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A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Author:Whispering Jianghu

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UpdateTime:2019/8/20 14:33:38

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In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant.

Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny square in front of the restaurant. Even demons have to bring their own stools…

But it is such a strange restaurant that has long lines outside every day.
《A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World》 Volume 1
1 Little Loli In My House
2 A Little Dream And A Purpose
3 I'll Show You A Magic Trick
4 A Small Promise
5 Cooking Standards
6 Hello, Mag
7 Love Breakfas
8 Give Me Seconds, Father
9 The Ingredients From Mysterious Places
10 The Benefits Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
11 Amy’s Wish
12 A Pretty Hard Star
13 Pay! Now!
14 Owner, Your Menu Must Be Wrong
15 Owner, Give Me A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice!
16 Owner, Give Me Seconds!
17 Owner, I’d Like One More Plate Please
18 Okay, Dwarf Grandpa Mobai
19 Teaching—the 9x9 Times Table
20 System, Do You Sell Clothes?
21 The Sad Story Of The Ugly Duckling
22 The Second Customer
23 To Eat Here Or Not?
24 A Very Beautiful Elf Big Sister
25 I Heard Your Tummy Rumble
26 Curiosity Towards A Man
27 Start With Your Daughter
28 Could You Buy Amy An Ugly Duckling?
29 Amy Will Just Let It Fall Down ...
30 The Way To Deal With A Nuisance
31 Buy An Ugly Duckling Egg
32 Mag? My Father?
33 You Must Follow His Rules
34 Nothing Can’t Be Taken Care Of By A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
35 You’re A Real Piece Of Work
36 It’s Very Good!
37 So, Why Can’t I Start Crowdfunding?
38 Crowdfunding
39 Mission Complete
40 You Can Call Him Black Coal
41 Father, Give Me A Minute
42 The Sound From The Big Egg
43 La Zhi Roujiamo
44 Or I’ll Roast You Right Now
45 Amy Wants One More
46 This Is My Father
47 Your Rainbow Fried Rice
48 Do You Have A Girlfriend?
49 Mag, Can I Ask You A Question?
50 System, Do You Sell Air Defense Missiles?
51 Blood Runs Ho
52 I Highly Recommend It!
53 The Flying Knife Pierced And Killed Her
54 Why Does It Look Nothing Like A Roast Goose?
55 It Must Be An Ugly Duckling
56 Is This Tofu Pudding Sweet Or Savory?
57 System, Can We Do Presales?
58 A Dream That Has Been Found Again
59 Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow
60 Customers Lining Up Outside
61 Mag, You Must Be A Genius!
62 The First Demon Customer
63 Owner, I’d Like One Of Those
64 He... He Bursts His Clothes!
65 Pay, Demon!
66 Burn, Big Bald Head!
67 Find A Job, Demon!
68 This Is Match Grandpa
69 Do You Want To Learn?
70 The Girl From Before
71 Be Careful!