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Strongest Counterattack

Author:Guan Zhong Lao Ren

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UpdateTime:2019/9/18 23:29:08

Updates:Chapter 206 Truly in Awe

Everyone had the right to choose his or her life. Maybe many people wanted to live an ordinary life, but Qin Sheng didn’t want to be a mediocre man. He had practiced martial arts under the guidance of his grandfather in the Zhongnan Mountains since he was a child. After two years’ wandering life, he decided to settle in Shanghai, so he contacted Han Guoping, a rich businessman, and took the job a...
《Strongest Counterattack》 Text
Chapter 1 I Am Not a Trash
Chapter 2 One Day...
Chapter 3 This is a little awkward...
Chapter 4 Who Did You Offend?
Chapter 5 What Are You Crying For?
Chapter 6 This was the main course…
Chapter 7 He's even more domineering than me
Chapter 8 Don't Think Too Much
Chapter 9 No More Chance
Chapter 10 Always Be There
Chapter 11 Reunion
Chapter 12 Grandpa, I Missed You.
Chapter 13 Shocking
Chapter 14 Like Leaves Falling Back to the Roots
Chapter 15 Qin Sheng Couldn’t Do I
Chapter 16 No Longer Coming Back
Chapter 17 It's Finished
Chapter 18 Unable to Leave...
Chapter 19 Rather Break Than Yield, and Never Give In
Chapter 20 Not Giving Up As Long As Not Dead...
Chapter 21 I Had Been Waiting For You...
Chapter 22 Thirty Percent of Strength...
Chapter 23 I Am Not Totally Contented
Chapter 24 Kill the Chicken to Warn the Monkey...
Chapter 25 Walking the Tightrope...
Chapter 26 Familiar...
Chapter 27 Give Others a Chance...
Chapter 28 More Beautiful than Spring
Chapter 29 Not Possible
Chapter 30 Star With Killing One Person...
Chapter 31 I Have Begun to Like you...
Chapter 32 Yan Family
Chapter 33 Big Brother
Chapter 34 Dead...
Chapter 35 Do You Understand?
Chapter 36 Fighting
Chapter 37 Leaving
Chapter 38 No regrets?
Chapter 39 The Past...
Chapter 40 New Beginning...
Chapter 41 Shangshan Ruoshui
Chapter 42 Let Me Teach You...
Chapter 43 Bear Cubs...
Chapter 44 Everything was Unknown...
Chapter 45 It Must Be...
Chapter 46 The Uninvited Guest...
Chapter 47 So Strange...
Chapter 48 Why...
Chapter 49 If It's Not You, Who Is It?
Chapter 50 Have a Try
Chapter 51 Troublesome...
Chapter 52 Your Master...
Chapter 53 Interested...
Chapter 54 Ambiguous
Chapter 55 Poaching
Chapter 56 Being Sneak Attacked...
Chapter 57 An Interesting Bookstore..
Chapter 58 Become a Full Member...
Chapter 59 The Small Circle...
Chapter 60 Vented anger...
Chapter 61 Who Sabotage Who?
Chapter 62 Counterpart...
Chapter 63 Last Minutes Changes...
Chapter 64 Something's Going On...
Chapter 65 All Of You Are Garbage...
Chapter 66 Vajra...
Chapter 67 Extremely Embarrassing...
Chapter 68 Am I A Vegetarian?
Chapter 69 Long Time No See...
Chapter 70 Passed By...
Chapter 71 Why Did We Hate?
Chapter 72 Explanation...
Chapter 73 I Would Come over Here...
Chapter 74 Girls...
Chapter 75 Going a trip...
Chapter 76 Are You Able to Destroy Me?
Chapter 77 Why?
Chapter 78 Evil Intention...
Chapter 79 Camouflage Not Done Well...
Chapter 80 Tricks
Chapter 81 Getting Better And Better...
Chapter 82 No Progress at All...
Chapter 83 The Cornered Dog Leaped over a Wall Part One
Chapter 84 The Cornered Dog Leaped over a Wall Part Two
Chapter 85 Car Accident...
Chapter 86 Quarrel Openly...
Chapter 87 Damn It, Someone's Digging His Own Grave
Chapter 88 A Force Likened To That Of Thunder
Chapter 89 Ask Around For Information...
Chapter 90 Farewell
Chapter 91 I Was Just About To Ask You
Chapter 92 The Entire Audience Was Stunned
Chapter 93 It's Her Unexpectedly
Chapter 94 A Hotpot Meal
Chapter 95 Are You Thinking About It?
Chapter 96 A White Rose
Chapter 97 Apology...
Chapter 98 Bow to Qin Sheng...
Chapter 99 Help
Chapter 100 I Might Have to Go Firs
Chapter 101 Traitors
Chapter 102 A Bad Start...
Chapter 103 There's Indeed a Problem
Chapter 104 This Was Goddamn Confusing
Chapter 105 Shall We Have A Cha
Chapter 106 A Win-win Deal
Chapter 107 Receiving Some News
Chapter 108 What Can You Get in the End?
Chapter 109 Why Is He Here?
Chapter 110 Go Find Out!
Chapter 111 Are You Speaking The Truth?
Chapter 112 Get into trouble
Chapter 113 Great, Of Course
Chapter 114 Why Not?
Chapter 115 Sorry to Offense
Chapter 116 You are...
Chapter 117 Hit When He Is Down
Chapter 118 Noisily Rush Forward
Chapter 119 Promoted Again
Chapter 120 An Ambitious Woman
Chapter 121 Obedien
Chapter 122 No More Secrets
Chapter 123 Let's Go
Chapter 124 What a Temper
Chapter 125 Return to Xi'an
Chapter 126 The Appearance of Mother
Chapter 127 Could not Return to the Pas
Chapter 128 Hurtful Words
Chapter 129 Not Appreciating the Effort to Save One from Embarrassmen
Chapter 130 Uncomfortable
Chapter 131 I'll Take a Look
Chapter 132 What's The Point?
Chapter 133 You Tell Me Who I Am
Chapter 134 Boss Ye
Chapter 135 All These Were Just Part of the Show
Chapter 136 That's Impossible
Chapter 137 This Is the Shanghai Bund
Chapter 138 Thoughtful Considerations
Chapter 139 Birthday Presen
Chapter 140 Sudden Encounters
Chapter 141 Disappear Once Again
Chapter 142 An Ideal Couple
Chapter 143 He Would Not Miss I
Chapter 144 No Regrets?
Chapter 145 Grateful to have Met You
Chapter 146 What a Pro
Chapter 147 A Chance is Here
Chapter 148 I Am Definitely Taking Away
Chapter 149 Time to Get to Work
Chapter 150 You Dare to Lay Hands on My Son?
Chapter 151 I Take Over?
Chapter 152 What a Pro!
Chapter 153 Take off My Clothes?
Chapter 154 Get Lost!
Chapter 155 Decision Made
Chapter 156 What's the Rhythm?
Chapter 157 There is No If
Chapter 158 It was Too Big
Chapter 159 Is This Really OK?
Chapter 160 Causing a Fuss in the Lin Family
Chapter 161 Leave It to Me
Chapter 162 Clear This Obstacle Firs
Chapter 163 A New Plan
Chapter 164 Don't Give Face
Chapter 165 Father and Daughter After All
Chapter 166 Why Could You Have Against It?
Chapter 167 The Start of the Evil Plan
Chapter 168 To Be Called Brothers
Chapter 169 Incurable
Chapter 170 Within a Month
Chapter 171 Spending the Rest of My Life With You Is Enough
Chapter 172 Start of the Plan
Chapter 173 Before the Storm
Chapter 174 Bring It On...
Chapter 175 Is It Over Just Like That?
Chapter 176 The Dust Settles
Chapter 177 What Exactly Was Going On?
Chapter 178 Paternal Love Is Speechless
Chapter 179 Putting on a Show
Chapter 180 Spring Blossoms
Chapter 181 What a Nice Feeling
Chapter 182 The Sorrows and Joys of Partings and Meetings
Chapter 183 The Best Times
Chapter 184 A Strong Silly Child
Chapter 185 Once and for All
Chapter 186 Who on Earth Is It?
Chapter 187 A Plot Twis
Chapter 188 What Identity?
Chapter 189 Slightly Disappointed
Chapter 190 So That's Why
Chapter 191 Healing, Choices...
Chapter 192 Why Didn't You Tell Me?
Chapter 193 A Voice She Knew Too Well
Chapter 194 Why Was She Crying?
Chapter 195 Farewell to All
Chapter 196 New Home
Chapter 197 Pennies from Heaven
Chapter 198 A New Job
Chapter 199 False Alarm
Chapter 200 Women Are All the Same
Chapter 201 Reunited in Hangzhou
Chapter 202 I Will Definitely Take Revenge
Chapter 203 Husband, Father
Chapter 204 Start the Meeting Now
Chapter 205 Getting Interesting
Chapter 206 Truly in Awe