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A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Author:Whispering Jianghu

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In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant.

Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny square in front of the restaurant. Even demons have to bring their own stools…

But it is such a strange restaurant that has long lines outside every day.
《A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World》 Volume 1
1 Little Loli In My House
2 A Little Dream And A Purpose
3 I'll Show You A Magic Trick
4 A Small Promise
5 Cooking Standards
6 Hello, Mag
7 Love Breakfas
8 Give Me Seconds, Father
9 The Ingredients From Mysterious Places
10 The Benefits Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
11 Amy’s Wish
12 A Pretty Hard Star
13 Pay! Now!
14 Owner, Your Menu Must Be Wrong
15 Owner, Give Me A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice!
16 Owner, Give Me Seconds!
17 Owner, I’d Like One More Plate Please
18 Okay, Dwarf Grandpa Mobai
19 Teaching—the 9x9 Times Table
20 System, Do You Sell Clothes?
21 The Sad Story Of The Ugly Duckling
22 The Second Customer
23 To Eat Here Or Not?
24 A Very Beautiful Elf Big Sister
25 I Heard Your Tummy Rumble
26 Curiosity Towards A Man
27 Start With Your Daughter
28 Could You Buy Amy An Ugly Duckling?
29 Amy Will Just Let It Fall Down ...
30 The Way To Deal With A Nuisance
31 Buy An Ugly Duckling Egg
32 Mag? My Father?
33 You Must Follow His Rules
34 Nothing Can’t Be Taken Care Of By A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
35 You’re A Real Piece Of Work
36 It’s Very Good!
37 So, Why Can’t I Start Crowdfunding?
38 Crowdfunding
39 Mission Complete
40 You Can Call Him Black Coal
41 Father, Give Me A Minute
42 The Sound From The Big Egg
43 La Zhi Roujiamo
44 Or I’ll Roast You Right Now
45 Amy Wants One More
46 This Is My Father
47 Your Rainbow Fried Rice
48 Do You Have A Girlfriend?
49 Mag, Can I Ask You A Question?
50 System, Do You Sell Air Defense Missiles?
51 Blood Runs Ho
52 I Highly Recommend It!
53 The Flying Knife Pierced And Killed Her
54 Why Does It Look Nothing Like A Roast Goose?
55 It Must Be An Ugly Duckling
56 Is This Tofu Pudding Sweet Or Savory?
57 System, Can We Do Presales?
58 A Dream That Has Been Found Again
59 Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow
60 Customers Lining Up Outside
61 Mag, You Must Be A Genius!
62 The First Demon Customer
63 Owner, I’d Like One Of Those
64 He... He Bursts His Clothes!
65 Pay, Demon!
66 Burn, Big Bald Head!
67 Find A Job, Demon!
68 This Is Match Grandpa
69 Do You Want To Learn?
70 The Girl From Before
71 Be Careful!
72 It Will Get Fa
73 Melon Regiment?
74 Maybe Because They Are Not Cute Enough
75 This Roujiamo Can Help Lose Weight?
76 Please Take Me Seriously!
77 I Like Little Sisters
78 Anti-deception Education
79 I Will Marry Father When I Grow Up
80 Can She Really Sing?
81 Mushroom Fairy
82 An Accident Scammer?
83 I’ve Brought My Own Chair
84 Would You Pay For Me?
85 Can Your Little Man Sing?
86 I Want To Protect My Father
87 My Fireball Might Make You Kick The Bucke
88 I Can Teach You How To Defeat Children
89 Mag Turned Him Down?!
90 I’ll Call It The Burning Legion
91 Upgrade Costs Money
92 The Kitten Gets Kicked Out Of Bed Again
93 I’m Very Bad-tempered!!!
94 Payment Is Negotiable Based On Skills
95 Different Kinds Of Waitresses
96 Chaos School
97 Why Is It Called Ugly Duckling?
98 I Know The Answer To This Multiplication Problem
99 Yes, You Lose
100 Roasted Meat Restauran
101 Is She The Little Match Girl?
102 I Must Be Dreaming
103 Do You Need A Waitress?
104 A Small Tes
105 I’d Like Two Maid Dresses
106 Thank You, Boss
107 Then Let Me Show You
108 Good Morning, Mag
109 Don’t Be Frightened. I’m Just A Demon
110 Ordinary Dad
111 Quite A View
112 Mission Accomplished
113 Win Over Alex, Win The War
114 A Melee Magic Caster
《A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World》 Volume 2
115 Elf Princess
116 The Debut Of Tofu Pudding
117 It’s Very Good!
118 I Want To Try The Sweet One Too
119 I’ll Smash Your Head!
120 He May Be Ugly, But He Can Sing!
121 Calm Down And Have Some Tofu Pudding
122 Please Enjoy
123 Which Flavor Is Authentic?
124 Bring The Whole World To Your Heel
125 Give Me A Hug And Lift Me Up
126 Level 5 Incident!
127 No, It Will Be
128 Weak
129 I Can Use Fireball Magic Too!
130 Can I Study Under You Both?
131 This Restaurateur Is Anything But Ordinary
132 Money Can Buy Anything
133 I’d Never Mess With Her
134 The Taste Of Mea
135 How About We Kidnap The Cook?
136 I Feel Drained
137 For Roujiamo!
138 Mag, Did You Put You-know-what Drugs Into Your Roujiamo?
139 Is ‘Gokuraku Jodo’ A Children’s Song?!
140 No, Thanks. Go Sell it Somewhere Else
141 I Knew You Wanted To Sell Yourself Too
142 You’ll Be Fat As Hell In No Time
143 App Store Is Now Open
144 She Has Brought Her IQ Down To Her Level
145 Maybe They Drug Their Food
146 A Rainstorm Is Coming?
147 Your Green Onion Bing Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This
148 Are They Here To Make Trouble, Boss?
149 You Got Something You Want To Say?
150 I Can Wear It When I Learn How To Cook From Father
151 We, The Burning Legion, Will Make Sure Of That!
152 Most Delicious Food At The Aden Square
153 Five Stars In All Aspects?
154 I’m Just A Cook
155 What Do You Want, Boy?
156 A Dragon Masseuse
157 Make Sure Each Person Can Only Buy Up To One Bowl For Each Meal
158 You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
159 Big Sister! Big Sister!
160 Come Back To Bed, Honey
161 Sweet Or Savory?
162 Go On. Don’t Mind Us
163 Eat Your Meal After They Come In
164 It’s Really Very Good
165 Your Tofu Pudding, Please Enjoy
166 Can You Teach Me How To Cook, Father?
167 She Is Just As Vicious-tongued As Her
168 Big Sister, Hugs!
169 I’m Just Chubby, Not Fat!
170 He Might Be A Doctor Or Something
171 Can I Have Another Bowl Of Sweet Tofu Pudding?
172 That’s So Nice Of You!
173 The Fight Between The Two Sides Had Ended, For Now
174 It’s Perfect At Home Or On Vacation
175 Do You Know How To Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”?
176 It’s Called “Spring Is Here”
177 Dear Irina
178 A Cute Little Magic Caster
179 Wow, They’re So Cool!
180 Bike VS Carriage
181 Bike Sickness?
182 You Can Have Two Bowls Of Tofu Pudding Today
183 Alarm Goes Off!
184 Sorry, But I Have A Cooking Job To Do
185 Nothing Fancy About I
186 The Transaction Is Done!
187 Did I Look Like I Needed An Electric Shock
188 He Had Been Able To Kill A Dragon With A Single Swing Of His Sword
189 This Is No Toy
190 Should We Take Her Back By Force?
191 I Swear It On My Honor
192 Lift Me Up, Father
193 Even The Cat Eats Better Than Them!
194 She Is Either Very Pretty Or Very Ugly
195 Can I Have One More Bowl?
196 It’s A Dish With A Lot Of Mea
197 You’re Banned From This Restauran
198 He Must Have A Death Wish Or Something
199 Impressive
200 Only, He’s Married
201 We’re Flying!
202 Are You Serious?
203 Is That The Owner Of Mamy Restaurant?
204 A Bowl Of Tofu Pudding?
205 This Is Not A Cushy Job
206 Water, Come Cleanse This Room Of All The Dirt And Grease
207 System, Show Me The Qipaos You Have
208 I Can’t Wait To See The Look On Their Faces
209 Please Call Me Aisha
210 Protest By Not Eating?
211 You’re One Hell Of A Chicken Farmer
212 Such A Fine Knife!
213 I Knew I
214 Where Is My Knife?
215 Braised Shrimp
216 Do You Want To Skip School Today?
217 A Big Troll And Many Goblins In Red Hats
218 Ingredients-finding Job No. 256
219 Thirteen Swordplay Forms
220 Frosty Wings
221 Do You Sell RPGs?
222 Go On A Trip
223 Father, You’re So Strong!
224 A Loud Crow
225 He Swung His Sword Upwards
226 Wow, Such A Big Pig!
227 I’m Going To Burn You Alive!
228 A 3rd-tier Magic Caster
229 But It Smells So Good
230 Eyeball Of A Hawk
231 Up There
232 You Still Have So Much To Learn
233 The System Is Learning...
234 Can You Teach Me How To Do That?
235 Where Is My Reward?
236 The Chamber Of Commerce In The Aden Square
237 A Damned Half-elf
238 Over There!
239 Mamy Restaurant?
240 Unlock Many Other Rights
241 Come At Me Already!
242 I’m Mag Alex
243 A Level 3 Inciden
244 Serious My A*s!
245 He Is Innocen
246 Black Iron Cross
247 You’re Welcome
248 Let’s Talk About Why This Stupid Cat Got Fatter
249 Can You Make A Magic Wand For Me?
250 That’s All I Ask
251 Food Competition
252 Then I’ll Buy 2000 Ballots
253 I Just Want To Cook
254 I’m Too Old To Dream Big
255 Commerce Is Developing Fas
256 Capitalist Pigs
257 I Want To Protect Her Smile
258 Your Father Is Amazing!
259 Women Are Nothing But Accessories To Men
260 What Do I Do Then?
261 She Will Get Better!
262 The Incident Today Is A Terrible Blow To Me
263 My Conscience Is Clear
264 Mag Got Into Character
265 Could She Be His Wife?
266 I’ll Give It One Star!
267 100 Gold Coins
268 Hold On A Second!
269 It’s Totally Disgusting!
270 Masochists
271 I Learned A New Spell Today!
272 Wind Fire Wheels
273 Don’t You Love Me Anymore?
274 You’re a Savory Tofu Pudding Guy
275 I Want To Have A Lot Of Babies
276 Roujiamo! Roujiamo! Roujiamo!
277 It’s Unbelievable!
278 I Feel I Can Eat 10 More Bowls Of Rice
279 The World Tree
280 You’re Lying Again, Big Bear
281 A War With The Chamber Of Commerce
282 Five Stars
283 I Don’t Think The Owner Is A Bad Man
284 She Recognized Mag And Amy
285 A Box And A Ring
286 A Golden Dragon Sister
287 I Found Them!
288 It’s Been Years Since I Last Beat Dogs
289 Warning! Warning! We’re Under Attack!
290 Let’s Go Help Her
291 Kill Him!
292 Protect Mag!
293 Enemies Deserved To Die
294 Principal Novan, Lord Krassu, We’re Here!
295 I Heard There’s An Amazing Restaurant Here
296 They’re With Me
297 Good Evening, Principal Novan
298 Thank Heavens You're Still With Me
299 It's Soft?
300 An Incredible Taste!
301 So Angry!
302 Holy Roujiamo!
303 Earn 100,000,000 First!
304 10 Copper Coins or Dignity?
305 Nurturing the World Tree with Chicken Soup
306 Fallen One Renounced by the Gods
307 You're Being Unreasonable!
308 Slaying a Dragon with a Single Sword Strike
309 Warning, the Restaurant is Under Attack!
310 Hexplosives Exper
311 Are You Still Alive?
312 The Aden Square Food Competition
313 I Wish You Good Luck
314 Lord of Ice Urien!
315 Inheritance
316 Fight Me, Trash!!!
317 Smash This F*cking Restaurant!
318 Help! I'm Going to Die!
319 Is Your Forge Still Hiring?
320 A Choice
321 Nothing Can't Be Resolved With Money
322 Don't Run, Ugly Duckling
323 I Think It's Seriously Going to be Cooked
324 Find Him And Kill Him
325 Everyone Dies Eventually
326 Round Table Conference
327 The Rankings’ Effec
328 Who is It?
329 Add A Bit More?
330 Shameless Bastard
331 Father is the Best!
332 Rising Into the Air!
333 The Loneliness of Invincibility
334 Bro, Do You Have Something Against Me?
335 God of Cookery Upgrade Wheel Activate!
336 Spicy Grilled Fish!
337 How About This Time, System?
338 Sword God Test Field
339 Promises And Guarantees
340 Mag, Your Restaurant Exploded!
341 If We Kill Everyone From The Catering Association
342 Food Association And Catering Association
343 This World
344 So Cool...
345 Try to Make The Most of Life
346 Torn Clothes!
347 Role Model Stay-At-Home Dad