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57 System, Can We Do Presales?

There were many people who preferred the sweet tofu pudding, and just as many who preferred it savory; their argument dated a long time back. There were also a few people who liked the spicy tofu pudding, but their presence was hardly noticed.

Whenever a discussion took place, the sweet tofu pudding people and the savory ones would start a holy war to decide the one authentic taste of the tofu pudding. They really hated each other.

Being a firm advocator of the savory tofu pudding, Mag would certainly choose the savory.

Sprinkle some chopped zha cai 1 , papery dried shrimp, wood-ear mushrooms, and garlic onto the tender tofu pudding, and then add some soy sauce—it's heaven on earth if you can get such a bowl of hot savory tofu pudding in winter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What the heck is sweet tofu pudding…

Mag had nothing against people who preferred the sweet tofu pudding, but he hated it when restaurants only sold the sweet tofu pudding.

Once in his previous life, he had gone to eat in a pretty famous restaurant. It had been a cold day in winter; he had wanted to eat some hot tofu pudding to warm his body, but had been told only the sweet flavor was available.

He didn't use his usual vicious tongue that time. Instead, he took a good picture of the restaurant's signboard, gave a clear indication of its location, and added a super appetizing picture of the savory tofu pudding; he then said on his microblog, "It feels really good to have a bowl of delicious savory tofu pudding in cold winter."

That was the first positive feedback he had given, and he had millions of fans. His comment even made the top searches for a few minutes.

Later he heard the owner of that restaurant added the savory flavor to the menu because many savory tofu pudding people became angry when they went there and found only the sweet flavor available. He heard that restaurant's customers had tripled after that.

However, the owner was a sweet tofu pudding person, and he lost his faith. People said that he sold his restaurant at a high price and opened a bar.

Now Mag felt it was quite reasonable for him to be transported to this world.

As a savory flavor person, of course, Mag wanted to sell the savory tofu pudding; this way, he could satisfy himself as well as make the savory tofu pudding well-known in this world.

Suddenly, Mag realized a serious problem. Which would Amy like? The savory or the sweet flavor? He took a look at Amy, who was holding the bottle drinking happily, and then frowned. She might have inherited my preference. But if not… which does her mother like?

"You will unlock both flavors," the system replied after a while.

Mag nodded. "That will be fine." Now he was a little worried that Amy would prefer the sweet flavor… But even if that was the case, he could do nothing; after all, she was his daughter. He would forgive her and those who preferred the sweet tofu pudding.

Besides, he was not a customer anymore, but an owner. If he only sold the savory flavor, those who favored the sweet tofu pudding wouldn't be very pleased.

Although tofu pudding might not exist in this world, he liked it when his customers were enjoying his food. He felt most satisfied every time he saw them smile.

Mag nodded slightly. "Right. I'll complete the mission asap." Then he hesitated for a moment, and asked tentatively, "But I want to have some savory tofu pudding now. Can we do presales this time?"

"…" A very long ellipsis went across Mag's head. "Take your mission seriously! Show some respect!" the system shouted, and its voice was almost like a roar, accompanied by some electrical noise.

"All right, all right. I hear you, loud and clear." If he could cover his ears in his head, he would have done it. He had never thought that the system had such a short temper.

Actually, he wasn't very serious about the idea of presales. Now, the most important thing was to make his restaurant well-known. Obviously, roujiamo was his best solution, since it was fast to make and easy to take out. He would focus on selling roujiamos for a few days.

Mag took a look at the two little things drinking the sheep milk happily and went into the kitchen. As he watched the milk on the cooking bench, he suddenly remembered that in his previous life, the unprocessed fresh sheep milk didn't taste very good, but his daughter and the kitten were really enjoying it. Out of curiosity, he poured himself some in a bowl and took a sip.

Mag's eyes brightened instantly. This sheep's milk was thick, tasty, and a little sour; the sourness didn't affect its taste, but instead stimulated Mag's appetite. He finished his half bowl of milk in no time, and the aftertaste of the milk remained in his mouth after he swallowed.

This sheep's milk was much better than the processed cow milk and sheep milk in his previous life. No wonder the two little things liked it that much. This world's sheep's milk was very different.

Looks like I need to buy a jar of sheep milk every day from tomorrow onwards. Mag put the lid on the jar and placed it in the fridge again. All three of them were really in need of nutrients right now. A jar of milk a day would do some good to their body.

Now that Amy had acquired a new playmate, she smiled more often now. Amy gave it a stroke after it finished eating, and it fell asleep again. She took it to its basket with dislike.

During lunch, Amy cradled Ugly Duckling in her arms. It looked up at Amy and meowed as she was eating Yangzhou fried rice. It seemed it wanted to eat it too.

"Father, can we feed it rainbow fried rice?" Amy asked as she had understood its intention.

Mag shook his head. "No. Maybe when it's bigger and has teeth." It was just a newborn kitten; it couldn't even eat baby food, let alone fried rice.

"Meow…" Ugly Duckling seemed to have understood Mag's words. It bared its several milk teeth and meowed at him.

Mag looked at its teeth with surprise. This world's oviparous cat is truly different. It has teeth on the first day of birth. Then he looked closely and shook his head. "The teeth are too small. You have to wait a few days."

"Meow." Ugly Duckling lowered its head in frustration. It lay in Amy's arms and shrugged, seeming to be a little upset.

"It's no use getting angry. We won't let you eat it. But if you really want to eat it…" Amy watched as Ugly Duckling raised its head slowly, and then she brought a spoon of fried rice to her mouth, smiling. "… you can watch me eat."

Ugly Duckling burst into tears immediately. It lay in Amy's arms, motionless and expressionless.

Mag shook his head with a smile. Just looking at them was enough to make him happy.

After lunch, Mag cleared the table and warmed two bottles of milk for them. Now, Amy didn't have to rob Ugly Duckling of its food.

I'll make the restaurant full of customers someday, and this impactful la zhi roujiamo is a start! Mag thought with a smile as he opened the door. Zha cai is a type of pickled mustard plant stem originating from Chongqing, China.