeur also heard what the Miss had said earlier, but he still asked like he usually did.

However, the young master said another address instead.

Han Qiqing was stunned. Wasn't that Xiaoxiao's condominium?

She knew that he had misunderstood and quickly corrected him, saying, "Don't go to Xiaoxiao's place, we are meeting at Shijun's place."

He looked at her before saying to the chauffeur, "Go to the Song's residence."

"Understood, Young Master," the chauffeur replied.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Han Qiqing then thought something was odd as her gaze unconsciously turned toward her brother.

Didn't he say that he had no time?

Xiaoxiao's condominium was clearly in the other direction. If he was rushing to his office, why would he want to send her there?

Perhaps it was because she was staring at him too obviously, but he turned and met her eyes, "What's the matter?"

Han Qiqing snapped out of it, shook her head and said, "Nothing."

She suddenly thought of something and she asked, "Did you sleep very late last night? Were you very busy with work?"

She remembered that when she got out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, she noticed the light in the study was still on.

It was around… two or three o'clock in the morning?

No wonder he drank coffee first thing in the morning. Who knows what time he slept?

No, wait. Did he even sleep?

Sometimes, Han Qiqing was amazed at how her Brother Iceberg was just like Superman. It seemed like he didn't even need to eat or sleep.

And he was still so effective at work.

She remembered hearing her father say that ever since her brother had taken over the family business, he had made dazzling improvements to the company.

She remembered that her father used to get worried about work. But after her brother took over the company her father didn't get as worried anymore.

"Yeah," he answered in a terse manner again.

Han Qiqing looked at him worriedly. "Brother, will your body be able to take it? Actually, our family business is already doing very well. You can take it easy. We don't have to expand too quickly."

His eyes focused on her and he reached out to ruffle her hair and say, "Don't worry."

For some reason, Han Qiqing felt like he was hiding something from her.

"The company… is not facing any problems, is it?"

Otherwise, as the chairman of the company, he didn't need to be so busy, right?

Typically, wouldn't the highest management in the company delegate the jobs to those at the lower rungs?

Of course, Han Qiqing didn't really know much about running a business, but that was what she read on the Internet, and wasn't this how novels always describe them to be? The male protagonist, a chairman, would simply give orders to his subordinates to handle stuff.

Or was it different from how things worked in reality?

Han Qiqing suddenly thought that after her brother had taken over the company, her father had rarely dealt with the family's business. Her father had practically given the whole company for her brother to manage, but recently her father had been going to the office on quite a few occasions.

Could the company really be facing some problems?

The more she thought, the more she felt something was amiss. The thought of the company facing bankruptcy just like in the novels quickly struck her.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out to her and kneaded her brows.

"Stop imagining things," the cold voice said beside her ear.

Han Qiqing realized that her brows were puckered up as she was lost in her wild imaginations.

She looked into his eyes and asked, "Is the company really okay?"

He raised his eyebrows and suddenly reached out to knock her on the forehead. "I told you. Stop imagining things."